Well, well, well. It looks like someone else is getting into the untethered jailbreak fun for iOS 4.2.1. That’s right, today Chronic Dev Team unveiled a teaser video showcasing their untethered jailbreak for the iPhone.

Chronic Dev, the creators of the popular GreenPois0n jailbreak tool, are the same devs behind this upcoming tool for iOS 4.2.1, but they aren’t alone in the rush to untether Apple’s latest public firmware.

As you know, the Dev Team has been working on beta versions of RedSn0w that is also capable of jailbreaking iOS 4.2.1 untethered.

The more options, the merrier! Check inside for the sweet video details…

By the way, for those of you that’ve spotted something weird in the video, @pod2g can explain.

Now that we’ve seen it in action, a release date can’t be that far away.

Excited much?

  • Stop Complaint

    Wow its gr8 JB 4.2.1 otw..Hate to hear lot of complain, do it ur oen tool if you cant wait..who ask your to upgrade to latest version or bought your iphone till IOS4.2.1..dumb complainant… show some respect to them.

    • Curt

      To first poster “Stop Complaint” Are you retarded??? Holy SHIT you need to learn how to Spell you don’t even have a coherent thought anywhere in that post hahah…Oh and the EVO 4G along with all other Android phones have the ability to WiFi without jail break hahaha you are all a bunch of tools whining about the next jail break so you can do what the other phones already do, but that’s right your the cool kids with the IPhone 4 Bahaha

      • Kev

        To you; “you need to learn how to Spell”. You need to learn where to put capital letters correctly and learn to stop using words like “retarded”. But seeing as that is how you would describe yourself, for not being able to write English correctly, I’ll make an exeption in this case. Go and read something else and spare us your gabble if your phone’s so great.

      • WardMD

        Oh Curt, nobody is waiting for the Jailbreak to use WiFi (it works with stock iOS).

        I’m glad you like the Android phones. One question, though: If you’re using an Android phone (like the EVO 4G), WHY are you even bothering to read/post on an iPhone/iPad site?

        Doesn’t that seem kind of LAME/STUPID?


        Your a poor fagget that does’nt have enough money to buy your self a iphone 4 and you shove androids up your mangina all day and you whine all day about your ass being raw because you probally buy off brand toiletpaper because you probally dont have enough money to buy reel toilet paper! By the way have you forgotten which company came out with touch screen phones first and all them other phones are so far behind on making new phones that they just copy apple, its like that every fucking year and its dumbasses like you that ruin every thing and i bet if you had a iphone 4 you would screw it up if you tried to jailbreak it.YOUR A FUCKING DUMBASS

      • John

        Curt sounds like somone who can’t afford an iPhone. Just admit that the iPhone was the first!

      • yomama

        negro, go troll on the iliketowatchmymothergettingfuckedintheass forums

    • yomama

      you are a moron, stfu, u dont know dick about absolutely anything.

  • Ori

    though i’m seriously unable to wait any longer!!!

  • Stox

    GREAT! no rush, get everything working right first 😉

  • Phil


    • WardMD

      I’ll tell you EXACTLY when the Jailbreak will be released (no more “stay tuned” or false promises)!

      It will be released… (wait for it… wait for it…) – WHEN IT’S DONE.

      Look, I’m as anxious to have the UNTETHERED Jailbreak as anyone, but these developers CAN’T PREDICT when it’s going to be done.

      All they can do is GUESS (and HOPE), but when the jailbreak ISN’T working, they’re NOT going to release it (and I suspect MOST of the complainers [“wah, wah, wah – the jailbreak isn’t out yet, and they promised”] would be complaining EVEN LOUDER if the jailbreak made their iPhone/iPad UNUSABLE [“what’s with this crappy jailbreak?”]).

      If it BOTHERS YOU that much (to read the on-going “stay tuned” messages) – DON’T READ THEM!

      WAIT until someone ELSE tells you that it’s been released, and it works!

      Damn, you sound like ignorant child!

      Perhaps you want to ask the Researchers when THEY’RE going to “just say when” they’ve got a cure for Cancer, or AIDS, or Multiple Sclerosis?

      With appologies to anyone aflicted with (or knows someone who is, or was) afflicted with any of these – I don’t mean to imply that a Jailbreak is ANYWHERE as important as finding cures to these medical problems. I use them ONLY to point out (to the ignorant) that there are SOME THINGS which simply CANNOT be given a specific date in time, when they will be “done”. THAT does NOT diminish the DESIRE on the part of those TRYING to be “done” (with whatever they’re doing).

      SO, take a breath (and a valium, if necessary), and WAIT (as LONG AS IT TAKES).

      Complaining “AIN’T GONNA” help!

      • suckit

        you seriously wasted your time writing this crap? Wow, you have a life.

  • Josh

    As long as Apple keeps coming out with new firmware that has new features, those new features will probably be able to be exploited for jailbreaks, even if Apple perfects the rest of the iOS. I know this is hard to do and must take hours every day (okay maybe not that much but still a lot) to get a good jailbreak, but I am also tired of waiting like everyone else. I appreciate what the dev teams do for the jailbreaks and it’s awesome that they do it for free, but people have been projecting release dates for a long time now and they were all wrong. I, personally, could put up with the glitch that doesn’t display the wifi bars or networks, as long as the wifi was actually there. They should just release it like it is and then get the whole thing finished and put it in as an update. People have been waiting for months, come on now, let’s go ahead and get an untethered out.
    Also, I wish the dev team (not chronic, redsn0w) would release their “backup plan” for Windows. Almost everyone I know uses windows, and it would really be nice to be able to get an untethered jailbreak from Windows. I know that was a long post, but to finish it off, everyone who has been getting mad can just chill, the chronic dev team’s not going to release greenpois0n any sooner or later because you rant, and to the chronic dev team, thanks for getting an untethered JB, now please finish the last patches and get it released.

    • doug sinton

      I must agree with you, They were able to release beta’s that broke bluetooth, broke cydia, even broke the ipod functionality, I truely wonder why this couldnt have been released in a beta to us, instead we hear right around the corner, anytime soon, here is a video of what you all have been waiting for but don’t have, but guess what, its coming soon lol.


      Yes just wait a little longer people its right around the corner and stop being asses to the people whos actually smart enough to make jailbreaks and their even doing it for free they could say that they dont have enough money to finish the patches and just make everyone pay!!!

  • Kev

    Hey hang on. People have a right to voice a sensible opinion on the scene. Though we ( or I rather) have no skills in the jailbreak area, we still have a right to debate what is happening on the scene. I am totally in debt to the jailbreakers but still hold the right to comment on how long it is now taking and comparing to the former quick jailbreaks and asking if it is more difficult now. I’m not complaining at all. Where would we be without them. Just observing how much more difficult it must be now.

  • Tha One

    I just want to comment on all the sad people that actually think they have the right to comlain and make demands. As long as THE jailbreak is in development, wait for it.
    The dev teams are doing their best and even for free. If you want all the apps and games and don’t want to wait any longer, BUY them!
    Show some respect to the guys and girls that work around the clock to get the jailbreak to work. If you want to complain, donate the money they need to crack it faster.

    So to all the dev teams out there, Thanks for the efford. I’ll wait untill it’s ready and won’t complain.

    • doug sinton

      you just did complain, about all the complainers lol

  • J

    Well Said ‘Tha One’!!

  • J

    Its ridiculous that people think they have the right to complain! Especially since these jailbreaks are free! To all you moaners… if you can do it better or faster… go ahead… if not… shut the f**k up and be patient.

  • DC

    Does anyone know if this site is legitment for this jailbreak?

    h t t p://thenewgreenpois0n. t k /

    I just found it on youtube and Im scared to try it out last thing i want to do is ruin my phone.

  • fucking shit

  • cookie

    man this fucking shit i hate it come on just tell howw many days r left until it comes out how fucking hard is tht shit.

  • Alex

    Thank you guys for making this hapening for us!!!!!! We waited long but we can wait a litle longer no big deal

  • allofus

    i would rather have it like that i dont mind about wifi icon just let us have it please

  • DevT

    Release date confirmed. The 14th of feb 2011 (from a highly reliable insider source).

    • Paulshklyaver

      Where did you hear that?

    • Paulshklyaver

      Where did you hear that and how reliable?

  • chris

    tertherd jailbreak is fine for now until the untertherd comes out, people stop bloody moaning if you can do better than the dev team do it you pratts.

  • devil fucker

    they are bunch of liers they cant do this only geohotz can do it as they used geohotzs exploit in their previous greenpois0n instead of fake shatter . i dont know the meaning of soon anymore

  • Raj

    where is fucking unlock , 16th jan, 2010 deadline gone,

  • Raj

    Bulshit Bulshit Bulhit hahaha

    Well, well, well. It looks like someone else is getting into the untethered jailbreak fun for iOS 4.2.1. That’s right, today Chronic Dev Team unveiled a teaser video showcasing their untethered jailbreak for the iPhone.

    Chronic Dev, the creators of the popular GreenPois0n jailbreak tool, are the same devs behind this upcoming tool for iOS 4.2.1, but they aren’t alone in the rush to untether Apple’s latest public firmware.

  • Raptor

    We all want the same thing an untethered jailbreak…Yes…We may also want world peace I don’t think we will ever see that but we will get our untethered jailbreak…Looks like Valentine’s day…Be patient it will come.
    Thanks to all those faceless heroes who bring my iphone to life…I love all the free apps…What I love even more is the freedom to use my iphone the way I choose not the way some manufacture thinks I should…Hopefully I am not alone in my opinions…

  • chris

    hi :D..

  • yomama

    both teams are morons, geohots was the only one that knew what the fuck he was doing..
    One man, makes 20 of them monkeys look so bad, its so funny

  • castromoshi

    tired of waiting if they have failed its better to say

  • b33

    do you need shsh files for this jailbreak ?
    greetz b33

  • Dan

    None of you can spell. Tools. Your is spelt you’re when used in that context, and fagget is spelt faggot! Just a couple of examples amongst many. Dickheads! As for JB and unlocks, all the hackers are full of shot and are on the Apple payroll.

  • Dan

    I left a typo in my comment just to see if you scholars would pick it up. So far nobody has. Arses!

    • Random

      I’m sure the ‘shot’ was intentional. LMAO

  • Head of the new orleans cellular software modification underground syndicate here. anyone got a copy of the file for windows? this would help me at work tomorrow. need to get my jailbreak back. since the site is down, i dont know which models of the idevices this will run on. plz send me a download link that works for windows and a compatability list. my email is agito504@gmail.com thanx for the brotherhood guys…

    sincerely urs

  • Master Martin

    Will this new JB require SHSH blobs or can a new 4.2.1 never previously JB’en also get in on the action?

  • IceMan

    i am fcking tired of it.

    been trying for the past 2 days. after iphone 4 restarts it, it just goes back to showing me that usb cable at the back.

    it’s NOT working.

  • never love

    Well guys

    just go to below link for the process how to unlock the 4.2.1
    it show how to jailbreak the IPHONE4

    but for unlocking the sim i haven’t idea and if any one come across kindly update to me, so link as below:


    software used for jailbreak is greenpoison, and i have done it worked for jailbreak

    but im looking for sim unlock also

    Nyway Enjoy life have fun

  • Bee

    Greenpois0n works perfect on iPad and iPhone 4

  • IceMan

    Can anyone tell me plz, if i have to put Atnt sim card before i jailbreak my iphone 4??

    because i have tried many times without putting Any sim card and it failed. After i successfully put it into DFU and it successfully restarted, my iphone just goes back to making only emergency calls. 🙁

    any help plz??

  • IceMan

    WEIRD Thing Happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I Updated my iphone4 to 4.2 and decided to jailbreak using greenpoisi0n. I tried for 2 days, but it didn’t work….. 🙁

    Finally I decided to jailbreak using Redsn0w 0.9.6 rc8, AND It Worked!!!! 😀 However it was supposed to be “teetered” meaning I would have to run Redsn0w every-time i boot-up my iphone. RIGHT????

    But that’s not the case!!!! Right Now, USING tethered Redsn0w 0.9.6 rc8, I CAN boot-up my iphone running 4.2 without even connecting to Computer! 😀 or running redsn0w!!!! 🙂

    NOW MY QUESTION:::::::

    Should I or not Use Greenpoisi0on TO Jailbreak once again???? :confused: ANY help??? 🙂

  • IceMan

    Any way to Unlock iphone 4.2 with firmware 03.10.01????

    If not, any way to downgrade it??????

  • soly


  • Brt

    There we go again hèhè

  • Neverlove

    My iphone4 version 4.3.3 and base band 04.10.01 cell from USA at&t i need to unlock n use in other country
    Can ny one guide me…..