Isaac Newton’s Gravity [iTunes Link] was created by Namco and is an intuitive physics puzzler in which you will need to successfully guide a ball across a board to hit a switch.

Each level will give you different shaped pieces such as cubes or blocks to place on a map. You will select each piece by simply tapping on it and then rotating it in any direction.

Next, drag, drop and place it on the map. Once all of the pieces are set, hit the play button and your ball will roll out and hopefully reach it’s destination…

The physics elements of Gravity is top notch. The blocks and pieces will fall and react to each other realistically, which can make the game extremely challenging.

The game play is simple but addicting. Some levels were very hard to finish and really gave me an enormous sense of satisfaction when clearing them. The developers also added a hint feature which is always welcome, especially for me!

This was extremely helpful for some of the more difficult levels; however I would like to note that sometimes the game wanted only perfect solutions. Let me explain. There were times where I was stuck and had to use the hint feature. After using up all of my precious hints I realized that I had 95% of the blocks set up correctly, but couldn’t finish because of the remaining 5%.  In this instance, I think the physics were a bit over realistic.

The design of this game was fantastic, and I would like to point out that the music is light and easy and matches this game perfectly. Graphically, Gravity is very polished as well.

Gravity is probably one of the most enjoyable puzzlers that I have reviewed (see: Doodle Fit, Trainyard, Cut the Rope, and Slice it!). The mixture between the realistic physics engine, great graphics and soundtrack, plus 50 levels, is a great package for only $2.99 in the App Store.

Good Points

1. Simple game yet difficult and satisfying after passing the levels

2. For some reason I loved the sound track in this game, made me feel at ease 🙂

3. Wonderful physics engine

Bad Points

1. Sometimes frustrating when you realize that you almost had it right

2. Not enough hints

  • Chazz

    LOL, i guess the game must be pretty good if your only “bad points” are that you aren’t smart enough to get thru it easily

    • 2meu

      Good 1. Also check this “Each level with give you…”

  • Irha

    Concept is exactly same as the Bubble Ball (the top free game). I wonder which one came first. See this news:

  • nick

    Gravity was released over a year ago and was ported from a Wii and nintendo DS game called professor heinz wolffs gravity. I tried bubble ball and it is an extremely poor rip off of gravity.

  • irha

    Well it is supposed to be the work of an 8th grader. Not sure why venturebeat didn’t do their homework before giving so much credit.

  • Bob Dobbelina

    Gravity came out first – was released in 2009 so Bubble Ball is a bit of a copy I think