Have you ever wanted to shoot video or take pictures with your iPhone, while the screen appeared to be off? Me neither, but if you have, then Stealth Cam is the jailbreak tweak for you.

This almost reminds me of those little “spy” toys they used to sell back in the day; you know, things like periscopes, binoculars, etc. But, an iPhone equipped with Stealth Cam is on a whole ‘nother level.

Not convinced? Check inside for the video that breaks down Stealth Cam in action…

As you can see from the video, Stealth Cam more than lives us to its billing, as it allows you to shoot video and take pictures in a totally covert fashion.

Of course, while it lives up to its claims, the integrity factor of using such a tweak has to come into a play as well. I can’t think of any situation where I’d want to use Stealth Cam, but then again, I’m not longer a kid who pretends to be a super spy either.

If you’re rocking a jailbroken iPhone, then Stealth Cam can be yours for $0.99 on Cydia.

What do you think?

  • Alastion

    When i first saw this i thought of… you know… dirty things…

    • MALdito

      I’m not gonna lie but, yeah me too, lmao!

  • mohamed

    about switching the phone off ,, how you make ur phone off like that on ur video ,,, like tv on the movies????

    • MALdito

      He has another jailbreak tweak called “tv tube sleep”.

    • Marty

      SleepFX 😉

  • DomPerignon

    How many times have you needed/wanted to use a tweak like this? Not even James Bond!

  • MALdito

    Now I can take pictures without anyone knowing, ¬_¬ … (rubbing hands fiendishly) Good, good, “Muah hahaha!”

    • icyhotonmynuts

      +1, you took almost every word out of my mouth. But I would have used the Mr. Burns *base of the palms together and finger tip tapping whilst saying excellllennnt*

  • Thomas

    “…more than lives us to its…” I’m pretty sure you meant leaves? Just tryingto help.

  • Vitaliy

    Wow, i had the same idea a while ago, but i have no develpoer skills haha) glad someone released it and is going to make some money out of it!!

  • amit

    would be better if nothing loads up and you can use the phone as normal (makes a better disguise if your using the phone while holding it up)

    then… all the tweak does is

    double tab volume down = take picture
    double tab volume up = record video
    tap again volume up = stop recording

    ruins the point if you load up the camera app first, and also this should all be done with no sound.

  • the dude

    this app is garbage.
    it worked for the first few shots and then completely locked my phone up requiring a reboot.
    deleted right away.

  • Alan

    Discovered a bug in this tweak. Whenever i turned the phone off and take a picture/vid and turns the phone back on, the phone’s screen will turn dimmer after a few seconds, and the screen is unresponsive. After another couple of secs, the phone will be switched off automatically and returns to the lockscreen when I press the home button.
    I’m currently using iphone 4 running ver. 4.2.1
    Did anyone here experience the same problem?

  • DoubleDees

    Another problem with this is… The Iphone only “appears” to be off, the second you or anyone touches the home or power button, the camera screen reappears and you clearly see someone is recording, EVEN if your iphone has a password lock, it doesn’t even make you put the password in, it just BAM takes you to your video recording screen. Also you can only record a few minutes of video. 99 cents, you get what you pay for.

  • Vidar

    Well, it only records a couple minutes for you because you have autolock enabled. Change it to a higher value or never if you want more recording time. I agree though, even if there is no way to really lock the phone (this essentially turns off screen, not regular lock/sleep), the app/tweak should maybe have an app lock to not leave your phone exposed without lock/passcode protection.
    This would be better IMO if there was a motion sensor, as the only real non-creepy use for a tweak like this would be for surveillance (like iCam does on a PC). Just my $.02

  • Joe B

    This app is junk…stops working even with NO lock and yep, screen dims and freezes up…developer…how about looking into these issues and try to get this running well on all iphone 4. I’m running 4.1 and no other problems with other cydia tweaks