No Rotation Status is your classic variety of jailbreak tweak. It does something extremely simple; tweaking an element that would probably go unnoticed to all but the most eagle-eyed iPhone user.

As its name implies, No Rotation Status gets rid of the rotation lock icon in your status bar, even when you have rotation lock enabled.

This can be especially useful for those of you sporting tweaks like Lock Info, where status bar real estate can become a matter of real concern…

Honestly, there’s not much to be discussed regarding this simple tweak. Upon installing, it’s enabled, and remains enabled until you uninstall it.

From there on out, if you turn on your iPhone’s rotation lock, you will not be notified via the lock icon in the status bar. The only was to verify whether or not your screen is locked, is to check the lock status is in your app switcher, or to physically rotate your phone and see what happens.

At the very least, I think it would be beneficial if the developers placed a setting in your to enable or disable the status bar icon. As it stands, you’ll either have to uninstall the tweak, or disable it via the ‘Mobile Substrate Addons’ section if you use SBSettings.

Although No Rotation Status accomplishes a very minute task, it’s tweaks like this that make the customization aspect of jailbreaking so wonderful.

You can literally alter just about any feature on your phone via jailbreak apps and tweaks found in Cydia; this is just the latest tweak on the docket.

No Rotation Status is free for jailbroken iPhones. What do you think about it?

  • Robson

    Neat, it’s useful if you’re like me and like you battery % to always be visible

    • Burge

      You can get rid of the battery and just use the % if you like.. It’s called ….status bar battery Icon…

  • Don’t really see the benefit of this at all.

  • spelz

    Why doesn’t it show up in Cydia for me? I have ModMy repository installed. This seems to happen alot for me lately — latest tweaks don’t show up.

  • Chap

    BTW what is rotation status? i have seen that icon in my status bar if i double click home button of my iphone, but dont know what it is or how it works. can anyone explain about it?

    • Basically, it keeps your iPhone from rotating into landscape mode, and vice versa. Useful for when you’re viewing your iPhone in an awkward position, for instance, while laying down.

  • Shanice

    Neat but not new there have been winterboard themes that have accomplished this. One of the first things I installed.