N.O.V.A 2 [iTunes Link] is the sequel to Gameloft’s hit game N.O.V.A. This game packs a large punch and offers ramped up graphics, vehicles, more enemies and weapons, and of course, more intelligent A.I.

N.O.V.A 2 offers 12 exciting action packed levels. If for some reason you don’t shoot your gun within 10 seconds of any part of the game then you’re probably camping. In addition, each level features gold orbs scattered or hidden and can be used to upgrade your weapons, abilities or health at the end of the level.

Your arsenal consists of a slew of familiar weapons such as assault rifles, shotguns, plasma guns, laser guns and what not. Your space suit lends you some nifty abilities as well, such as slow time, and a weapon that’s capable of putting the freeze on your enemies….

One great feature is the A.I itself. When I reviewed Zombie Infection a couple weeks ago I was really irked by the immobility and AI. The enemies in N.O.V.A 2 will seek cover and believe it or not, will try to catch your blind side and attack you from a different direction.  Enemies will also throw things at you such as rocks or vehicles, so learning how to strafe and seek cover is essential for staying alive.

Another notable feature is the introduction of vehicles. I’m sure that you all know this but the N.O.V.A series is heavily “inspired” by the Halo franchise. Unlike Halo, though, N.O.V.A 2 introduces a giant mech. The mech is quite simply amazing, failing to disappoint as you start razing down the enemies.

N.O.V.A 2 also has a multiplayer option. Up to 10 players can play online in any one of the 10 different maps. Hardcore gamers should like also like the perk and ranking system, which brings bragging rights to the table.

Featured in the multiplayer are 5 modes of play: death match, free for all, capture the flag, freeze tag and InstaGib.  The InstaGib mode is just a one-shot kill mode and usually calls for more camping then usual.

The graphics in this game are fantastic; sharp textures and more attention to the minute details signify a huge upgrade over its predecessor. Not to be outdone by the visuals, the soundtrack makes the game feel epic and the accompanying sound effects are all very well done.

Overall, I have to say this is one of Gameloft’s better games. The single player is exciting and the upgraded intelligence of the A.I makes the game significantly more challenging than its predecessor.  The $6.99 price tag is a hurdle but with exciting online game play it really adds to the replay value. Hope to see you on the battlefield!

Good Points:

1.      Great Graphics

2.      Online Multiplayer Mode

3.      Upgraded A.I

Bad Points:

1. Not enough orbs so it was hard to get any upgrades

  • Dirk

    Got this 3 days ago for the multiplayer and I’m already level 49. Very fun once u get used to the controls. Some MAJOR bugs in online play I’m afraid- melée death counts as like 16 normal deaths- melee kills don’t register as kills- strange clipping anomalies on ipod2g ‘temple’ map on the red team side. If you die while zoomed in with sniper, sometimes your next spawn is zoomed and can’t be fixed. Sometimes flag gets ‘lost’ under the map on ‘temple’….

    Lots of stuff that adds up. I’ve had fun, but the brokeness is getting annoying. I really think this is prolly the funnest, fast paced, FPS for iPhone, but I’ll prolly switch over to mc2 if they don’t make fixes.

    • six4seven

      You got this 3 days ago and you’re already on Level 49 in multi-palyer already?? Jeez dude, get a life LOL

      I got this game 3 months ago and I’m not even at level 49!!

  • Roli

    “Better” games?

  • six4seven

    I’m kinda sick of all the levels in multi-player. I wish they would add some new levels.