Earlier this week we talked about 3DBoard, which is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that adds a 3D effect to your iPhone’s Home screen. DeepEnd works in a similar way, altering your wallpaper’s orientation based on movement.

DeepEnd is from a staple in the jailbreak app community, and one of our favorite developers, Ryan Petrich — the same guy behind ActionMenu.

Want to see how DeepEnd works in action? Check out our video inside as we explore this nifty looking jailbreak tweak…

At stock settings, the effect, while present, isn’t as pronounced as one might expect; but that’s nothing a quick adjustment of the Zoom, Pitch, and Roll in the settings section of the Settings.app won’t remedy.

I actually prefer the subtlety of the stock settings, but if you’re looking for some real eye-popping effects, you’re going to want to turn things up.

All in all, DeepEnd is a pretty good jailbreak tweak; it does exactly what it says it does, and on top of that it’s free on Cydia for jailbroken iPhones on Ryan’s repo. Just add: http://rpetri.ch/repo/ to your ‘Sources’ in Cydia via the ‘Manage’ tab.

Since this tweak does indeed use the gyroscope, it’s for iPhone 4 only.

What do you think about DeepEnd?

  • Justin

    only for iphones?? how bout the 4th gen ipods! hook us up!

    • Scottstimo

      It works for them.

  • Burge

    What repo ? I dont see it at all

  • Blkprof

    Is there a special repo for this tweak? Did a search in cydia and nothing came up? Thx.

  • Oops! My bad, I forgot I had Ryan’s Repo in my Sources.

    Yes, the repo is as follows: http://rpetri.ch/repo/

    Sorry about that guys!

    • Burge

      That’s better … Lol…

    • Didrick

      It keeps telling me that the request timed out everytime I try to add it. So damn frustrating!!!

  • John

    you should mention that you need his Repo http://rpetri.ch/repo

    • John

      Darn only on iPhone 4 … needs a gyro

  • Icarus

    Note: This tweak relies on the gyroscope of newer devices.

  • Does this eat my battery ?

  • Is this going to waste my battery?

    • I don’t know, I’m sure it won’t help it… Only way to find out is to test it out. I doubt it’s going to make that much of a difference.

    • riottechtalk

      no, only a little

  • You could have mentioned iPhone 4 only, you know. Went and added that source and wasted my time, for nothing.

    • My bad, Otto!

  • DomPerignon

    Nice tweak but I won,t be using it. My wallpaper is just plain glossy black, so the icons look better and when I use a wallpaper, I use an animated one from vWallpaper. And as I said, a nice tweak if you are into wallpapers.

  • rizo g

    jeff, u slacking

    • Hey, it’s been a whirlwind of a day, you guys forgive me, right?

      • Jason masters

        I forgive you if you do another video saying the word on!!!

  • OP

    Do I need to be connected to a WiFi in order to add this repo?

    • OP’s missing brain

      your an idiot

    • It’s willy bitch

      You are the stupid

      • Smoke

        yea OP u do, without it its impossile! haha wat an idiot

  • SRUm1sh

    Genius! Voilà!

  • Marty

    Hmm when I saw the promotional video day ago in the description he said it’s going to be compatible with all iDevices running iOS 4 and above

  • greytone

    That’s awesome! Now I kinda almost want a 4.

  • Woody

    Works good. Only problem I found was it made my wallpaper too big even with the Zoom turned all the way down. Fix this so wallpapers are back to normal size and it’s perfect

  • Drew

    jeff, your the best

  • Jason masters

    Lmao you said on again man your the best Jeff!!!!!

  • Érico

    only for iphone 4… 🙁

  • James Wolfe

    Yeah I’m a bit disappointed. The iPod 4g supposedly has a gyro like the iPhone but it doesn’t work. Bummer.

  • Hey Jeff, I see people making comments about your failure to mention one thing or another. Just wanted to remind you that while youtube does not allow you to swap out a video once it has been posted, it DOES allow you to swap out the audio. You could easily re-edit the audio to include the bits of info that you forgot to mention.

    • Jason masters

      Yes if you do please add the word on like ten times please.

      • Owwwwwn! I will do this just for you Jason.

    • Michael:

      Yeah, under normal circumstances I cover all the bases, but just had a brain lapse this time.

      I know you can swap out audio, but I think most of our readers are savvy enough to figure out how to read the description which mentions the Gyroscope requirement.

      I’ve had an iPhone 4 for so long that I’ve forgotten about the fact that the older devices don’t have things like the Gyroscope, etc.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  • Bill

    Jeff, your advice and recommendations have been invaluable to me! Thanks & keep up the great work 🙂

    • Bomber

      you mean VALUABLE? (invaluable = not valuable)

      • icyhotonmynuts

        No.. you are incorrect.
        Invaluable: beyond calculable or appraisable value; of inestimable worth; priceless: an invaluable art collection; her invaluable assistance

        Anyways, I’m gonna go and try to put up some topless pics of girls as my BG, so when I tilt and shift I can see the goods. Gonna pass the phone around the office see if any of the guys get the trick.. EVERYBODY will be JBing by the end of the day lol.

      • Bill

        Thanks Bomber 🙂

  • icyhotonmynuts

    My comment is awaiting moderation? Psshhh what is this??

    • icyhotonmynuts

      oh, only on replies..

      • icyhotonmynuts

        or not?

  • Bob

    This app has a serious bug, hold the phone up to the sky or lie on your back…you see your wallpaper jump around

  • Duece

    I went to install it in Cydia on my iPhone 4, but it says it can’t because it depends on gyroscope. I there a source for that to install…? Why isn’t it already there I thought the 4 has it built in?

  • AC

    how do you turn or toggle it off? do you gotta uninstall it?

  • iZomBie3D

    Do not download the 3DBord for $2.99 its a rip off it does the same thing as DeepEnd Tweak.

    In DeepEnd setting you get

    In 3DBord you only get Dept setting only. They blackly put all 3 in one.
    All it does is move the wallpaper around in the background.

  • iZomBie3D

    Also you only see the 3D effect when a device is recording it your eyes wont see it good.

  • IOS 4.2 is crap

  • Anomoly

    You can get 3DBoard through Xsellize or download the .deb file. Its free this way and will work on all models

  • Never worked for me. I installed it and tried different settings. It never took.
    Then it started affecting the interface. It would freeze up and the only thing that would work would be the home and power buttons. The touch screen would not work except the status bar on the top.

    So I uninstalled it. I hope that 3DBoard works better.

  • Anomoly

    Download 3DBoard from here http://xsellize.com/topic/111240-o-3dboard-v-100-2/. Using safari download manager and install through iFile. Works on my 3GS

  • janne


  • So it won’t work on an ipod touch 3g? It has a gyroscope too.

  • iphone master

    Hi please I need help I tried it to instal on my alcatel on touch but it has only black and white display so I dont know if is it possible for my 8 years old phone but I think that it has wifi because I can play some ringtones. thanks

  • Vijay

    It is nice tweak. In has a setting to enable / Disable the feature. You can disable it if you don’t want to use it.

  • No

  • CCQ

    Er, just want to make something clear here. It is actually the gyroscope in use when the picture moves, because an accelerometer only can detect the speed( so to speak) the iPhone is moving and manipulate the screen base on gravity, also and by inertia.

    A gyroscope is more orientation-based, it is a more three dimensional technology, think of it as a ball. What can you do with a ball that can float in air theoretically? You can turn it in any direction and still stay in one position, so I’m just giving a very basic but maybe confusion explanation. Hope this can help those figuring out how the hell does this TGIF work? Thx!

  • dave

    I cannot install it because it says, “cannot comply.” How do I solve that? Pls help

  • Panayiotis1979

    Damn it! There is no way to get it to 3GS?

  • really awesome tweak actually all of your tweaks and stuff are awesome keep givin that to us love it!!

  • Omair SA

    So 2 years later, Apple incorporated your idea in their latest OS. Not sure if that’s a good thing