It’s official. If you have an iPhone 3G on baseband 06.15.00 and you are unlocked , you better get comfortable. MuscleNerd confirmed in a recent tweet that since the iPhone 3G will not be receiving the 4.3 firmware upgrade, your iPhone 3G will remain unlocked indefinitely.

Now let’s not all panic, this only affects iPhone 3G users on the above mentioned baseband. If you are unsure of your baseband version, you can go to settings -> general -> about -> modem firmware.  For most of us this isn’t a huge deal, but to iPhone 3G users who unlocked using the 06.15 UltraSnow unlock, and have been experiencing GPS issues, this is devastating…

For 3GS users experiencing problems, The Dev Team is definitely aware of the GPS issue, and currently working on a way to downgrade your baseband with iOS version 4.3.

Do you have your 3G or 3GS unlocked and little or no GPS functionality? What are your thoughts on your iPhone being stuck unlocked forever? Sound off in the comments section below!

  • kris

    personally i lost GPS and had battery drain, but the problems i listed above where experienced by the majority of people who used their software, most people would have 1,2,3 of those problems thanks to the dev team.
    People can unlock the phone in any phone shop and even the carrier will unlock it for you for a fee. Nobody was stuck with a phone that cant be used. The dev team launched the new software with no warnings about GPS ETC (there is warnings now). The least they could do is fix the problem they have created. I dont understand why a few bell ends actually defend them. Yer a big thankyou to the dev team for making our phone have even less features. LOL. I think you need to get your facts right buddy.

    • Roy

      O c’mon all the phone shops use their software too unless you can provide real evidence that one doesn’t. The reason why people would upgrade their bb to 6.15 was to enable unlock so why you needed that bb in the first place is a mistery to me. I know its the always others’ fault principle innit?

  • Patrik

    fuckin shit , don t trust this !! they inject us the bb 06.15.00 and they leave us with !! I m not sure the team work on a solution for us !! You ve broke a lot of iphone , and after 4 months of waiting , you really think il be patient again fuck you !! Gehot is tha Best !! and i hope he s come back soon !!!

  • Patrik

    Fuck the Dev team , ill never trust you again, u r a trash for the jailbreak !!!! go back work on the bb 06.15.00 it s your problem !! youre waittin anyone else found the fix for you !!! fuckin newbies !!!!

  • kris

    Yes exactly patrik, they are fuckers, and yes it is their fault 100%, theres a few faggots going around kissing dev teams ass cus there just nerds, DEV TEAM MESSED UP EVERYONES PHONES AND THEY NEED TO FIX it if they call themselves hackers!
    Most shops dont use DEV TEAM SOFTWARE, they use encrypted negobyte plug in software/hardware to unlock phones, you honestly think the big networks are unlocking phones using DEV TEAM software? hahaha lmao, wot an idiot you are ROY.

    • Roy

      I was referring to accesories phone shops that also offer unlock services moron! not official carrier shops. I guess your mind needs an unlock too but i guess you brain BB is so f-/cked up that no one can unlock that unless you crawl back to where you came from maybe that’ll fix it and even make people around you less miserable LOL. Oh, on the side note, I am so happy that your iphone is screwed forever.. that makes me happy again every time im bored. You and your kind, though are still needed if the world is to move forward (think of it as bugs, viruses and diseases that keep teasing human debelopment) you are still a disgrace that most people would be happy to live without. No go get some education.

  • Patrik

    HAHAHA hahahahaha im sure Gehotz gonna help us and repare the dev team mistake ! I beleive in God !!! Dev team don t know the trouble ! they wait the answers from the other team !! and Kris i m happy to see that im not the only one who be frustrated by this situation and they re inaction to solve the problem they inject to our iphone 3g !! that was at out own risk they gonna tell hahaha fuck you ! if it s a crape don t publish it ass
    hole !!!!!!

  • Patrik

    sorry my english s bad 🙂 But Kris if i
    found something else it can help us i will let you know here , the same for you please hehehe i m with the new bootlaoder and 06.15.00 bb ! deep shit hehe fuzzyband cannot help us , at this time no solution for us !! Good luck buddy

    • Anonymous


  • kris

    How stupid are you roy, you said ”ALL THE SHOPS”, now suddenly you say by ”all the shops” you actually mean ”accessory shops”?? lol, wot an idiot, learn to communicate better, we cannot see what your brain is thinking, we can just read the words you type! you typed ALL THE SHOPS. i feel sorry for you dude, u just went on a full on rant, aint u got anything better to do? pathetic. Didnt even bother reading ur message cus u just started ranting like sum little skinny kid who probably gets bullied in the real world, so you go online and get out all ur temper, trust me, u wud never say that to my face, amazing that u thought it was necessary to say all those things on a forum discussing iphone software, how sad are you there you get upset about iphones software? lol, people like u make me laugh and smile and so grateful that i am who i am, and live a good life compared to little scum bags like you. Ill let you rant all day long on here mate, its probably the only time you get to speak to someone anyway. Im guessing u dont have many friends either. hahahahah. Try not to commit suicide in the meantime.

  • Nobody made you use anything of the Dev Teams software. Use at your own risk. They should be charging morons $29.99 for the tool and then you might have a grievance.
    THE TOOLS WERE FREE U CHEAP FAGGOTS! Take your poor ace down to the phone shops and buy what u want then.
    until then FUCK OFF! The software they have provided has always worked well, as I fully understood the process(ie; read directions carefully) and understood the risks. Which there are many. DEV TEAM. thank you for your thankless work.

  • kris

    ^^^ heres another one of those guys who has a crush on the devteam and wont say nething bad about them because their scared the dev team might stop making software for free and as people like you are living on ur governement checks then that would mean the end of the world to you as you would have to actually buy stuff!
    ^^^^ that guy even says the dev team software always works well? LMAO, YER, thats why everyone who has upgraded to 6.15. suffered multiple issues from battery drain, loss of wifi, loss of GPS, wow yer great software LMAO, stop masturbating over the dev team and face the facts that they are shit at releasing software u pathetic lil nerd.

    • Roy

      No, we’ve been mastrbtng over your fckd up iphone hoping maybe that’ll fix it ha ha!

  • kris

    u masturbate over iphones? lol, even PORN doesnt wana be with a lil pathetic nerd like you LMAO. The day the dev team releases a fix is the day u two lil nerds get a girlfriend…. hell will freeze over b4 either of those events happen. Dev team if your reading this, u shud feel sorry for letting down your boyfriends (Roy & Bickie), they are devoted to you, and they wud pay you to let them suck your cocks and suck your iphones according to Roy.

  • Patrik

    Ouffff i think tha problem is solve !! Kriss go on cydia add the source and install ultrasnow 1.3x and do not uninstall the 1.2 !! let work both and the gps will be back and for the battery draining , use sbsetting an shut off 3g and data whan you don t use it and now we have a brand new iphone 3g !!!

  • Patrik

    it s frustrating the 1.3 version unlock iphone 05.14 bb and evryone who has this fuckin bb upgrade to 06.15 for made work our iphone !! sucker found a fix !! Or a downgrade tips for new bootloader don t let us in deep shit please !!

  • kris

    patrik, did it fix your phone?

  • Patrik

    oki that not work for my but , when iv e worked on ultrasnow 1.3 ive seen something good ! Dev team are finally not too stupid !! they put de baseband downgrade on ultrasnow ! and every bb are unlockable ! they put everything in one tool ! that s fine and save manipulation but i hope it will be release soon before my 3g explode hehhee we just neee to be patient now ! the tool will come soon ! good news bro hehe sorry dev team for my rage !!

  • Patrik

    and Roy shut up !! when you will have enough money to buy your own iphone ( not paid by mother and father ) you will may be understand why it s frustrating !!! supid kids !! go back school

  • Patrik

    Roy shut up !! when you will have enough money to buy your own iphone ( not paid by mother and father ) you will may be understand why it s frustrating !!! supid kids !! go back school

  • Patrik

    ey bikle ! they publish a poor jailbreak and they advise the fix will come soon ,but after 4 months it never made !! i don t care if it s free but they could work on, at least ( after all shit they made )!! and the day they will ask to paid ,unfortunately , that gonna kill tha team!!! another team will push out a new free tool !! and that may be a good thing

  • Patrik

    I ve take tha risk cause they tell a fix will come soon and it never come !! fucker !! they said a lot of shit since december !!

    • Roy

      Bla bla bla.. how about no fix is coming ha ha

      • Patrik

        hahaha may be but the ultrasnow 1.3 coming out in few days !!! ignorant !!! stupid kid hihihihi go on a guitar hero forum

  • tom

    The 6.15 software was much more different to me than last few ultrasn0w updates as it included that ipod software. I decided to dnt upgrade and think that was the right choice when reading all these comments lolz

  • John Hancock

    Roy, youre a little turd nugget that needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP! You CLEARLY wrote “ALL SHOPS” as in EVERYONE. It’s to late to go back on your own words cause guess what, THEYRE PERMANENT! BURN YOU LITTLE RETARDED SHIT TALKING NUBLET MOTHER FUCKER. You CLEARLY DO NOT KNOW A GOD DAM THING ABOUT ANYTHING! And yes the CAPS LOCK was very intentional (on purpose) just in case I need to dummifie it for you.

    The only “shops” I can think of that would use non professional software are the “wanna be struggling need to/will do anything to make money” shops, otherwise known as people WHO DONT HAVE A FUCKING CLUE! Just like you, so ofcourse you would know of all the shops like that, wouldn’t you?

    Patrick, dont even waste your time.

  • John Hancock

    And just so my opinion is clear. YES THEIR HACK FUCKED UP ALL OUR PHONES, but to all you children out there crying about it… Go fill their shoes and do 1/10 the things they have contributed to the general public and be better at it than they are or SHUT THE FUCK and wait patiently as they try to figure out what went wrong.

    Apparently you need someone to remind you that they all have lives, and it DOES NOT just so you understand Ill say it again DOES NOT revolve around the iPhone. I wouldn’t be surprised if they could give a fuck less about it actually, I sure don’t. You tried to have some non legitimate options on your phone and got burned just like I did.

    It’s not their fault, IT’S YOURS AND MINE, GET OVER IT!!!

  • Jack Smiles

    Well, said John. There were warning about updating to 06.15 and we did it to ourselves. The people to blame is the Apple corporate people for locking down hardware that we have paid for. This is my last Apple device and if you are smart you would be moving on to open technology like Android smart phones. As soon as the Samsung Galaxy S II comes out, I will sell my broken iphone 3gs really cheap.

  • cleber

    anyone that says dev team were warning about gps and battery issues, is very wrong. there didn’t make any warning about it. just after some time, everyone got the problem, they said it could happen. it was too late at that time. i thank them anyway by the times they did good things, but we must agree, they got lost this time. apple won. unfortunatelly.

  • kris

    As a business man myself i never bring out a product unless i am sure of its effectiveness and im willing to stand by it. I launch FREE and purchase products. But either way (free or not) your still releasing a product to the public.

    Dev team fooled people into believing they had a perfect piece of FREE software. This was not the case, their software effectively broke peoples phones. So im saying they should rectify the problem. Update the public with their progress (not just leave them in the dark) and assure people they working on a fix.

    • Jj

      Really u again? Y don’t u just stay off this damn blog. Get the
      F over it.

    • Jj

      Really u again? Y don’t u just stay off this dang blog. Get the
      F over it.

  • rayvandy

    oh cmon guys u fighting just becoz of a particular thing that fckdup ur GPS.. if u really dont want to wait for the fix, u guys can always change the baseband physically at any iphone repair shop (of course it comes with a risk too)… but bare in mind, it’s just a GPS prblm duh… =.=”

  • kris

    JJ, still masturbating over the dev team then? Dont cry, u will save up enough pocket money one day to get a new phone. lol.

    Actually Rayvandy u CAN change the baseband WITHOUT physically changing the components of the phone. I have two iphones, my friend is a engineer who works for APPLE. He changed my baseband from 6.15 (with 4.2.1) back to factory settings baseband and version. Worked perfectly although it did take him some time, so i still have 1 iphone that needs fixing. If you take your phone to a REAL HACKER or expert they can change the software for you, think about it, its just software! but most high street shops wont know how to do it.

  • rayvandy

    yeah i know, my friends getting his locked AT&T 3Gs from US, and legitimately unlocked by Maxis telco carrier in Malaysia for FREE (becoz his friend’s working under this company). But the problem is.. not everybody having internal access to ppl who’s working directly with apple or official telco carriers. changing/soldering the baseband chip is the common & fast option to get rid of 06.15.00 which I already did.. (though better not to do this) 🙂

  • Schlong-in-hand

    I,m confused by reading so many articles/opinions without dates/times.
    I got a new non activated 3gs 4.2.1 b.b. 05.15.04.

    I wanna jailbreak and unlock. What jailbreak and unlocks (versions) should I use.
    Or is this still undo-able? I get the impression that I can’t downgrade 3gs b.b. 05.15.04.

    geohots website is hard to find info on my configuration. So is Redmondpie’s
    Yes I’m a newbie idiot to this unlock 3gs stuff (I’m still roll with 2g un-locker) but my mommie say’s
    remember your six P’s.
    Perfect Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

    So here I am asking. Ego under foot.

  • hi this is karan sagar … actually i am having iphone 3g and i was having installed 4.2.1 .i tryed to restore that via redsnow … i fallowed all the steps as mentioned … but suddenly the phone is clashed and now i am nt able to restore … i can see only 2 things on my iphone 3g screen that is iphone apple logo and itunes connection logo … help with this sum 1 please i am stucked … i dnt wanna lose my phone :'(

    • bystandard

      hold power and home button for 15 sec to restart it

  • opplkjis

    Guy My Iphone “3gs iphone baseband 06.15.00 bootloader 6.0 is working With 3g”. Go setting network turn on “enable 3g and cellular data”.OIder version there is no cellular data. Good luck.

  • you are the morons that dont read stuff properly.. oh and by the way you made a choice to upgrade your base bands, and you made the choice to jailbreak,, so dont blame other people for choices u make u little girls..i dont see any of F@#$ers doing anything or helping the community .. most off you wouldnt know ure own little french fry danglking down ,,, so stop bagging people that do all the work for you while u sit on the couch jacking off to your mother ..

  • Redeyejedi

    At least apple or thr powers that be cant gps track you down! 🙂

  • Eric

    ^That makes absolutely no sense…..

  • Frank

    I also had problems with GPS capability on my iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1 bb 06.15.00. But then I turned off the Bluetooth and now the GPS works fine.
    Just turn off your Bluetooth. It worked for me

  • Banna

    Hello everyone,

    I have iPhone 3G wit iOS 3.1.3 and my bb is 06.15.00, could I upgrade to iOS 4.2 ??
    and How ??

    • Dmc

      I have the same issue! Looking forward to a reply!

  • This is rediculous. I also have 3G 4.2.1 with 06.15 baseband and can’t restore it back to normal, which means its jail broken for life, won’t be able to sell it and its so slow!!!

    Total mess by Dev Team, they sacrificed handsets for “unlocking” but if the handsets are so slow and jailbroken then who gives a fuck about whether if its unlocked or not… Should’ve went to an apple store or decent mobile shop to get it unlocked instead of getting help from these n00bs ( mind! not newbies but n00bs) …

    Show ur team up ur ass saurik, wasteman!

    • Redeyejedi

      Relax. No need for an attack on these guys. I recomend u use whited00r to speed up ur 3g. The apple store wont unlock ur iphone u noob but they will gladly sell u an unlocked 3gs for $375

  • instead of complaining we should all offer up a $1 donation for a working fix. we’d be i business, and they’d (hopefully) be happy to do the work for the pay.

    Now that the a5 is Jail broke, they may have some time to devote to it. after a vacation ;D

  • Instead of working on 3g & 3gs bb, that one owns anymore Nor uses. How ABOUT getting onto unlocking newer bb ie 04.12.01 & 4.10 & Alot of the NEWER bb, that users are actually using & locked on.



    The iphone user population using ip3g & 3gs is around 2 maybe 3-4%. how ABOUT loooking after the other 97% of users that are stuck on locked bb like newer ones 04.12.01, 04.10 etc etc

  • @MuscleNerd

    /Flex alittle love towards bb 04.12.01, 04.10, 04.08 & some of these newer bb’s