Take the following information with a nice dose of salt. We’ve all heard these rumors before, but MacRumors is reporting that the mythical white iPhone 4 could see a release as early as next month.

Originally scheduled to launch alongside the black iPhone 4 last summer, the white version has hit stumbling block, upon stumbling block, with still no clear-cut reason for the length of the delay.

Apple has reportedly experienced manufacturing issues with the all white iPhone 4, but it looks like those issues may have been ironed out. That’s right, Best Buy’s computers are showing the white iPhone 4 SKU, with a release date of February 27th, 2011…

No doubt, store inventory systems have been dead wrong in the past, but this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard rumblings about the white iPhone 4 rearing its head around this time of year. This may indeed be the real deal this time around.

My question to Apple is this; why even bother at this point? Why not just wait until the iPhone 5, and really make a splash? I doubt that many people are still holding out for a white iPhone 4.

What about you? You aren’t still holding out, are you?

  • B Mo

    I waited 10 months for the white iPhone. I’ll just wait for the iPhone 5

  • the iphone 4 in white looks bad. but im a black type of phone guy. white will get dirty really fast. even if u keep it clean it will get a yellowish color after some time…or so i think. either way black iphones is the way for me so nope im not holding out for one and never have been holding out for any white phone

  • Al

    Might as well just wait for the i5.

    • I think that’s the consensus of most folks.

      • Jj

        Did u go to cvc?? Lancaster??

  • Doc

    What iphone 5?
    How u guys know apples next move?
    I sure havnt heard any confimation on any “iphone 5”. speculation & rumor…thats it

    • brent

      Not hard to guess.

      2007 – iPhone
      2008 – iPhone 3G
      2009 – iPhone 3GS
      2010 – iPhone 4
      2011 – iPhone 5 (or whatever they end up calling it)

      • Will

        Lol not a hard guess at all buddy ! Lmao

  • neal

    me thinks this is they’re way of discarding iphone 4 parts before they do release the iphone 5

    • neal

      but I did waited until this time for the white iphone 4.. i think i can wait a few more for the iphone 5

  • Rufio

    Seriously who cares about black & white ?! 90% of people put covers on anyway ! If anything do something funky Apple n release a range of funky colours with crystal clear covers as a bonus !!

  • well nobody knows what apple is going to do , but the white sure looks good ! I think i might sell the black and purchase white, can’t go wrong ……and when or if iphone 5 arrives , i’ll cross that bridge, i am sure right now manufacturing the faces for the iphone 5 is very difficult for apple cause it is invisible……lol

  • Burge

    I gave up before Xmas and I’ve now decided to run out my contract that ends jan next year .. So unless the I5 gets my attention as much as the i4 did .. I will say it , i’am going to wait for the i6 …long wait I know

  • Micro00613

    What if they dump a white verizon iphone4 on us. That’d be awesome! Thoughts anyone?

  • Andrew

    Did anyone realize that this happened right after Martin Luther King Day?

  • james

    who thinks the ipod 5gen will have 16gb option?

  • Kaybo

    I’ll admit that i AM still holding out for the white iPhone 4. Knowing that an iPhone 5 will be released later in the year though I’ve really been considering just waiting a little longer for that. And hope the white iPhone 5 comes out on time 🙂

  • John Madison

    I like spicy pickles.

  • dan Morgan

    i am waiting for it still i dont really care about the iphone 5 its going to be the same shit just 4g wow so its a little faster wwho cares lol ill live and for the internet is going to cost more to