Woah, woah, woah. Wait a minute, that’s just not possible. Or is it? That’s what I thought when I first saw this video of 3DBoard in motion.

The first thing that stands out to me, is that unlike the Nintendo 3DS, you can see the effects via video. I have to say I’m a bit skeptical; that is until I get this puppy in my hands and test it out for myself. If this jailbreak tweak does happen to be real, though, things just got a lot more interesting.

Could you imagine what games would play like with 3D effects like this? And no glasses? Check the full video demonstration out inside…

Looks pretty real to us, though I’m taking it all with a grain of salt until I have it in my hands. And rest assured that as soon as it is released we’ll have full video examining the evidence.

3DBoard is said to be available soon for jailbroken iPhones on Cydia.

Do you think Nintendo is on the edge of their seats freaking out over this video, or do you think it’s no big deal?

Update: After talking with some fine folks, it seems likely that this effect is accomplished using the accelerometer. Like it was brought out, if you don’t move the iPhone then there is no effect. Sounds legit enough to me. Probably not something Nintendo would worry about at all, but cool nonetheless. It would make a good Home screen, anyway.

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  • Steve Unemployed

    I think it’s not true 3D cause wouldn’t you need a different display ? (physically)
    I think it uses the accelerometer and some complex way of making the images tilt

    • That’s what I’m thinking and have heard as well. Still, it’s interesting… I wonder if any games use this now, or if devs have thought about using it for games?

      • pn2bade

        Labyrinth 2 for the iPad uses this. I thought it was cool for 5 minutes then it got annoying.

    • Exactly. That’s how Nintendo did there’s i bet. And im willing to bet their shitting themselves right now.

      • Jonas

        Umm.. No. That’s NOT what Nintendo uses. Retard.

      • josh

        @Jonas how do you know? did find a time machine, go into the future and buy one?

      • Eric

        @josh there are a ton of sights that tell how nintedno dose the 3d

  • Brian


    • Ai

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      • Smoke

        agreed, very homosexual

      • I agree aswell.

  • Stevez

    Wow the site told me my post failed and now it turns out I posted 4 times -_-. Sorry

  • BLiNK

    looks pretty cool, i”d give it a whirl. any ideas on pricing?

  • T-Will

    Pretty neat! It appears to be the same method the Labyrinth games simulate 3-D.

  • Read my update guys, there is some clarification about the 3D. Something tells me Nintendo isn’t worried about this in the least.

  • Chris

    Definitely uses the accelerometer to do it then it probably just moves the shadow around. I think the illusion won’t be as convincing when it doesn’t work when you move yourself around the iPhone.

    • retardaboveme

      why would you move yourself around the iphone?

    • SRUm1sh

      you have a point here, Chris. I agree.. That might be surreal, but will surely show that the 3D effect is true only from one particular angle (or some range of tilts).

  • Weebsurfer

    I’d like to see some icons moved around before I believe it’s not just a fake transparent overlay.

  • Weebsurfer

    … Yeah, there’s two arrangements of icons but we don’t actually see them moved from one to the other.

  • T-Will

    Why is this so unbelievable to some people? It’s simply moving the shadow around based on the accelerometer measurements.

    • Drew

      its someting weve never even thaught about and even if not true 3d it still looks cool and cool to show friends

  • DSi
  • CBradio

    this app looks cool, mix it with 3d board, for cool transitions, and obviously your fave springboard tweeks, and this could be epic!! I <3 my JB!

    • Drew

      you mean barell?

  • Drew

    dude this is sooooo cool i cant wait for it!!! but i have to wait for untethered jb first… :/

  • Dwang

    Motion X Dice does this as well.

  • Looks pretty cool; now I gotta download some Nick Drake

  • Jay Eckert

    I believe this IS real, and it is much simpler than anyone else is saying/thinking. The dev is using the iP4’s gyroscope info to move the position of the icons over the wallpaper. It is so simple that it is ingenious! This idea can be applied to ALL apps in theory. I am surprised that apple hasn’t implemented it yet on it’s own. This is one of those: “why the hell didn’t I think of that” moments.

    • Lovemaster

      Why in the world do you think the put the gyro in there?? Of course Apple thought of this, they just don’t release the coolness of their hardware all at once… I’m certain this will be a native feature of iOS 5.

  • Dude15

    I think if your going to compare devices, then you should know the background of both. That app seems to be using the accelerometer/gyro sensor for the effect. I wonder if some iphone users are new to this, because it certainly is not. The Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, and maybe the others, have an app called “Gallery.” It functions as a folder for pics and vids that you have on the phone. The images are flat, but it uses something similar to this.

    If you want to see “cool 3D,” then there is a Nintendo DS game (yes, DS and not 3DS) available in the DSiware store in Japan. Here is the video:


    It has a much better sense of 3D and has been out for a while. Obviously, When Nintendo announced the 3DS, people instantly thought it would be something like that. Well, they were wrong. That game uses the DSi’s front-facing camera to track a person’s eyes. It can be shown on camera as well. All of that look cool, but it’s not real 3D.

    You would physically need a different type of screen for that. Nintendo is not worried at all. The effects on the 3DS are being done by the screen itself. The games only have the instructions. The 3DS can show depth for all of the games that support it (some companies may not use it, but the major one will). Also, the screen allows games to “pop out of the screen.” In other words, it’s like the exact 3D you see in the movie theater and on 3D TVs but without the glasses.

    • Very good synopsis, point duly noted. I admit, I kinda got overly excited about what I saw. Again I haven’t seen a 3DS in person, but people tell me it’s the real deal.

      Thanks for the informative comments.

  • Ryan

    It’s a sign to Nintendo they need to put accelerometers in their devices 😛

    • Dude15

      Some GBA had motion sensing built into the game carts. The wii controller actually has an accelerometer. As for the future, the 3DS has a gyrosensor and a motion sensor.

  • Jason masters

    Still waiting for that new vid Jeff???

  • Oscar14A

    Wowwwhh how can I get that all black clock app on cydia

  • Ern


  • adnan

    please when will be released iphone 4 unlock 2.10

  • abanibi

    this doesn’t sound so good for battery life imo…

  • Wow thats pretty cool! First step in the 3d direction I reckon.

  • Cool, but it doesnt look real @.@


    Like the killzone loading screen (ps3)! Nothing special…

  • Op

    Anyone know when this will be released? I wanna give it a try.

  • Yes it uses accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. No its not “real” 3D, in fact that’s why I all CAPS’d the word “EFFECT” in the title of the video ;). Yes it works from a full range of tilt motions. No, it doesn’t kill the battery (believe me! i’m the developer! I’ve been running it all day today watching netflix and tweeting and the like due to power outage in my town, my battery didn’t take a noticeable hit at all)
    The reason this sort of effect works: True 3D doesn’t need to be binocular. When you close one eye, you only see one image, yet you can still perceive depth. You can’t “see” the depth as you can with 2 eyes, but with motion, and in-brain calculations, you can still understand the depth. On a flat, 2D screen, with flat, 2D images, you don’t get depth perception because the small motions of your head don’t change the angle in relation to the image. This type of effect (better than using cameras for eye tracking, though i’m looking into that) works because it allows perspective changing based on motion/relation to screen. To be honest, holding it in hand, it looks “better” when closing one eye, basically forcing your brain into “single eye depth calculation” mode, in which motion changes register as depth, giving the effect.

    well, hope that clears some things up 🙂 It’ll be out in a week or two, I’m finishing up some code to make it better, add adjustable depth, and fix those “certain angle” problems 😛

  • Justin

    when is this even coming out?

  • I’d buy it

  • I’m working hard and fast on release in the next day or two!

  • Bill

    I’m eagerly awaiting the release with great anticipation! Thanks for all your hard work and effort 🙂

  • BLiNK

    it’s out now!

  • papagayo69

    Hey guys, look for holotoy, it use the same technology and better with face recognition on iphone !!!

  • Matt

    very cool but when i download it it dosent work. the closest thing to this is somthing called “deepend”. it moves the background and kinda makes your icons 3d ish!

  • Justin

    It’s not even working for me :/ kinda disappointed, I thought it’d be pretty cool

  • Ron

    You need to toggle Enable (Settings->3D Board). Turn it off, then back on. After that, it worked for me.

  • das


  • Justin

    still not working :/

  • brad

    not working at all, what’s up with this piece of crap????

  • Nick

    It says ALL devices but guess it’s not true? Doesn’t with with < iPhone 4?

  • Tammo

    Just bought this app. Save your $2.99. Basically all it does is that it shifts the background as you move your phone around but maintains your icons in the same place. There is absolutely no feeling of ‘depth’ at all as you would get with a true 3D effect. What a waste of money. Congratulations to the developer for creating a load of hype…for something thats truly lame. Is this the future of App development ie cheating your customers into believing its something…and running away with their money?

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Piracy wins again (ie. try before you buy)

  • sjf

    Yeah, don’t buy this.

  • Juan

    i’ll pass. looks dumb.

  • GismoFingerboards


  • lad