It looks like AT&T is planning a preemptive strike in the upcoming Verizon iPhone battle, with the first big change being new text messaging plans. AT&T says their intent is to simplify and streamline their messaging plans, with the changes due to go into effect on January 23, 2011.

Check inside for the details on the new plans, and what this means for AT&T customers…

On January 23, 2011, AT&T will offer 1000 messages for $10, with $0.10 per message overage.

The Messaging Unlimited and Unlimited for Families remain the same at $20 and $30 respectively. Below is a list of the current messaging plans:

The $15 for 1500 messages and $5 for 200 messages will no longer be available for new customers, but will be grandfathered in for existing customers.

So, what does this mean for AT&T customers? For those of you currently on unlimited plans, frankly, nothing. The good news is that for those of you who need more than 200 messages, but less than 1500 messages, it could save you $5 a month.

For me, I have a family plan, but it’s rare that we ever go over 1,500 messages, so I may be able to save $10 a month.

How does this compare to Verizon’s offering?

Comparing the two, for $20 you can get 5,000 messages on Verizon, while on AT&T you get unlimited. While $10 on Verizon nets you only 500 messages, AT&T gives you 1,000.

With these new changes, it’s easy to see that AT&T will have the better deal when it comes to texting plans. Only time will tell whether or not Verizon will be willing to adjust their prices to counter.

Full pricing details are still up in the air when it comes to the Verizon iPhone, but we’ll be sure to update you once more details surface.

What do you think about AT&T’s new plan? How do you feel about the prices of text messaging in general?

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  • Vitaliy

    “more than 200 minutes, but less than 1500 minutes”.. you mean messages =p

    • Ernesto Castellanos

      Haa… I was confused when I read that.

  • bvanss

    I’ve been with T-mobile for a long time, about 4 years now. A long time ago they had a promotion, unlimited texting for everyone on the plan, for $10 a month…. Still have it now! One of the reasons we don’t want to switch over to anything haha

  • brent

    I don’t think anyone on a $5/200 plan will want to stay “grandfathered in” when they can get 250 for the same $5. This will be perfect for me since I occasionally go over my 200. I wonder if the $5/200 people will be automatically switched to the 250 plan or if we’ll have to go into our account and make the change ourselves.

    • Thor

      Please correct me if I am reading this incorrectly, but the $5/250 is the VRZ plan. The way I read it is new AT&T customers have to pay a min $10 for a texting plan vs current at $5 for 200.

      I get the $5/200 for mms and use GV extension and or GV app for all SMS. So I rarely go over 30-40 AT&T texts per month because those are mms and GV are FREE!

      • brent

        I think you’re right. When he said “How does this compare to Verizon’s offerings”, I thought the grey box under it was “this” instead of “Verizon’s offerings”.

  • tjELITE

    I am on a VZW family plan $30/month all lines unlimited text

  • Goofygreek

    I have 1500 and rarely go over 500. So I will be going for the $10 for 1000 messages.

  • manuel

    Is AT&T seriously? I think they should step up and not worry about texting. They should do something good, like uhh allow users to have unlimited nights and weekends with the 450 min plan, instead of giving you 5000 nights and weekend minutes. That shit is a gip. They should also worry about something like, uhh let’s say, BRINGING THE UNLIMITED PLAN BACK.

    These guys at AT&T are fools man

    • Thor

      You seriously spend more than 5000 minutes a month talking on your cell nights and weekends? Dr. House would find your case “interesting” and put you through countless blood tests and MRIs to figure out why he has more of a life than you. Just sayin.

  • manuel

    UNLIMITED DATA PLAN BACK * You guys should get an edit button for old post of users lol

  • those with smart fones in the US should really consider google voice. the wife & i save $30 a month by using it for text & of course it’s always unlimited free. if we need to send a picture, we just email it. essentially works the same & it’s simple! seems like a total no-brainer. if people started switching to google voice in droves leaving the ripoff that these companies charge hangin in the wind, maybe they would stop trying to milk every1 for cash! i wonder how many people know that texting actually costs the providers ZERO! all the cheddar they make off people is pure profit! the infrastructure exists already for communication of techs in the field & was used originally for just that purpose. text utilize that so they just rip everyone off every month & toss ppl a bone now & then by saying, oh, we will only charge you $10 for 1000 txts! aren’t we generous? umm no, keep your ripoff plans & i’ll keep my money, thanks.

    • Thor

      A few months ago I read a post comparing text rates per kbit vs data per kbit and it was something absurd like if you downloaded a mp3 at text rates it would cost $4,000. Someone with better searching skills than this grasshopper should post a link to make everyone furious about texting charges.

  • strador

    I think you are referring to this article, it is a few years old, but still relevant

  • Francisco

    I hate paying AT&T $20.00 every month, but having a girlfriend under 25 years old I have no choice. That’s her preferred method to communicate with me when she’s at work and can’t talk. We average about between 4000 and 5000 texts a month. I’m looking into that “GV” app but can it be used with bite SMS?

    • Thor

      I use it with bitesms works great. Search cydia “SMS GV extension”. Go to devs web site for FAQ and configuration. It was 3 or 4 bucks.

    • You should get WhatsApp from the App Store, is only 99cents and you can even text international with it for not extra cost and it works as both, text and chat, it will even show you when the other person is typing back 😉

      • Thor

        That looks like a great service, but requires all other users to have the app also. Not everyone does so the user will have two manage two messaging apps.