Reports are surfacing that AT&T is quietly offering certain customers the opportunity to switch back to unlimited data. This comes right on the heels of the revelation that Verizon will be offering $30 unlimited data for a limited time to early iPhone 4 adopters.

If you can remember, it was back in June of 2010 when AT&T eliminated its unlimited data plans in favor of a tiered data package, and needless to say there was quite an outrage over the change.

Now that Verizon has come on the scene, AT&T is feeling the heat and pulling out the stops in order to retain disgruntled customers…

Customers who were originally on unlimited data plans were given the option to retain their plan, or switch to a lower priced, but limited data plan. Those who decided to switch were instructed that they would not be able to switch back to unlimited data, rendering the change permanent.

Now, it looks like AT&T is backtracking on the pronouncement of the change’s permanence, by offering select customers who were originally on unlimited data the opportunity to switch back.

We wonder if those ‘select’ customers are ones threatening to jump ship? That might be worth a shot if you want your unlimited back. No official comment from AT&T thus far.

Have you been offered unlimited data, or did you never give it up to begin with?


  • Dadditude

    I never gave mine up.

  • I did…I still wouldn’t switch back though, never go over 1000mb a month…

  • Thomas

    Kept mine and glad! I’ve used 13Gb of data this month alone, and I still have a few days left!

    • VnABC

      How can you that much? I have the plan and want to take advantage of it.

      • Thomas

        Easy; I spend all my time on my phone. I never tether though.

  • Ha

    Kept mine at unlimited but I only use about 700mb a month with some months doing 2 gb… So how do you all use so much data???

    • ghiles


      • Thien

        netflix lol. It’s a little ridiculous how much I really use but easily went over 2gb in a week watching netflix about 6 hours a week. It is my source of television especially when I’m bored and on the go. Very easy to use up a lot of data that way.

  • old tom

    kept mine intact. Never know when it’ll come in handy or be needed. better to have it than to lose it and then really need it. and the difference in “savings” between unlimited data and the tiered cap is almost criminal when you consider what you COULD use for just $5 a month more than the tiered plan. Not saying many would, but to go from the skies the limit to just 2gb and save $5? dont think so.

  • Ilhan

    Well fuck you guys and fuck you Seb… I have been following you for a very long time and at first your site was really the best iPhone blog I’ve ever met but for a little bit of time you have all benn talking about AT&T and Verizon bullshit as the whole iPhone community in the world consists of only 2 these motherf….s. I just wanted toremind you that only %10 of iPhone owners allaroundworld use American GSM providers. If you wanna be a big sound in the community just take my note and start writing about real fact that concerns real iPhone owners….

    • Koppis

      I agree. Please don’t make 10 posts about verizon vs at&t.

    • U MAD SON?

    • brent

      @Ilhan: There should be a bar at the top of your browser where you can type stuff. Click in that bar, type whatever you want, add “.com” at the end and hit enter. Problem solved. Happy journeys.

  • hmmm

    @llhan……those foul language comments are really unnecessary. Just because YOU think it is BS, doesn’t mean other users think it is BS. I for one find it very useful that the bloggers are so diverse and don’t push 1 way over another. They simply relay the new and upcoming events/news/apps, etc. They give us the option to make our own choices by writing these blogs. Not everyone has the same opinion, therefore they write about things that even they may not agree with. I’ve seen this several times. To all the bloggers…..keep up the great work and kudos to you for being so diverse in a sometimes non-diverse society.

    • John

      Couldn’t be more right

  • ogbza

    did somone make you read this post?

    • iamLuqman

      Lol, right…? He is cursing like he has to read the post 4 school or something.

  • ccutrer

    I switched to the 200 MB plan, and went over so am now at 2GB. The crappy thing isthe unlimited plan was *cheaper* than the 2 gig with my corporate discount (that doesn’t apply to the capped plans)!!

  • Jon Garrett

    This is the kind of story Ive been wanting to hear about, not about how many more iphones apple will sell in 2011.

    Id like AT&T users to petition AT&T for better rate plans if they want to keep us as customers. I pay $206 a month for 2 iphones on a 1400 minute shared rate plan. on average, we use about 300 minutes (I have over 6,000 roll over minutes)

    When I called AT&T to pretend that I want to switch to Verizon unless they offer me something, all they could come up with is a rate plan that saves me only $30 BUT takes away ALL of our roll over minutes which are ours because we already paid for them, takes away the A-list minutes and while I keep my $30 unlimited data plan, they did not offer the same for my wife’s data plan which is $25.

    So we can get 550 minutes which would fit us both but we’d give up too much to save $30 dollars. the 700 minute plan saves us only $20.

  • iKing

    How are these people offered an unlimited data plan?

    • Manuel

      In my way of thinking, they’re not giving any thing. It’s only to old customers, and those are the ones who are almost out of their contracts or could be thinking about leaving. New users can just sell their iPhone and leave since their don’t have an unlimited plan and they can’t get it, since they never had it in the first place. Either way, I think this is an AT&T fail in my book. How many users are stuck on iPhone 4 contracts without the unlimited plan?

      • David

        Me, I’m one of those people. I called AT&T last week to try to get them to give me unlimited data, or I’d switch, citing how unfair it is to penalize the very customers who gave them their brillaint 3Q & 4Q last year, while charging them the same as the grandfathered-in customers but getting less in return.

        I was told, “it’s IMPOSSIBLE to give you unlimited data”. I laughed. “Impossible”? Kind of like how it’s impossible to change lead into gold, impossible?

        Give me a break!

  • Manuel

    I use 5 gigs in a day 🙂 Pandora, tether because the family kills the Wi – Fi and a lot of Cydia keeps me using around 30 or 40 gigs at the end. I switched to Verizon because of drop calls, but I will using Verizon’s data like crazy too. I don’t think this helps many though, because what happens to users who got the iPhone 4 when there wasn’t an unlimited data plan? Doesn’t that mean they can’t get the unlimited plan? It doesn’t make sense to me in the end.

  • I’ve been lucky enough to have been grandfathered into keeping my unlimited data plan. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  • talkndog

    I was able to get the unlimited data plan back today. Spent an hour on the phone with ATT reps getting nowhere, then told them I want to cancel all my 4 lines of service unless they can give me the unlimited data. Then the person at another department that was going to cancel my service said she will try to turn it back on but “didn’t know if it will even work.”

    Well, it worked just fine and I have the unlimited plan again now. So just call them and stick to your guns and they will eventually relent and give it to you if you’re willing to call their bluff.

    Good luck.

    • Sarah

      Hey talkndog! I realllly want to know how you did that….just tried talking to rep and she said impossible because there’s nothing on her screen where she could do that. Idk how to go about this!! I had unlimited last several years and agent talked me to getting the 250mb less than 6 months ago in November!!! i’m so sad.

      • talkndog

        After an hour of getting nowhere it basically came down to asking to cancel the service. That’s what finally worked to get the unlimited data plan back. I was totally bluffing, but it worked. I am not sure what I would have done if it didn’t work and they said “ok, fine, we’ll turn you off”, but it did not come to that. The first person in the department I was transferred to that’s supposedly was going to cancel my service offered to reinstate the plan.

  • turbofry3

    Different Reps have different screens. All depends on their level. 1st and even 2nd level reps cannot do anything about the unlimited data plan since its not offered anymore. They can only credit your account, give you other options that are available, etc. They are just there to answer simple questions and try to ‘satisfy’ the customer.

    However. the Customer Retention Department is a whole other ballgame. Their only job is as a last ditch effort keep you as a customer. They pretty much have the power to do anything to the account. That is why when people finally sitck to their guns and say yes I want to cancel, the ‘cancelation’ rep can give you unlimited data back.

    What I have done in the past, is just call and don’t even bother talking to reps. Just insist on asking for the cusotmer retention department. Say you are going to cancel and you want to see what they can offer you to stay. Tell the reps when they try to help you that you won’t accept anything unless its from the Retention Department. When you finally get there, state your demands very clearly, and they should be able to help you.

    Best of Luck.

  • Spectre

    The reason AT&T has so many dropped calls is because of all the dumbshits like Thomas & Manuel who are data whores. They ruin it for everyone because they’re too lazy to use wifi or a laptop, or they just find ways to use up as much data as they can, simply because they can. Typical Americans. Go get a life & maybe you won’t have 6 hours a day to watch Netflix on your cell phone & then someone making an important call won’t get their call dropped thanks to selfish data whores. Lol.

  • usetobecustomer

    AT&T’s network should be able to handle unlimited internet & not have so many dropped calls, Verizon and Sprint do just fine. AT&T just has a horrible network, I’ve been a customer for 8 years, they refuse to reason with you & they could care less about you. Which is why I’m getting out of my contract and switching asap.

  • Im not stupid I keep my unlimited data since I own the first generation of iPhone I have them all with unlimited Data but only on 2010 around oct or November I receive an e mail from AT&T that Im one of the %5 of the costumers from AT&T that use the most internet…

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