There’s a new iPhone IM client on the block. Verbs, by #include tech software, is a simple and beautiful IM app that looks like it was designed by Apple itself.

There are a ton of IM apps on the App Store (IM+, BeejiveIM, fring, AIM and Yahoo! Messenger to name a few).  I’ve used many, and honestly, most of them look pretty awful. I was so excited when I saw the Verbs design mockups several months ago, and the app recently received an update in the App Store that makes it definitely worth reviewing.

While I’m not someone who constantly relies on instant messaging to communicate, I do see the benefit of having a solid IM app on the iPhone for occasionally hopping on Google Talk. The good thing is that Verbs has more to offer than just good looks…

While the interface design of Verbs is stunning, it also packs some interesting surprises under the hood.

Verbs supports Google Talk, AIM and MobileMe chat. Once you log into your account(s), you have a clean and simple layout for viewing and communicating with your friends. The AIM chat integration is really nice. You can edit an avatar, set your status message, and add buddies within the app.

If you have lots of friends in your IM account, you can create “favorites” lists within Verbs to cut down on who you’re viewing at once.

Chatting with Verbs feels great. Everything is fluid and intuitive. The swipe feature from the popular Twitter (formerly Tweetie) app is also present.

Verbs handles multiple chats through the card-like interface that browsers normally use on the iPhone. You can switch between and close open chats just like tabs in mobile Safari. Verbs also makes it easy to send and receive media and files in your mobile chat session. You can send and receive photos and video straight from the iPhone’s camera roll as well.

Verbs goes the extra mile with its CloudApp and Droplr integration. If you use either file sharing service (I highly recommend CloudApp), Verbs makes sharing files in IM sessions a breeze.

The app also supports push notifications for uploads and new chat messages. As long as Verbs is open in your iOS app switcher, you’ll remain online and get a notification whenever someone pings you.

Verbs is a great IM companion for the iPhone. It’s definitely my favorite. I haven’t seen another IM app that’s put together in such a nice package.

Verbs is available for $2.99 in the App Store. The develepors have said that they will be faithfully updating the app with more features and enhancements, so stay tuned for more from this great client!

What’s your favorite IM app on the iPhone? Do you like Verbs?

We have a free copy of Verbs to giveaway. First one to comment gets it!

  • AmpliHelix

    I want please! 😀

  • squashdog

    Looks awesome!

  • i m first here!

  • Andrewp

    Me too!

  • Lyndatilley

    I would love it !!!!

  • Lyndatilley

    I would love the app!

  • Lyndatilley

    Same here

  • Thomas

    No thanks, I only need MSN. Sucks that there’s no good app for MSN and that nobody has cracked Beejive and put it on Installous.

    • BlackChomp

      meebo is the best im out there for all 2 days push multi msn account etc… etc… really trust me i try really all of them even speed reception of message etc… etc… but the ui of this IM is so stunning i defenetly would like they put more IM support as well MSN and yahoo !

  • Alex, am I eligible? I’m too late anyways…

  • George

    eBuddy works just right and you get push notifications even after closing the app. Besides there is a free version and a paid version of the app. So far this is my favorite IM app

  • Kevin

    I was going to buy this app after reading your post but when I got to the page in the App Store I quickly changed my mind. EVERYONE who left a review says that the app is missing the most basic functions that would normally be found on an IM app. Go and read the reviews for yourself, there’s a good chance you’ll change your mind.

    About the only good things they say is that it “looks really nice”, “is fast and responsive”, and “has a lot of potential”. I’m going to wait until they update this app with more functions before I consider buying.

  • Gregg

    I want one

  • soccerkrzy

    Uhm, Meebo is the best IM client I’ve use on the iPhone and it’s the best web-based IM client out there.

  • Cavin

    Seems to be an awesome I’m. I love to give it a try;)

  • slotjoeymama

    It’s just like kakaotalk

  • zombi

    The MEEBO, app is def the way to go.

  • I like Beejive as well. No Beejive love in here?

    • Thomas

      I’m sure one, but there isn’t a cracked version on Installous:(

      • jok3r

        Ive purchased Beejive – totally not worth the money, however is one of the best IM client on the AppStore.
        What really annoyed me was the fact that they want me to pay again for the iPad version whereas IM+ doesnt.

        Screw Beejive!!!

  • I’d like to see it integrate with Facebook Chat and Jabber and then I’m there.

  • I couldn’t resist and bought one, this is a killer app is all I can say.

  • mvd7793

    If it added facebook I would snap it up in a second. Meebo is great for a quick IM, but it doesn’t have the best interface (on the iPhone – it is the best web client).

  • mvd7793

    For you Beejive users, why should I get Beejive over Meebo when Meebo is free? (I really want to know, because Meebo has been getting on my nerves lately)

  • Ivan

    WOW, just tried it and put it simply, it’s a “Tweetie” of instant messaging

  • iLUVmyIPH

    doesn’t even hold a candle to Beejive…yeah it’s pricey just it’s the best IM client out…hands down

  • iLUVmyIPH


  • Selcuk

    Does hotmail/MSN/WLM work?

  • Design-wise it’s really awesome, but feature-wise it does not come close enough to its alternatives. Meebo and eBuddy to just name two, support more protocols and are free in the AppStore.

  • Jessica

    Looks great, but one problem.. it’s not Beejive.

  • Thomas

    I’m sticking with Beejive it has facebook chat along side aim and gchat.

  • Adam

    I would recommend “imo instant messenger” for iPhone. There is also a web based version and a cool Google Chrome browser extension. Supports MSN, Skype, AOL/AIM/ICQ, Yahoo, Google Talk, Facebook, Jabber / XMPP and MySpace.

    Oh, and it’s FREE. Worth checking out

  • Maglor

    Well, beejive isn’t just about looks… It alão does a very important thing… It saves the chats, you can send txt files to an email account.
    Also it can record voice files And send it right away to The person you’re talking to…
    And they have Aim/gtalk/icq/msn/Facebook/jabber/myspace/yahoo… So they really have a lot of options there. But I am sure that this new app you are all talking about you also have it someday, in the meantime, I’ll keep waiting. 😉

  • For the record, I think I prefer Verbs over Beejive. True Beejive has more options than Verbs, but If I’m IMing on my phone, I’m not concerned with being a power user.

    I appreciate Verbs’ simple and uncluttered UI. It makes it easier to get right down to business. And the cloud sharing is great, considering I’m already a big fan of Droplr. Good recommendation!

    If you only use Google Talk, then Verbs is for you.

  • Max

    I downloaded the app and it looks great but without Facebook chat we can’t say this is the best chat app out there. Plus I rather see all my accounts in one screen instead of having to go back and forth. For now Meebo is for me.

  • Abdul

    whatsapp messenger is much better and offers the same service and more….

  • janne


  • amin tajrishi

    Does it work with yahoo messenger too? because i cant see it in their website!