Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new cloud sharing jailbreak tweak on the block, and the good news is that it’s free. That’s right; CloudyShots is a new tweak that will automatically upload your iPhone screenshots to the web.

Utilizing API’s from Cloud App — the popular cloud storage solution that allows you to share images, links, music, videos and files — CloudyShots takes the headache out of getting your screenshots from your iPhone to share online with your friends.

If you can remember ‘SB 2 Cloud‘ came out last year with pretty much this exact same functionality. Is CloudyShots nothing more than a blatant, albeit free, rip-off?

When I reviewed SB 2 Cloud last month, I was ecstatic at the promise it offered. This was something I had been looking for for ages, and it was finally here. CloudyShots works pretty much the same way as that tweak, except it has a few more options at the moment, and it’s free.

Once your install CloudyShots, you’ll notice a settings section in your From there you can enter your Cloud App’s login credentials. If you don’t already have an account with Cloud App, you can score a free one here.

From there it’s easy — just take a screenshot with your iPhone using the home + sleep buttons, and the screenshot will be uploaded to your cloud storage space automatically.

A few moments after your screenshot is taken, you’ll notice a cute little cloud icon in your status bar signifying that the upload has began. Again, exactly how SB 2 Cloud works.

There’s also a handy option that allows you to use Pro if you prefer to use that over Cloud App. this can be nice, especially in light of the storage limitations brought on by Cloud App’s free offering.

There aren’t many differences between SB 2 Cloud and CloudyShots, in fact it is without a doubt a rip-off of SB 2 Cloud.

Nonetheless, it is a good rip-off, and it’s also free for jailbroken iPhones. In light of that, it’s difficult to be too hard on CloudyShots for emulating SB 2 Cloud so closely. After all, they say emulation is the finest form of flattery.

Hopefully this will inspire the developer of SB 2 Cloud, which currently costs $1.49, to up the ante and add some more options… *cough* Droplr and Dropbox support and auto resizing *cough*

Have you tried either solution?

  • boxingsquirrel

    This is not a ripoff. I was unaware of @GreySyntax’s tweak prior to writing this.

    • boxingsquirrel,

      Interesting. I’m just now reading your tweets. I didn’t even realize that you two were talking about this. Well, I guess it’s just a coincidence.

      That being said, being a “rip-off” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and doesn’t mean you did it intentionally.

      It’s still duplicates the functionality of SB 2 Cloud, which I think you will agree with. In that case, in a sense it is a rip-off, just not in the harsh condescending sense of the word.

      I gave your tweak props, it works well, and it has more options, and it’s free. I appreciate having more options to choose from. That was in no way meant to be a slight against you, just an observation.

      Sorry if you took my observations the wrong way.

  • boxingsquirrel

    I understand…although looking at SB 2 Cloud, it is definately WAY better than my tweak…

    • Why do you say that? Unless I have an outdated version of SB 2 Cloud, CloudyShots has more options thus far.

  • BadKittie

    what is this Cloud thing?? I’ve heard about it but don’t know what it is.

    • You familiar with Dropbox? Cloud storage allows you to store files on the web for access anywhere. Cloud App is similar to Dropbox, and SB 2 Cloud & CloudyShots interface with Cloud App with no user intervention when it comes to uploading screenshots. Very useful to have.

  • boxingsquirrel

    Mine has a few bugs, and doesn’t work on 3.x…

    • Um, not many people are going to fall victim to the 3.x issue. I’ve had no bugs thus far.

  • AppleBits

    I have SB2Cloud. Used it for about a day. Then turned it off. It is handy, no question there. But my biggest issue is that I don’t necessarily want every screenshot moved to the cloud. Now, that’s just probably me, but I don’t use it that much, thank goodness, considering the very limited space for the free account.
    But I like that this app is free, and just because of that, I may very well install it and give it a try. Then if new tweaks come along, all the better! 😀
    I wish there was a way to have it upload to my MobileMe cloud… THAT would interest me a lot since I’ve paid for that one…thru the nostrils. :-\

    • I have the same thoughts. Maybe an Activator gesture for screenshots you want marked for the cloud, and the normal screenshot taking method for those you dont.

      Lots of possibilities here, and definitely worth paying for, especially when we see improvements such as these. My dream is auto-resizing though, would make blogging so much easier. 😛

  • Esh

    Nice tool. Saves me few seconds a day…

  • Erik

    Is there a way to upload not screenshots, but pictures through the camera app in the same way? I got the app hoping it’ll do that, but I guess it doesn’t work.

    • boxingsquirrel

      I’m working on that

  • Manu

    hi where i can find the iDB app? (I mean the app whit the iDB icon)


  • Telejeesus

    iDB is just bookmark to these sites (no app) 🙂

  • Polemicist

    Actually I’m using DropImage with a DropBox account and have to manually select the images I want to send to drop box. DropBox gives me 2GB of storage free so it works well for this. But I’d prefer either the photo to go directly to DropBox from an app or a tweak. And if the app/tweak had a list of cloud services that I could authenticate with then it would be worth pretty much whatever price you put on it. 🙂 If someone made an official app rather than a JB app it would again be one I’d buy but that app would be duplicating Apple functionality blah blah blah.

    boxingsquirrel your tweak has promise and your efforts are greatly appreciated. Jeff thanks for sharing it.