Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport was the scene of a recent iPhone smuggling bust featuring an unlikely participant; A 60+ year old woman.

How in the world she was able to walk around with over 40 iPhone 4’s is anyone’s guess, but she did. Security began to take note of her struggles to walk (you don’t say..?) and eventually she was asked to step inside a full body scanner.

I think you can probably figure out how the rest of this story went…

Dressed in traditional attire, and strapped to the brim with 44 iPhone’s, imagine the agent’s surprise when they saw an iPhone..then another, then another, then… hey! It’s like an iPhone vine inside all that garb!

Reportedly, the lady managed to stash the iPhone’s inside of her stockings.

I don’t know about you, but that mental image certainly drops the value of those iPhone’s in my mind…

No word yet on whether or not she will face any criminal charges.

[Engadget] via [theiphonespot]

  • Albertini

    Wow, that’s like 30k dollars

  • Albertini

    Wow, that’s like 30k dollars,

  • man, i knew the Jews would eventually do soem shit like this…

    • Jeremy

      who said she was jew!!
      don’t talk like that and don’t talk about somethin you ain’t know nothin about! You racist!

      • Thomas

        It’s not racism you idiot; Jewish isn’t a race. It’s called stereotyping and everyone does that, shut up.

  • Alex


    • Steuart


  • B Mo

    My friend Shergill did that too

  • Chazz

    nice guys, any opportunity to get political.

    every country has thieves.

    and apparently every blog has racist assholes.

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    Talking bad about Jews isnt racist…
    It’s discrimination.

    • Night

      Unless you are a Jew, in which case it becomes comedy (for some reason)

  • Burge

    At the end of the day its about someold lady with 44 iPhone nothing to do with race, so @ James you sir need to make a apology for bringing race onto it in the first place

  • Jason

    There is no freedom in this blog..

  • Tcyalata

    Jewish is a race. Lol. Judaism is a religion that they believe. Ever heard of a Jew nose? Jew fros don’t count but u get the point. Haha. And I’m not being racist. Just wanted to clarify.

    • Thomas

      How is Judaism a race?? It’s a religion. There is no country where people are Jews. Sure there are countries that have a majority of people that are Jewish, but you don’t call people from America, Christians! People are so ignorant these days. Also, who cares if he’s stereotyping them? Stereotypes are 90% true, so get over it people!

      • Burge

        You need to reread ! He said what you are saying

  • Thomas

    Back on topic: what’s wrong with an old lady having 44 iPhones?

  • Jeremy

    Now it’s gettin’ ridiculous! I’m lmao sometimes people can really be stupid

  • Burge

    Where in the post does it say she was a Jew ?

  • chris

    And why not put them in a suitcase

  • Art

    Why is it a crime to have 40 iPhone 4’s?

  • wow…one guy said “jew” and now you guys are still on about it? (shakes head)

  • Daniel

    Ok, first STFU about jews already I don’t give a SHIT what it is but it’s not nice so stop. He was clearly trolling or joking so just drop it.
    Second, what’s wrong with her having all these iPhones? I mean, what exactly did she do illegally? Is there an “iPhone carry limit”?

    • mohgui

      nothing wrong with having all those iPhones but the way she transported them. why not just stuff everything into a bag? sometimes… it tickles me how some people think.

  • zbegon

    Jews are Hebrews and that is a race. Unless they are converts. Get an education……flips my Jew gold at ya.

    • Thomas

      What country are Hebrews from, Hebrewstan? Exactly.

      • zbegon


    • Thomas

      That’s Israeli…

      • zbegon

        That speak??

  • Icyhotonmynuts

    Lol nice Fry pic

  • Jj

    0.3 x 40 = 12 lbs of iPhones stuck in her stockings!! lol

  • CPAmember

    Wow, so were they stolen iPhone 4 or is the iPhone is illegal in that country?

    • Dave

      There is a customs issue on all electronic imports

  • Nelson

    Lmao the whole Jew arguments made me laugh so hard.

  • there is a smart phone carry limit thru customs in Los Angeles Int’l Airport. the limit is 5 per person. if your lucky you might not get caught… I was one of the lucky bastards that didn’t get caught bringing ten iphones to china w00t w00t! hahaha came back with an extra 10k in my pocket. not including the 2200 dollar round trip ticket i spent going there and back lol.. but in reality they are getting stricter and stricter because this is considered an illegal act of smuggling goods and if caught you are considered to be bringing back items in the grey market back to another country to make profit of your own.

    hopefully this makes sense..

  • Fitzgerald

    Lol Jewish old lady from WW2 smuggling.

  • Tal

    When you enter Israel you can only bring into the country a 200$ worth electronic devices.
    If your devices worth above that, you need to pay taxes.

    She simply didn’t want to pay the tax (44 times).

    A proud jew, who lives in Israel and speaks Hebrew.

  • jb

    Actually the article said she was in “traditional garb”, so that suggests she COULD be:
    Sephadic. But unlikely since they don’t wear that type of clothing any more.
    From an African country in traditional dress
    or most likely
    Arab wearing a burqa or niqab
    none of the above

  • jb

    oops! that should have been “traditional attire”, same thing…

  • jb

    It turns out she was dressed in “Georgian attire” (not Georgia, USA), so she could have been anything.
    But she was resourceful but not too smart. maybe she had a lot of grandchildren.
    BTW, 60 is only elderly to someone in their 20’s. Its definitely not “elderly” to anyone over 40! 🙂

  • dabe

    I wish I could buy an iPhone smuggled by an old from isreal! Lol How did you guys find people to pay you a grand for an iPhone? Are you talking sealed new iPhone 4? The most I see iPhones selling for overseas is like 450 for a 3GS. This old lady is my hero haha I’ve only sold about 10 iPhones, 44!!! Damn she must have found some that “fell off a truck” or slowly bought second hand. I hope they didn’t seize her phones

  • janne