Earlier today we saw an application that allows you to fake your email identity, and now we’ve learned about Hack Center, a new jailbreak app to be available on Cydia soon, which will let you send fake scores to Game Center.

As you can see on the demo video below, this tweak is pretty straightforward. At the end of a game, it will simply ask you what you want your score to be and will submit it to Game Center…

We don’t know when this tweak will be available on Cydia, but I’d assume it’s just a matter of time now. I will also assume that Apple will patch this in just about a minute.

Will you be using this tweak?

[9 to 5 Mac]

  • Tony

    Lol ugh ya no…

  • That is bad. This is going to cause Apple to take some drastic action if they are serious about the integrity of GameCenter. If they want folks to look at iOS as a serious gaming platform, something drastic is going to come of this. I wish they wouldn’t have even gone there.

  • Burge

    God yes …harmless fun ..lol..

    • Burge

      I take this back ..sorry for posting it ..my bad ..

  • Greg

    This is too much.

  • Manolo

    All this just to get a high score you NEVER earned.. LOL.. doesnt that make you more of a loser??

  • This is exactly why jailbreaking gets a bad rap. Jailbreaking should be used to unlock the restrictions placed on the device, not to cheat a game ranking system. Apple will squash this immediately, and if I were them I would ban anyone who does this from GameCenter just like Microsoft did with Xbox Live cheaters.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    this is pointless….cheaters online are whack. period

    • DomPerignon

      Agree 100% but it won’t last long. Apple will do something drastic.

    • Smoke

      i feel u dawg

    • Greg


  • The developer just tweeted the following: “Due to the overwhelmingly negative response of HackCenter (GameCenter hack), I will not be releasing it to the Cydia store.”

    Hopefully it doesn’t find its way out…

    • StanTheMan

      It turns out the guy is saying on his twitter account that no it’s not getting released, and yes he might give a couple of them away “in private”. Total bullshit.

  • Twited21

    That’s not good my angry bird rank took some hard graft
    With this everyone will cheat ruining it for the real gamers I’m not pleased 

  • Jason masters

    I wish there was a hack to permanently shut down facebook then maybe people would get a life and actually go outside cyberspace has really fd up the youth

  • Pirates Suck

    Darn you Burge! Right when I said you were one of the best posters too, lol! I think this is just retarded, and I agree with an above poster who said that this sets a poor example for and paints a poor picture of jailbreakers and jailbreaking respectively.

    • Burge

      Sorry ..moment of madness …it’s just I don’t see the point of game centre ..I now know alot of you like it and used it to see how far you can go up the leader tables on the game your playing ..please forgive me sorry ..
      P.s. you got to try out SCALEXTIC best car game ..
      Peace ..word .. And all that jazz…

  • BabylonX

    I couldn’t agree more with Jason but that’s a little out of topic.

    • Jason masters

      It is I’m sorry but since I deleted my facebook I have no where else to rant about facebook lol and it’s perils. Ironic huh?

  • Trutru

    Lol o yea and dude that did the game center hack……u WACK!!!!! Try 2 better the community not help lames cheat…… PEACE!!!

  • Trutru

    By the way some 1 should do a post on the game center and go into more detail….. PEACE!!!!!!

  • iUrAs

    if iTunes accounts can be hacked, the scores on game centre are probably hacked as well…

  • Érico

    This is too muh. I hope they got banned for ever! I wish cydia never offers craps like that as well…

  • Diego castro

    Just to let you guys know this hack was discontinued by the developer he said it was entertainment purposes only

  • Dirk

    So he said he’s not going to release it but then said he’d ‘give some away in private’ WTF. That’s just as bad or worse than giving it out to everyone… It will probably find it’s way around

  • Dirk

    So he said he’s not going to release it but then said he’d ‘give some away in private’ WF. That’s just as bad or worse than giving it out to everyone… It will probably find it’s way around

  • Greg

    An also an end note: this is gay!

  • i have iphone 4 now

  • Ryo

    It’s still F’d up. Just check the scores for Fruit Ninja, its like 20 something trillion for a high score… those people should be banned forever.

  • iphoner

    you people actually use gamecenter LOL

  • Thom

    game centre would be awesome if people didnt cheat. Or atleast cheat realistically. Like this method: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQ4TABzTlQ0 These people who obviously cheated need to have their itunes account disabled and scores wiped. Apple or the developer need to have it in their terms and conditions. sure people will still do it, but there is no deterrent at the moment. Surely apple seen this issue coming?

  • gaurabmega

    There’s no point of playing games if their leaderboards and achievements are not secure. Also Apple should take immediate action to remove those hackers and cheaters if it has to to rise in to the gaming market.

  • Mina Bluerain

    So, apparently the owner of the site doesn’t like people who speak out for the truth, therefore he deletes comments that disagree with his views. Fair enough, here it is again:

    Anyone who’s using this or similar bullshit: buy some banana milkshake and suck on it!

    Including this blog for posting it.

    I want Apple to ban jailbroken devices from game centre. In a similar fashion how Microsoft disables xbox live accounts if the owner has a modified console.

    I’m sick of obvious fake scores. Like “how many steps did it take you to win that chess match”. Yeah, lower score is better. Then the top score is -1000

    Are you serious? And you, dear OP actually advertise this thing? Go hug a cactus.