It’s clear that Apple doesn’t want folks fooling around with their iPhone’s physical hardware, as the recently dubbed ‘Pentalobular’ screws that may rest on the bottom of your iPhone 4 prove.

Recently, Apple has switched over to an all-new screw set for the iPhone 4, similar to the screws that grace the battery covers of the older MacBook Pros, and current MacBook Air.

If you’ve owned an iPhone 4 for quite some time, then chances are you still have the normal Phillips screw set, but if you’ve just stepped into the game, you might want to give this a read…

Apple has adopted the dastardly practice of replacing the normal Phillips screws with these crazy looking, and crazy named Pentalobular screws. Considering that there’s currently no existing Pentalobular driver available on the market, this effectively prevents end-users from servicing their own device; a device you own.

Needless to say, this is quite the controversial revelation, and doesn’t paint Apple in a favorable light. Fortunately, the folks over at iFixit have a relatively low priced solution in the form of its hilariously named ‘iPhone 4 Liberation Kit.’

The kit includes a driver capable of handling the unique screw set, along with two replacement Phillips screws, and a Philips driver. iFixit notes that due to the nature of Apple’s proprietary screws, they can suffer from stripping and other issues, hence the reason for the replacement screws.

Another interesting point of note is that if you take your iPhone in for service, the Geniuses have been instructed to replace the Philips screws with these new tamper resistant varieties. I haven’t seen this in action myself, but if true, it’s quite audacious.

Chances are you won’t be cracking open your iPhone case anytime soon, but if you need to do so, iFixit’s iPhone 4 Liberation Kit can be purchased for $9.95 on their website.

How do you feel about Apple’s new screws?

  • Thomas

    Apples getting ridiculous and we need to take them down. Microsoft makes products like their windows computers that can be customized fully from the cosmetics to the hardware ad software, but apple doesn’t want you to touch anything. I bought this phone that isn’t worth a penny I paid and they’re gonna stop me from doing what I want? Bull.

  • monkers

    I want to change the back & front glass to the white ones when available, am presuming that my 8 month old 4 will be phillips, hope so!

    • icyhotonmynuts

      The front and back in white are available now on your favourite auction site… $70-$90 love you long time

  • fojam

    apple’s gonna get passed up… its very obvious. its inevitable because they treat their product owners like kindergarteners

  • iUrAs

    well darth “jobs’ vader is taking some down time, so maybe his walled garden strategies for apple will come down a notch.

  • Osxuser

    Wow! That was quick I actually sent Eric the guy at ifixit in charge of tool design those screws. So they can design that screwdriver.

  • Ss

    Nokia has that screws for years

  • icyhotonmynuts

    You’re gonna rag on Apple for having pentabular screws? How about ragging on Nintendo for having tri-wing screws for years. Who cares? It’s a stupid screw, SOMEONE is gonna make a screw driver (cheaper than $9.95), no need to get your panties in a bunch. In most cases, when you buy parts for a busted electronic online, they will include prying opening tools and screw drivers. Yeesh. Here’s a video of MJ of talking about the product and Apples fiendish plan to replace those easy to open philips screws with pentalobular screws.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      pentalobular is what I meant for the first “pentabular”

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Hmm.. about that video, I wonder why it didn’t paste the first time. Lets see if it works this time:
      As for the screws, they’re available online for under $3USD. Same kit as the $9.95 ones, minus the 2 philips screws. But hey, once you have the tool, why bother with replacement screws?

    • Manuel

      True. I remember my dad couldn’t even open it and not having the tools for it. He was a repair-man and worked in hardware and so on. Imagine him not having the tools to fix my Super Nintendo because he didn’t even know what screws he was looking at. Got a problem with your iDevice, take it to Apple, and if you can’t then play repair man, but other then that, Google is your friend for stuff like this.

    • coffeeholic

      It’s not a matter of having different screws in the first place, it’s of outright CHANGING the factory screws without client approval. That’s shady no matter how you look at it.

  • Jason masters

    Screw apple lol!!!

  • I want that 🙂

    • Jason masters

      You want a screw lol?

  • Thierry

    this behaviour makes me turn to android products…i’m feeling more and more “screwed” to see the people i’m giving my money to, to decide for me what is good for me

  • icyhotonmynuts

    This is a minor inconvenience at best. Now, if Apple made a software that talked back to Apple servers each time my phone woke up from “sleep” mode to see if the device I’m using is Jailbroken…THEN I’d be pissed. But, changing screws? Get real. First off, if I’m going to go in for a repair, I’m making damn sure I get a replacement device – which I’ve made sure happened each time, none of this monkey (“genius”) tinkering. I mean, if you know enough to jailbreak and come to this site and read up about cool tricks your iphone can do, you have enough brains to grab a mouse in your hand, surf your way to Google, search look at a few pictures or videos telling you how to troubleshoot/fix your iDevice.

  • ScrewMeOnce NotTwice

    Sold the MacBook Pro last year….back to the PC. And my iPhone 3GS is getting swapped for the HTC EVO 4G at the end of the month when my contract is up. Bye bye Apple and AT&T. 😉 Now I can het the Apps that i want with Andriod!.