When it comes to polish, there simply is no comparison between Apple’s official App Store, and Cydia, the store used by those in the jailbreak community. The lack of polish is something that Cydia’s creator, Saurik, is aiming to address in 2011, and this latest update gives us a nice preview of what’s coming.

Placed smack in the middle of Cydia’s homepage is a new ‘Manage Account’ option. From here you can log into your Cydia User Account, which is basically a means to authenticate purchases, not an actual account for login. The account can either be a Facebook or Google account linked to your past Cydia purchases.

At the moment there’s not many options contained in the new section, but it does contain a handy list of all of your Installable Purchases. This feature will make it a lot easier to re-install all of your favorite jailbreak apps after a restore…

Hopefully you’ve used the same account for all of your Cydia purchases, because it will only list the installed apps that are associated with that particular account.

That means that if you’ve used more than one account for purchases, your purchases will be segregated among multiple accounts.

This is a great step in the right direction for Cydia, and it’s a feather in its cap when compared to the App Store. Hopefully Apple will notice how handy it is to have a list of all of your purchased apps, and provide users with something similar.

According to Saurik, this is only the beginning of the changes we should expect to see in the near future.

Aren’t you happy that Cydia is finally headed towards polishing its interface?

  • Al


    • Selcuk


  • Sascha

    Discovered this feature only about an horbefore this article was posted here and already liked it. Looking forward to what’smore to come. *thumbs up*

    • Sascha

      Damn you iphone keyboard. Looks as though not only the space key fakes function (blinks when tapped but doesn’t insert a blank), but also the letter keys. It should have read “an hour before”…

  • Burge

    Done and signed in before you posted this …. The Cydia store us getting alot better ..keep it up J…

  • Thomas

    Step in the right direction!:D

  • fojam

    it would be cool if saurik started “cydia gift cards” kind of like itunes gift cards except for cydia!

    • ghiles

      that would be awesome I can think of numerous people who would like a cydia gift card

  • Kevin

    Why is biteSMS not listed in my “Installable Purchases” list (nor yours, if the screenshot above is from your phone)? I tried logging in via Google, via Facebook – and linking my old Rock ID – but still no biteSMS…

    • pn2bade

      Go to list, scroll down to the bottom documentation, and look at number 3. I’m guessing it’s that. Neither bitesms nor my3g is showing up ether.

  • DomPerignon

    Yes: I am. 😀

  • BLiNK

    yet, below, it still says “upgrading to 4.0.2? read this”… odd

  • fojam

    funny how he updates cydia but not the warnings 😀

    • Selcuk

      Was thinking the exact same when I opened Cydia and saw it lol

  • say yes for this jop

  • Austin

    Does this keep track of free things you downloaded with Cydia?

    • Burge

      No…paid only… It’s your account…what you have paid for

  • anita Garcia

    I paid to get my phone jailbroke and now with the new manage account i can’t do anything. help please

  • Brett Dargan

    Hi I’ve paid for cydiakit but after my purchase where it says manage your account and you have the 2 options to authenticate your profile when I click on either one it says:
    (For reasons as yet undetermined I cannot identify your device. Are you using a desktop web browser?!?) but there are no more options after that to even click on to let them know what I’m using but for the record I’m using an iPhone 6s