Have you ever accidentally updated your jailbroken or unlocked iDevice, leaving you without a jailbreak or unlock for weeks or even months? Well, there’s finally a solution to stop accidental updating.

From the creator of MiTime and Pushfix, comes another extremely useful utility! RecoveryGuard is a new tool which prevents accidental upgrade and restore of your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Check inside for details on how it works…

From the developers: This package blocks iTunes from being able to put your device in Recovery mode. This prevents normal upgrades & restores, for example accidentally clicking Upgrade or Restore in iTunes.

It also makes iTunes think your device is always up to-date.

Note: You can still restore your device by using standard recovery (home button on power on) or DFU mode recovery. Of course you can also uninstall this package to restore normal iTunes operations.

How do you get it? The tweak is available for free in the Cydia store for jailbroken iPhones.

Just launch Cydia, Tap on Manage > Source > Edit > Add > http://cydia.pushfix.info > Add Source.

Once the source is added Search for RecoveryGuard BETA and install it. Simple as that.

What do you think about RecoveryGuard?

  • Hopefully this will somewhat put to an end all those stupidity stories we hear after every iOS release like “Man, my Cat walked over my keyboard and my iPhone just updated and I lost my JB & Unlock”.

    • nutsjob

      That’s awesome. At least the dog didn’t eat the iPhone!

  • ghiles


  • Burge

    Now that’s is worth paying for , that’s got to be about the best tweak yet. The only thing is I have never updated by mistake and I don’t know how you could ?

  • DomPerignon

    Only a moron can “accidentally” update/restore an iPhone. This tweak is for them.

  • jd

    Well my brother-in-law has “accidently” updated his firmware and lost his jailbreak at least 3 times. He then looks to me to fix it. I’m definitely going to put this on his iphone. The problem I see is that those people who are most likely to “accidently” update the firmware on their iphone are also very unlikely to find and put this package on thier phone.

    • Z

      lol that’s true. Those people are the ones don’t know what they are doing

    • manuel

      To true. Personal experience, you only upgrade if you want to upgrade. If you do and don’t want to, you just failed to back up your SHSH, didn’t know how to and got stuck on a boot loop and had to update. That’s the only way it works

    • DomPerignon

      You brother-in-law is a moron!!! “At least 3 times times,” unbelievable!!!

    • So true.

  • Z

    New writer? Welcome aboard kickstar13. We hope to see some good articles from you =)

    On another note, keeps us informed when the tweak is official and no longer in beta. I’m definitely going to get it. And Thanx for an informative article.

  • dabe

    I sold an iPhone to a guy in the UK. I told him it was tethered and even explained that it had to be connected to a computer every time you turned it off/on etc. A day after it arrived he emailed me “well I was about to restore it but decided to try redsnow one last time” !! Haha he finally got it to boot tethered that time. I wish I had installed this on the iPhone first! Some ppl just dont grasp jb+unlocking

    • EgoHot

      And you thought it was a good idea to sell it that way? Just because we understand how tethered jailbreaks work, doesn’t mean a random n00b is going to.

  • Aimee Lewis

    Maybe u all need a little “flip side story.” Accidentally upgrading or syncing your phone for happens more than you’d think. Although never b4 has it completely wiped our phones, right? SO BIG DEAL. Oh yea, this time it was…my twin sister died last year and I lost all texts from her b/c my bro upgraded to the ios5 which apparently is “all new software” so even tho i backed up my phone it wasnt enough to save my texts from my twin. GONE!…..I would do anything to have those back. Including being a bag on a blog just to get a point across.
    1st bad iphone experience,