Rumors about the iPhone 5 and iOS 4.3 have been running rampant lately. While a lot of “leaks” and speculation has been made about Apple’s major upcoming version of iOS, not much has been said about the iPhone 5’s hardware. All we’ve heard is a report from Engadget that the iPhone 5 will be a “total redesign” of the current version.

The mysterious device is rumored to have Apple’s new A5 CPU processor, a universal baseband for all carriers, and a larger display with no home button. No specific launch date has been set, and apparently only the head honchos at Apple have access to iPhone 5 prototypes.

The iPhone 5 was rumored to have hit the testing stage back in October of 2010, so it’s not a stretch to say that field testing units are in circulation at Cupertino. Apple has yet to divulge any direct information about the iPhone 5, but a new report claims that we won’t be seeing a product launch before summer. That is, unless one gets left in a bar again…

Digitimes has been a pretty reliable source on Apple supply chain news. According to Digitimes, Apple is ramping up supply chains for iPhone 5 production,

“Apple has added Foxconn Electronics, Foxlink, Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE) and Epistar as component suppliers for the iPhone 5 smartphone, scheduled for launch during summer at the earliest, according to a Chinese-language Economic Daily News (EDN) report.”

The report gets specific with what component Foxconn will be responsible for producing,

“Foxconn will become the iPhone 5’s new earphone supplier. Japan’s Foster was the previous supplier, but a strengthening yen has spurred Apple to look for more cost-effective sources, the report said, noting that related orders are estimated at NT$5 billion (US$171.7 million). Foxlink will produce earphone jack sockets for the iPhone 5.”

Thanks to Digitimes, we have something else to add to the growing list of iPhone 5 rumors.

Apple usually unveils the new iPhone at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in June, with the U.S. product launch scheduled for a couple weeks after the announcement. Sounds like the iPhone 5 should fit right into that time frame.

We’ll be keeping you updated on the latest iPhone 5 speculation and news.

What do you want the most from the iPhone 5? A larger display? Better performance? I wouldn’t mind to have 1080p HD video recording and an HDMI output.

[via Digitimes]

  • Shrike1978

    “What do you want the most from the iPhone 5?”

    A home button.

  • VnABC

    4″ screen
    8mp camera
    Built-in FM radio
    Stereo speakers

  • Wasabi

    a universal baseband for all carriers?

    • Pctech37

      it means it works with tmobile or verizon or att or any other all one device. a first.


  • arampe

    i would have to say not home button is scary , like no ground beneath my feet ….

    • Lerimer

      A pair of tits like the ones on your avatar.

    • There is none just your boobs.

    • ipony

      nice picture do you havemore

    • WTF ?? what kind of avatar is that O_O

    • fire

      Nice. This I like. Post more

    • Baldr

      J’adore ton avatar Arampe!!

    • eded

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    • Che

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      QRICO !

    • Mo

      very nice iphone pic:)

  • A 4. 3 or 4. 0 screen and hdmi outputs would be nice.

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    An HDMI output sounds a little demanding. But it would be nice.
    A smaller home button would be better than nothing.

    • IndiePhoenix

      Yeah, it sounds a little demanding for Apple. But if you compare it with the Nokia N8 or a Sony Ericsson, they already have 12MP, Carl Zeiss lenses, HDMI port… Don’t get me wrong, I have an iPhone myself and I really appreciate how the iPhone works but sometimes they seem late in releasing new stuff, like LED flash…

  • Chito

    How about a T-MOBILE version!!!!!

  • Chito

    How about t mobile version!

  • soccerkrzy

    Dear Lord please have a home button.

    • Essej

      Ikr. I don’t know if I can handle no home button. Aprrently it’s supposed to look like the evo 🙁 if there isn’t a home button I don’t want any buttons

  • griff

    a kickstand, new UI, wireless headphone jack, port to tv, dual screens

    • Jason masters

      A kickstand really it’s too heavy to hold?

      • Yeah, Jason. I agree, they would never add a kickstand.

  • Phosphorus

    I want to have enough money to buy it.

    Would be nice to have a built in projector within the camera flash. This seems possible.

    • doohicky

      Help me obiwan kenobi….

  • Wirehedd

    If I was to put together my Dear Santa list for what I would want in the iPhone5 were I actually going to buy one this what I would want. (I have an iPhone4 and don’t get to upgrade till May of ’12:))

    The “Retina” display is awesome on the iPhone4 as is but a little larger wouldn’t hurt that at all.
    The A5 proc sounds good.
    More RAM for applications with better multitasking and optional background operation.
    New battery tech based on the contract Apple signed with LiquidMetal Technologies for better battery life with a possibly smaller cell as well for more room for storage or a slimmer chassis.
    A native HDMI output with either an actual microHDMI output or offload the job to a dongle but natively supported and capable of 1080p.
    Mutliband capability for international or multi carrier usability.
    A model with maybe 128GB of storage. I know, huge, but why not? 64GB flagship model then? Maybe a strange 96GB just to split the difference?
    Simply lose the 30pin connector and go Euro with a miniUSB.
    Decent headphones with a good microphone, maybe even a stereo bluetooth set (that work, thank you).
    …one last thing. A mini LCD on the back of the phone so you can what will be in the picture when you point it at yourself or for a gimmicky add on for FaceTime. 🙂

  • Merge3263

    Why can’t someone loose their prototype in a bar like last time that’s how we found out about the iPhone 4 damn let’s hope 5 is much better

  • Jay

    Bluetooth between any device!

  • Why would anyone doubt that the iPhone 5 is not going to be released in June? It’s an odds on bet.

  • Hades

    iPhone 5 will have a pair of scissors, a cork remover, screw driver, knife, nail file etc..

    • Roberto

      what about a dick so you can suck on it?

      • Lerimer Santana

        Roberto, that might be something exclusively made for you. Let’s hope your wish comes true.

  • Jon Garrett

    some of the features you guys are “wishing” for in the iphone 5 is already available on some android phones., in particular the samsung galaxy s2

    • Jason masters

      Yeah but android is for geeks we iPhone owners are above you lower level android users…

  • Karl

    A White one.

    • Jason masters

      A rainbow colored one for our lgbt readers.

  • Wilson

    All of those goodie-goodies will be rendered useless without a good battery life, so i would vote for longer battery life

  • iXanczy

    I would like to have a USB or MiniUSB port.
    I think it is OK to remove the homebutton, but I would like if the “black area beneath the screen” would become a touch sensing area
    HdMI would be grate, and 1080 would be fantasic

  • dieselxdan

    a much bigger screen would be good! like 4.3 or 4.5

  • Edson P

    A home button will be awesome!

  • Seil0

    Make the phone thin as the itouch with a bigger screen. Make it much more durable and water proof. 1080p resolution and HDMI be nice.

    • Jason masters

      Make a retro 1980s version brick phone that would be the shit.

  • Apple will not add HDMI. They are moving away from ports, and towards wireless features, so an HDMI port would undermine Airplay completely. If they were going to add a video port it would be their miniport, not HDMI.

    You can bet on a slicker, faster phone with better battery life, cameras, and reception. I would also agree that it will be compatible with all bands….I wouldn’t be surprised if they removed the home button, especially if the screen size is supposed to increase.

    Kickstand? Sorry. Steve jobs would never ever allow that, even while he’s away.

  • george

    its a friend of the i phone 4 but when you open it it can scan your face to unlock it , no wifi for acetone , slim , bigger , better camera and wifi anywhere

  • Pyrophilliac

    Not needing to supply a password for blocked Wi-Fi access points. ¬.¬

  • YogiBear

    The iOS to be PreJailBroken 😉

  • roberto eat shit and die u scroungy little fuck i bet u could suck a golf ball through a garden hose

  • What iPhone5 needs is to be able to be synched up with a keyboard, mouse and a monitor, so we can use it as a computer too. Really, its not that far fetched, some computers are weaker than the iphone5 will be.

    Imagine using your iphone as if it was a carry on PC Tower, just hook it up to a keyboard and there you go, total mobility. Bye bye weak desktops and netbooks, you are gone.

  • whiteboi

    what i think it should have is a mini projector along with the flash, but with bigger hard drive a faster processor, a micro usb, wireless headphones that would go down far enough so you could have a microphone, but not to far. it should also have bigger display, and connect to any wifi without the password, longer lasting battery, with a bigger and better 1080p screen with facetime and a flash i the front and back with the camera.

  • rcbyinjo

    guys, just remember your “iphone 5” can’t exactly be everything you need in one, without the price being sky high. but it’ll be pretty cool if the home button was touch screen 😀

    • Krash

      like a,……
      optical.. home button? 😀 😛
      i bought an iPhone 4 maybe in november o before that factory unlocked for $929 in India so i don’t think i’ll be getting another phone for a year or more i’ll wait for the “iPhone 6”
      i really thought after iPhone 4 would come some half baked “iPhone 4 S” :/

  • DaddyBear1961

    Two things I would like to see Iphone 5 have that the others don’t 1. larger, louder, better external speakers, so I don’t have to carry around some to plug in so I can share my music and 2. a usb port instead of the 30 pin connector so I can play video and show my pictures on a bigger monitor and charge my phone almost anywhere without hauling around a separate cord just for my phone.

    • Stevie Jobs

      1) you can charge your phone in any USB port.
      2) you can play videos or see pictures in your TV with the $50 apple composite or component av cable.

  • Smokeweedeverday

    Gives you a Blowjob, Skins a fat one up, goes n gets you a beer out the fridge

  • gabe

    would love to see a longer battery lifespan on the iphone5…plus the white version launched simultaneously with the black version…hope they keep the home key cos that makes the iphone an iconic stuff….

  • max

    besides battery life, sounds like all of you guys just want an evo.

  • JAY


  • fsdfs

    how bout a pair of balls? with little apples on them? or better yet…a portable idildo? just thinking outside the box and shit.

  • For the iPhone to come on the market in bright pink (magenta) colour I would love that 🙂

  • Garbage

    So apple just upgrades useless bullshit makes a new model and slaps a new price tag… smooth. Get an android based phone already has hdmi output and flash player… Apple is such overpriced crap