Ever took a picture with your iPhone and realized it was all blurry? Yes, don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are a few applications in the App Store that can help you with that, but nothing’s better than a good old manual trick.

Here is a quick and simple tip shared by Tap Tap Tap, the developers of the successful Camera+ app that will show you how to take less blurry pictures. Check out the video below for the full details…

I tried it and I must admit that it really helps.

If you have more tips for avoiding taking blurry pictures with your iPhone, feel free to share.

  • soccerkrzy

    Youtube is blocked at work, but the technique I use is holding down the shutter button, steadying my hand, then releasing my finger from the shutter to take a picture. Seems to help tremendously instead of tapping it.

    • soccerkrzy

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    • :O

      Hey thanks for the tip. I feel so stupid that I never thought about it. Cheers 🙂

  • MALdito

    WoW! This really helps! Thanks Seb!

  • I’ll have to try this thx