A lawsuit was filed in California against AT&T on the grounds that the company overcharges its iPhone and iPad customers by inflating the amount of data used and by adding “phantom traffic”.

The plaintiff’s attorney hired a firm to track his data usage. Their findings were quite astounding. The research firm found out that AT&T overstated incoming data by 7 to 14% in what they called “a rigged gas pump that charges for a full gallon when it pumps only nine-tenths of a gallon into your car’s tank”…

Want to join in the fun? Well, you might soon be able to as the lawyers are trying to make this a class-action lawsuit.

I am on an unlimited data plan so this doesn’t really affect me. What about you? Have you noticed strange data charges on your iPhone bill before?

[Computer World]

  • PastorB

    Not sure. But I love the Death Star motif. Awesome graphic.

  • Roberto

    i think this is just a strategic move of verizon to take customers from at&t

  • Fman52

    I have unlimited on iPhone 4

  • greg

    Glad my phone is on tmobile . No extra charges! No fake charges always unlimited data

    • Jason masters

      Amen brother me too!!

  • Eric

    ^^^Ya but slow ass EDGE data. I love 3G. 1 Bar with 3G is still way faster than full bars EDGE anyday. And how much do you pay for unlimited edge data? Oh 25 dollars a month…Thats what i pay for 2 GB with AT&T.

  • Eric

    ya you may have unlimited data with T-mobile but you would be fine with a 2GB cap cuz it would damn near be impossible to stream 2GB of data on a dial up connection.

  • ya iv noticed it, i got the 200MB plan and iv had to go in more then 3 times last month to have over charges cleared up…they almost didnt do it once on the ground that i was starting to look like a schamer 😛

    • Jenn

      I think they had it out for the 200mb users. I had that too but I had the same errors. Although I just upgraded to 2 gb. Now I’m angry and want this to go to class action lawsuit!

  • JB

    Have the 200 MB plan. 1st month using i thought usage seemed exaggerated using almost all 200 within 2 weeks. Alot of those i don’t know where they came from as i figured out how to use wifi a couple days after getting phone. Never did see any overage charges on that bill, though and barely use 30 MB nowadays.

  • Jenn

    I knew it!!! I have a limited data plan right now. I have witnessed some suspicious behavior over my data usage too! I was getting warned about possibly going over and I kep watching my usage and it simply did not add up at all. Now there’s proof!! Yes!! I also think AT&T purposely dropped my wifi connection so i would have to use 3G when my phone was idle. Class action baby!! CLASS ACTION

  • bc

    I’m on unlimited as well, but I have been very confused sometimes by the amount of data it shows that I’ve used. I remember on one occasion I was only 2 or 3 days into the period and it showed me having used over a gig. No way it was true.

  • Mike V.

    I have iphone 4 on at&t 2 gb plan and every month i get emails and texts about me going way over my data usage limit and most of the time my phone just sits in my pocket. I always thought i was being robbed. Im going to look into getting in on this.

  • Elaine

    Bought my daughter a new iphone 4g October 2010 3 days after having it she received a text stating over data plan. She previously had an iphone 3G $15 plan which was always under never a problem. Called AT&T they claimed they did not know why. Asked them numerous questions they could not answer. Told them to figure it out I was not paying more. Made arrangments to speak to an iphone specialist the specialist never called. Next month the same thing. Got the run around told AT&T rep I wanted to speak to a supervisor told him to track when the data usage was she is in school most of the day. Said he could not do that. Offered credit and to call him each month. I am not that technicial but I KNEW the problem was AT&T’s. THANK YOU to the person that initiated the lawsuit. They were trying to ROB everyone.

  • sv

    screw 2gb a month, i want unlimited back!

  • KyKy

    My first month with AT&T I’ve got the iPhone 4. When I agreed to switch to AT&T it was after myself and sales rep reviewed my Verizon usage and decided to go with the middle plan…. Well this is the 3rd tome I’ve gotten the extra $10 charge… How in 6 months with Verizon did I not use 75% of what AT&T is saying I used in a month….. When I call their response was I don’t know how but you did it… Grrrrrrrrr

  • erica

    I am having major issues too!! When I call they tell me they have no clue!!!
    Help! What do I do???