If you’ve been following the jailbreak tweak scene as of late, then you know that ‘TV Tube Sleep‘ is one of the more beloved tweaks to come along in quite some time. Now, the same developer behind that popular tweak is seeking to outdo their last effort with an unofficial ‘tweakquel.’

SleepFX, while not outright replacing TV Tube Sleep, is undoubtedly its spiritual successor; in fact, it contains a TV Tube animation, along with 7 other new sleep animations.

But is SleepFX worth it if you’ve already taken the plunge with TV Tube Sleep? Check out our full video inside…

Basically, if you loved TV Tube Sleep, you’re most definitely going to want to try SleepFX. It’s the way TV Tube Sleep should have been from the get go. We can’t totally knock the developer for that though, as there are enough additions in SleepFX to warrant dropping another $0.99.

Add to the fact that new updates seem to appear every few days, and I’d consider SleepFX to be a good value, even if you already own the developer’s previous offering.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, why not jump on Cydia and add some much needed flair to the boring stock sleep animation and sound?

Have you tried SleepFX or TV Tube Sleep? What did you think?

Update: When I purchased this, it was listed at $0.99, not sure why, or how, but it was. For $4.99, I’d just stick with ‘TV Tube Sleep’, because it’s still the best animation out of the list of animations contained in SleepFX. Even if you don’t have sound, it’s not a deal breaker.

Wow, $4.99 is a bit much. I don’t know if I could seriously recommend it for that price. If you catch it on clearance, by all means give it a whirl.


  • heredago

    Anyone else having trouble with BiteSMS QuickReply only on the Lockscreen when using this App in conjunction with Typophone Weather? I can hit reply but when I type on the virtual keyboard, nothing shows up on the txt box,so I have to click later/close and reply to the txt while not in Lockscreen mode… it’s hard to explain. I had the same problem with TV Tube Sleep.

    • soccerkrzy

      Yes, I have the same problem. If you get a text whenever phone is locked and sleep, and it wakes the phone, then re-sleeps. Whenever you turn the phone back on and hit reply in BiteSMS from the lockscreen, the keyboard comes up, if you click a button on it, it just unlocks the phone.

      It’s getting quite annoying and paying an ass-load for this tweak was one of the dumbest things I’ve done. No way it’s worth what they charge.

  • Ben Walker

    It also slows your virtual RAM over time.
    Try it for a day and check your ram..

    • Me

      How on Earth can an app “slow your virtual RAM”? Even assuming you actually meant the physical RAM inside the iPhone, not the filesystem RAM that the iPhone may occassionally use in desperate occassions; have you accurately tested the speed your RAM runs at the start of the day, and then again at the end? If so, what hardware did you use to test this?

      If alternatively you meant it uses up your RAM and fills it, I’d suggest you read up on the difference between iOS’ usage of RAM compared to the typical desktop view of it. Using up nearly all the RAM is better, not worse 🙂

  • fojam

    do you think the developer might make a way for users to make their own effects for the app?

  • Drop another 99 cents? Where do you get that from?

    It shows up as $4.99 for me. Have TV Tube Sleep and don’t want to spend $5 just for more animations.

    • It was priced at $0.99 when I reviewed this… Wow. It’s $4.99 really now???

      • I think something may be up with my Cydia install, because its allowed me to install legit Cydia apps for free at times, while it charges others. I don’t get it. This is just another weird circumstance.

      • Added an ‘Update’ to the post explaining this. Thanks for the heads up guys. I know Malcolm makes great software for us, his track record speaks for itself, but even I’d have a hard time dropping $5 bucks on this. But maybe I’m just cheap like that.

  • DomPerignon

    The app FakeClockUp and/or any app/tweak that speeds up the iPhone in some way, interferes with this one; so be careful.

  • StevO

    I like TV TUBE SLEEP!!!!

  • MALdito

    Hey Jeff, I’ve noticed that after a few times going to sleep, the fx in both the stock “tv tube sleep” and in this “sleep fx” seem to stop working. In order to get them working again I re-spring and then their back, but doing that is kind of a drag, any suggestion?

    P.S. I installed it on both my ipod touch 4th gen, and on my 32gb 3GS and its still has the same result.

    • Bizarre, that’s never happened to me. Do you have the very latest version? I’m not sure. I know the dev sometimes posts here, so maybe he will chime in. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

      • BTW, do you have any other lock screen tweaks, or things of that sort? If so, might want to try disabling them, but you’ve likely already tested that.

      • MALdito

        Yeah, I have the latest version. If say, for example, you repeatedly sleep and un-sleep, to test it out as I do, it stops working. Odd no? Oh well, It looks great though. I’ll just stay posted to see if their are any changes.

        -thanks for the reply

    • Alan

      Hey I’ve got the EXACT same problem here..
      I could get the tweak to work twice before it stopped working. I’ve got to respring before it started working again. And the process goes on..(stopped working again after two times)
      I’m on 4.2.1 iPhone 4. It’s too troublesome to respring each time it stopped working. 🙁

    • Alan

      Hey I’ve got the EXACT same problem here..
      I could get the tweak to work twice before it stopped working. I’ve got to respring before it started working again. And the process goes on..(stopped working again after two times)
      I’m on 4.2.1 iPhone 4.

    • Alan

      Hey I’ve got the EXACT same problem here..
      I could get the tweak to work twice before it stopped working. I’ve got to respring before it started working again. And the process goes on..(stopped working again after two times)

    • Alan

      Hey I’ve got the EXACT same problem here..
      Where can we report this bug?

    • Alan

      I’ve got the EXACT same problem here..
      Where can we report this bug?

    • appletiser

      yea ive had tv tube stop animating too but i put it down to using the Remove Background tweak because the process prolly gets terminated as well. a respring fixes so not much of an issue.

      • Alan

        Oh thanks a lot on that suggestion. I hope the developers could enable the two tweaks to work concurrently. As for now i have to stop using this tweak first.. 🙁

  • MALdito

    Yeah I already tested that, good suggestion though.

  • Justin

    How come simple cool tweaks like this can’t be in the apple app store?

  • Marty

    Use TvTubeSleep and change the sound of locking by creating yourself the sound you want to use, then convert to aif and change the extension and name to lock.caf then SSH the iPhone, get out of the root/var folders and such and go into system there is audio and there is UISounds just go there, rename the old lock.caf to lock.caf.old and copy the new one you created inside the folder(Or just replace the old one)
    That’s it enjoy 😉

    • Marty,

      Excellent solution for those of you solely interested in the TV Tube effect, and want sound along with it.

  • Jimbo

    This app is $4.99 btw

  • Alan

    I’ve got the exact same problem as what MALdito mentioned above.
    I’m running on 4.2.1 iPhone 4.
    Where could we report these bugs to? Email Malcolm directly?

  • wtf??

    wht the f**k’s goin on with all the replies alan we got the msg 1st time lol 😛

  • Alan

    oh damn i didn’t know about that. I’m using my phone to post and it keeps prompting me errors. sorry ’bout that. :/

  • I have TV Tube Sleep. Awesome tweak, gives the phone a nice slick feature. Even my friends notice it right away.

  • Andy

    Strangely. For those of u having problems with tv tube sleep and sleep fx that stop working, if u downgrade tv tube sleep to version 1.0.1, the problem will be fixed. This is what solved the problem for me.

    • Curious

      How do you downgrade to an older version? I can’t find an option for that in cydia.

      • Andy

        Uninstall it in cydia. And find a cracked version of it in version 1.0.1 on the Internet and shh it into the phone. Use ifunbox and put the file in cydia install and then respiring and it should be there.

      • Cosmo

        I had the same issue with 1.0.7, but version 1.0.5 is working flawless on the lock screen and home screen.

        1.0.5 is available on the Podulo repo.


  • DontDownload Orbit

    Worked perfectly when i SSH the file and installed it using ifile! Thanks a lot for the help!

  • IphoneHacktaculous

    i have a solution to all the people that are having problems with sleepfx “sleeping after a couple of uses”etc.. This problem seems to occur if you download the tweak from a repo.. and this is how you get round it…

    Download iFile from Cydia.
    Download the SleepFX .deb file from here: http://iphonepk.net/2011/01/sleepfx-deb-1-0-cracked-iphone-ipod-touch/
    Use WinSCP or any other similar program to send the SleepFX deb file to your device – any folder should be fine.

    Open iFile on your iphone/ipod
    Navigate to the same folder that you sent the deb file earlier
    Select the deb file, and a menu will show up. Choose “Installer”.
    After that is done, Respring you device, and SleepFX will be installed.

    ENJOY! 😀

  • Digitalus

    $5 is pretty ridiculous for a handful of sleep effects, no matter how flashy they are. You’d have to cram a whole lot more useful features for it to be worth that price tag.

    Just another case of overzealous (read: greedy) app pricing. Sad.

  • Nicolas

    It stops working at some point and needs respring

    • Érico

      yes…. loads of things to fix!!

  • Gorgonphone

    this app needs more work .. it is a cool idea but sloppy execution and its full of glitches

  • Gilbert

    TV TUBE works great since first install on my 3GS/4.1, I would really miss it.

  • Gilbert

    btw, I too get error msg when commenting. Safari here.

  • iphoner

    for those having problems just download and install through ifile. the problems comes from the repo. get version 1.1 and install through ifile. the older versions are bad because memory leak problems, when i had it my available memory went from 300 to around 40MB so make sure you download version 1.1(NOT THRU CYDIA!!! USE SAFARI DOWNLOAD MANAGER AND IFILE)

    • solixxx

      Fucking awesome now it just work. So don’t use cydia to this one