I can empathize with anyone who wants to push an accessory for the iPhone while at Macworld, hey, there’s a lot of money to be made in this business. What I won’t do is condone ridiculousness. The following is an example of said ridiculousness.

The TV Hat Personal Theatre for the iPhone is an article of clothing that you wear on your head; it has an iPhone pouch strategically sewn into its bill. Not only that, but it features a small drape that covers your entire face, ensuring that no light leakage ruins your personal cinema experience.

This brings new meaning to the term Retina Display, because having an iPhone this close to your eyes for extended periods is bound to sauté your retina, cornea, and ever other important feature of that visionary apparatus you call eyes.

Full video of the sheer ridiculousness ahead!

Okay, so after watching that, I stumbled upon this:

…I change my mind about everything I said above. This is so ordered!

I’m on the phone right now with these guys.

Who’s with me?


  • Hell Yeah. Lets do this.

  • Longkeg

    I’ve had mine, in camo, for over a year now. It’s great. An added bonus is that when you’re wearing it you really can’t see everyone staring at you. I wouldn’t advise wearing it through airport security though…

  • kuTTT1

    so were’s the iPad version?

  • Leon

    i will hate someone with this hat on a crowded train.

  • Twited21

    Is this a real product
    the advert has fake written all over it

  • abanibi

    rofl the guy in the first video had to hold on to his hat so it wouldn’t fall off.
    tv hat fail

  • Great way to get yourself mugged…

  • Julia Howe

    Nice.. It even seconds as a feedbag :p