Did MuscleNerd just let the cat out of the bag? Not only did we post news this morning regarding pod2g’s recently discovered untethered jailbreak exploit, MuscleNerd dropped a hint about GeoHot’s next jailbreak move; presumably RubyRa1n.

Back on January 3rd, we posted about another dime dropped by MuscleNerd, which claims that GeoHot’s upcoming jailbreak will be an untethered jailbreak as well.

What else do we know about GeoHot’s next move?

According to that tweet, the jailbreak while untethered, won’t be for all devices.

It’s also apparent from MuscleNerd’s tweets that the upcoming jailbreak is an iboot-level exploit, which is deemed more valuable in the jailbreak community when compared to a userland exploit, due to its low level control.

While no concrete date exists, at least it gives us some clues as to what we may expect in the future.

One thing I will say though, is that the future of jailbreaking looks solid; lots of news coming out of the scene as of late.

Oh, and one more thing. When is the Verizon iPhone set to officially drop again? That’s right; on February 10th.

What do you think?

  • boxingsquirrel

    I would be floored if an iBoot exploit was burned this close to iOS 5.0.

    • OrangeSn0w

      Meh… What if the iPhone 5 is running a 4.6 at the start or something…

      • boxingsquirrel

        Wouldn’t happen.

      • Selcuk

        I doubt it as iPhone 4 began with IOS 4 .. i’m guessing iphone 5 will start fresh too 🙂

    • Shrike1978

      Read it closer. “For certain devices” means Apple has already found and patched it in newer devices.

      • Selcuk

        OR, Geohot is just lazy/not bothered with older devices im assuming.

      • Shrike1978

        Remember, he scooped Chronic because he wanted them to save their exploit for the future. He has an ego, but he’s never show he doesn’t have the communities best interests in mind.

  • Alex

    Geohot had all his equipment taken away, remember?

  • iCe

    I think wtf. before christmas, on christmas, februar 10th… it will be released when it will be released! they just shouldn’t shout that they can’t keep anyways…!

  • monkers

    It would be nice if we could just have an untethered jb for the iphone 4 for real rather than loads of sniffters telling us that its “nearly” ready. I know people are working towards this and its the endless web sites that feel they need to fill up content with the same old same old guff. it just seems that the 4.2.1 has taken an age to arrive. I am, like most, at the mercy of cleverer folk than myself that provide us with jb’s and I am grateful, honest I am. But this saga is dragging on and on. If you have one George, please let us have it.

  • Dante

    Is the untethered 4.2.1 jailbreak for the iPhone 4 released?….No, then can we stop giving digital BJs while stroking the egos of every rock star jailbreak developer? I appreciate the work all of them do but reporting on every single tidbit of not an untethered 4.2.1 jailbreak release is unhealthy.

    • JB+Unlock

      Agree 125%

  • Jason masters

    Agree but how much is a digital bj worth?

  • KraftWiz

    Ok guys. Here’s the thing:

    If you know anything about digital advertising, you will know that advertisers pay websites / blogs on a CPM basis., ie., cost per thousand impressions. It usually ranges between $6 – $12 CPM.

    An ‘impression’ happens whenever an ad is shown on an user’s browser as a result of the user opening a webpage or refreshing a page. When you have a community of several million iphone users who visit a site like this on a daily basis looking for a jailbreak or an unlock, the blog makes a lot of money !!

    If the jailbreak is released so easily, the traffic drops! and so does the revenue that a blog like this makes…

    It is anybody’s guess why websites/blogs like these publish stories of imminent jailbreaks.., beta versions., somebody tweeting something.. etc. and keep people coming back to go through several pages.

    The cat and mouse game is not between Apple and the dev team.. Its between iphone users and blogs like these !!!

    • monkers

      Not sure I agree with that totally. I understand that there is revenue to be made and site hits = ££’s
      I don’t accept that this is being dragged out deliberately to bump this income up. Geohot for instance does not need this type of income, christ, he could be consulting for Microsoft with a six figure fee not pennies from a charlatan web site trying to charge people for free jb’s. Another day goes past and my iphone remains on 4.1, except in the last 3 days it has taken to forgetting my WEP key for no reason at all. Need a rebuild and want to take it to 4.2.1. Hurry up guys and put me out of my misery.:o)

  • KraftWiz

    Notice the ads on the top ^^^^^^^^ and on the sides >>>>>>>>

    if this blog knows that these paid unlocks are a scam, why do they let them advertise here???

    Well, there are legitimate advertisers too… but they sure do spend of lot of money here!!!

  • JAK

    Mid March for any untethered JB will be fine… 🙂 prolly going to break down an buy an iphone 4.. But keep up the hype!! It’s great! Need more rumor to read every few weeks!

  • Taylor Bindon

    Actually This is What i got off his court order

    From The Court Order for the TRO (temporary Restrainting Order) Defendant Hotz will be imediately temporarily retstrained from offering to the public ,creating ,posting ,online maketing ,advertising ,promoting ,installing, Distributing And providing

  • OMG geohot isn’t doing shit. I’m retired and getting sued. Stop these stupid ass rumors

    • You’re not the real geohot you stu**d f**k 🙂 Neither am I – it’s just easy to pretend you’re somebody else…

  • Gaurav

    Hi, I have iphone 4 on BB 2.10.14. It is locked. How can i unlock it for use? Please advice. Is there any way to do it? I don’t mind tethered unlock as long as i can do it on windows. Please advice with step by step guide.

  • pedro

    yes you got that right lots of news coming but jailbreaks 00000

  • George Hotz

    I am not making RUBYRA1N i am now making DARKRA1N it hopefully arrives Febuary 20th

    And I’m sorry for taking so long on this jailbreak apple has patched it up pretty well

  • MAD