A couple of weeks ago, we reported on some rumored changes that AT&T was planning for their texting plans.

It was said that the main reason for the change was to “simplify” their texting plans. Coincidentally, this change comes just prior to the iPhone’s arrival on Verizon.

Simply put, AT&T is looking to capitalize on any and every advantage it possibly can as a way to help combat a potential mass exodus to Verizon.

If you were looking forward to the changes with the texting plan, we’ve got some good news; it looks like AT&T followed through with their plans…

The old messaging plans looked like this:

The new plans look like this:

I guess this can be either good news or bad news, depending on your specific situation. If you fell in the sweet spot between 200 and 1000 messages, then you’ll save yourself $5 a month.

But if you fell between 1000 and 1500, prepare to pay $5 for unlimited, or either curb your texting habits. There’s no way you’ll want to cough up a $0.10 per message overage charge.

Personally, I prefer the simplified setup. It’s not going to save me any money, but I could see where it would for a lot of other folks.

What do you think?

  • Eric

    200 not quite enough for me thanks to whatsapp. 1000 for 5 dollars more is perfect for texting my feature phone friends. Yes I still have some. Lol

  • What about those of us who only use a few a month?..I’m on the 200/$5.000 plan cause I only use 20 to 50 a month.Now I have to pay $10 for a 1,000? We get gouged again..thx AT&T.

    • Doc

      If your on the 200 plan already, they wont take it away. you will be geandfathered in, just like they did with the unlim data plans…just dont switch plans and you will be fine 🙂

      • Exactly. Make sure you don’t change it, or you will lose it.

    • Doc

      If your on the 200 plan already, they wont take it away. you will be grandfathered in, just like they did with the unlim data plans…just dont switch plans and you will be fine 🙂

  • Ricardodelsidney

    I wish they add +50 to their 200/$5 plan and make it like Verizon’s cheapest plan of 250/$5! I could live with that.

    They know how to nickel and dime customers.

  • I don’t think this is quite fair for us unlimited users, I personally do not want to give them a penny morethen I owe them, the fact that iv been in there store 3 times in 1 month for there stupid services…I’m not happy about this change

  • Thanks Doc and Jeff for the info..good to know.

  • brent

    When did “simplify” become synonymous with “make more money”.

    • Since AT&T saw that they were about to lose some customers.

  • Dizzledorf

    Even worse news for most people over 35 / those who couldn’t give two ***** about texting.

    The only other option is to pay ridiculous per-text charges, or use Google Voice (on an alternate number).

  • Wes

    Everybody, stop paying for text messages. telcos are ripping you off.
    1 – Get a google voice number
    2 – forward google voice calls to your cell phone, if you like.
    3 – install google voice app
    4 – give everyone your google voice number for texting (and voice calls, if you like)
    5 – send/receive texts using google voice app for FREE

    • Adam B

      If you want the native iPhone functionality plus the benefits of free SMS through Google Voice, get the Phone GV Extension and SMS GV Extension from Cydia.

  • I just logged into my AT&T account and the form for changing text messaging plan is still the old 3 tiered one, not the new 2 tiered one. I suspect that they are rolling in the changes over time and I’ll see the new 2 tiered choices soon, but currently my account doesn’t show the changes.

  • Lethal

    So AT&T broke my contract by making these changes. Now I can’t be hit with an early cancellation fee.

  • New York

    1) Texting is carried on the cell signal and it cost ATT Nothing!! Yet they charge hefty fees for them.
    2) 200 text for $5.00 is a Rip Off.
    Why? Because if another ATT person texts you they are counted/charged AND so are you. Thats double billing. You answer the text, you’re charged/counted again and so is the other ATT client, So it’s actually 100 Texts for $5, which is ridiculous. All the back and for texting with 2 ATT friends eats up 200 Texts in a few days, thats when your charged 10 Cents for every text received AND sent, and so is the other ATT customer. Most texting conversations will cost upwards of $2!!This is a Huge rip off.
    3) Write your attorney general and representatives in Washington. This is unethical. Get free texting apps and save your hard earned money.

  • Killer

    I just upgraded to a smartphone. Yesterday I received the phone and low and behold my messaging 200 plan was gone. The at&t woman submitted a case on it cause I flipped out that it wasn’t grandfathered in like previously stated. Now at the end of march I’ve got to call in and dispute all of march’s text messages and hope they resolved the issue with the plan.

    Also I had to upgrade to a smartphone data plan to get the smartphone. That’s obvious right? Well after activating it yesterday I had no internet. So I called again, they tell me that the plan I got when upgrading is obsolete and that I shouldn’t have been given the option for the plan. So now I have to pay more than previously expected and I don’t have my messaging plan either.

    AT&T sucks but what are my alternatives? Verizon? I don’t think so, they are as bad if not worse than AT&T.

    • Hey, I had the same deal. They refused to give it back too.. so I ended up just using Google Voice for my messages. For better or worse (mostly better) it means people who only have my cell # can’t SMS me anymore.. 😉

  • Siyang Qiu

    The 200 is still there. You just have to call them. I just got the 200 for $5 a minute ago.