How many times have you been embarrassed over the years when you’ve been in a meeting, and your phone starts screaming at the top of its lungs that someone wants to talk to you?

Hey, I’ve been there; no doubt you’ve been there too. It gets even worse when you start fumbling with the phone while struggling to find a way to shut it up, making everyone aware that you’re the culprit.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just shake your phone and it would shut its mouth? That’s the premise behind Polite Silencer. Check out the full video walkthrough inside…

Polite Silencer is a free jailbreak tweak for jailbroken iPhones that works pretty much as advertised.

Although the thought of simply being able to pick up your iPhone and it shutting up is a tad far-fetched (the iPhone’s internals aren’t that sensitive, thankfully), it does work well if you apply a little force to your pickup.

Polite Silencer places a settings section in your, but its options are a bit on the stingy side. There’s one sensitivity option, and then there is a disable option. If you include a sensitivity setting, yet make that the sole setting; you might as well just label it as “Enabled”.

Again, this tweak can be downloaded for free on Cydia.

Why not share with us some of your embarrassing “loud-ringer at inappropriate moment” stories?

  • Rip

    Doesn’t tapping the Sleep/Wake button acheive the same result?

    • Yes, but I think the point is for you not to have to fool with any buttons. Shaking is theoretically easier to do.

      • MrA

        Maybe. Seems pretty simple to hit the sleep/lock button even when it’s in my pocket.

  • T-Will

    It seems like it would be more disruptive to pick up your phone and have to shake it rather than just pressing the sleep/wake button.

  • DomPerignon

    Fantastic! Simple, practical and useful. Downloading it right now.

    • DomPerignon

      **Correction** It is useful if, as myself, keep the iPhone inside the pockets. Otherwise the sleep/wake and answer call buttons will do.

  • szad

    is your wallpaper using gyroscope?
    where can I download it?

  • Let’s say I’m walking with my phone in my pocket. The phone is shaking in my pocket so I wouldn’t hear my calls because it would silence the ring as soon as it started. Maybe it takes more force than that but I don’t want to risk missing calls.

    • That’s a good point.

    • DomPerignon

      No; the movement of the phone in your pocket, does not silence the call.

      • Jeff

        Well I guess that depends on what type of pants you’re wearing, and how fast you’re moving, hah.

  • You are gue

  • Misc

    The volume rocker also silences phone calls. It’s easy to click the rocker even through denim pockets

    • seven

      that’s exactly what i do and it works every time

  • maxx

    This tweak doesnt work for me. my phone stopped ringing and vibrating when I turn it on.
    Any suggestions?

  • can’t someone told me was that tweak for the whether call please I have iPhone 3GS

  • azerjaban

    Seems like it would be very useful. Hmmm embarrassing loud-phone-ringing story?

    How about, having your phone beside the mic of your professor to record his lecture in a large lecture hall of about 500 students…

    Add the ringtone “Move B*tch” by Ludacris, and not the clean version… yeah and I was sitting at the top

  • nmdelrio

    I have a suggestion for a phone silencer. In the days when I was a symbian fan, there was this app called FlipSilent taht uses the N95’s accelerometer to silence the phone. When the phone rings, you turn tha phobne face down and the ringtone is silenced. Or you if it is kept facing down, when a call comes, it is silent. best for when all of a sudden visit of the boss to your desk, and you don;t want to be disturbed. Is there a version for iOS? I really miss this greta symbian app. Beats toggling the silent button on the side, it is quite discrete.

    I am not a fan of shaking the iPhone to activate any feature.

    • Azerjaban

      Its actually pretty good. Mine only takes the lightest tap and sometimes just the acy of picking my phone up to silence it. Give ir a try.