Google has been lighting it up as of late. Just yesterday, we told you about Google’s Cloud Print capabilities for the iPhone, and now the search giant has rolled out something new that’s closer to its roots.

You might have already been taking advantage of Google’s cool location based weather results, but they’ve added hour-by-hour forecast results to the fray as well.

That’s right, not only can you quickly locate the forecast for your area, you can also alter a slider for an hour-by-hour breakdown featuring real time weather adjustments…

To try it out, head over to on your iPhone and search for ‘weather’. Google should prompt you to use your current location if it doesn’t already have you locked in, and then bring you to some familiar looking weather driven search results.

You will, however, notice one slight difference — the addition of a slider control to note the hourly changes in weather. Google has even gone the extra mile by adding subtle gradients to simulate night and day based on the slider’s position.

Google’s weather search has always been a great place to look if you were in need of a high-level weather overview; with this latest addition, it’s evident that Google wants to look at weather searching in a more serious and low-level manner.

Will you use Google search for your forecasting needs?

  • DomPerignon

    No. I use Lockinfo and I also have Weather Icon which is also live.

    • That’s a good alternative as well. I wasn’t big on Lockinfo at first, but I’m starting to dig it more and more.

  • SRUm1sh

    Nice article! 🙂

    In another note, I was watching a video of one of Google’s Android conferences, where they were stressing upon the idea that in the near future, Android will empower the mobile-‘browser’ to do things that any other app could do, and even beyond. I guess, along with Google weather, was also one of those in the making.

    • Interesting. Seems like they are determined to move away from apps, and stick to making innovations with the browser. I can’t really blame them, as the browser is a powerful tool when used properly.

  • Has anyone figured out how to show just the weather ‘widget’ and not the search results?

  • topsy

    Hey Guys, does Lockinfo drain battery life. Please say all the truth you know thanks. I use Iphone 4.