I admit, I’m not a big fan of custom themes and all that jazz. In my opinion most of the themes that come out look a little on the generic side, but I can understand why some users would be fond of the custom element that it adds to the iPhone.

WinterBoard is the de-facto standard when it comes to adding custom themes to your iPhone, and it’s a prerequisite for quite a few of the tweaks that are available on Cydia as well.

One of my main gripes with WinterBoard is the fact that it can interfere with the text on your Home screen. The text for the app names turns into a grey, shadowless, illegible mess as seen in the screenshot above.

To try to remedy this issue, WinterBoard comes with a “White Text Labels” option in its ‘Select Themes’ section. This helps alleviate the issues surrounding the color of the text, but unfortunately still lacks the shadows that the stock look is known for…

Thankfully, this is nothing that a quick change to the “White Text Labels” property list file can’t remedy. Check out the video below as we show you how to edit this file in order to give your iPhone’s text a look that’s closer to stock.

Copy the following text using mobile Safari:

<string>color: white; text-shadow: 0px 2px 1px rgba(0,0,0, .6)</string>

<string>color: white; text-shadow: 0px 2px 1px rgba(0,0,0, .6)</string>

Special thanks goes out to Nafon from the MacRumors forum for the XML code. Also, ermarauder on YouTube made us aware of “Better White Icon Labels” which is a theme on Cydia. If you download this for WinterBoard, it’s a much easier way to achieve the same result. It would be nice if WinterBoard included this theme by default.

Do you have a similar problem with your WinterBoard install? Was this tutorial helpful? Let us know below.

  • appletiser

    thanks (:

  • Vik071

    Works without any problems. Thanks

  • Aza

    Thanks.works awesome

  • Henrik

    Or you could just disable summerboard mode…

    • Jeff

      You could, but doing that introduces its own fair share of issues.

  • MALdito

    No luck for me, I keep getting an error when I try to save. Does this work on iOS 4.1?

    • Jeff

      Yes it should. Instead, try searching for “Better White Icon Labels” theme on Cydia. It does the same thing, with a little less headache.

      • MALdito

        I kept trying it but it told me that I could not write to the file. I’ll try the “Better White Icon Labels” theme on Cydia suggestion. Thanks for the quick reply 🙂 !!!

  • Bill

    Jeff…You rock! Thanks for the suggestion!

  • manuel

    Good video Jeff. I don’t know if you knew, but you can actually go into iFile and find the iPhone’s springboard file and just copy and paste it into the winterboard white labels. It will look like the stock icon labels. You can also change the part that says white and type in red, blue, black and so on and it will change. When I had my iPhone, I made one part red and the other part black. I’ve done it with other colors as well. Hope that helps any one as well.

    • Jeff

      Manuel, awesome information, I will try this out. Thanks for sharing. You guys are so in the know, I love it.

      • iDarkRed

        Hey, did you find the right file? If yes, could you tell me where it resides? I could really need it. Thanks in advance!

    • Nhien

      Hi Manuel, can u direct me to where the stock is for the iPhone springboard? Thanks a bunch

  • dev

    Guys please help me.I lost my iOS 4 winterboard theme which will come by default.please can anyone mail me that theme? or where i can find that?
    please i want that theme very badly.

  • BLiNK

    nice fix!

    Jeff, can you tell me how to get the iDB app. i have searched the app store but no luck

    • MALdito

      It’s not an app. (I know bcuz I asked the same question). Its a bookmark from safari that has been saved to the home screen. Just open Safari, navigate to iDB, Create a Bookmark, and Add To Home screen.

      • BLiNK

        perfect. thank you

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  • Mickey

    Guys, you do excellent job!

    I follow your guide here and everything went well…

    The funny thing is that with the tweak you mentioned above it seems to me that the screen seems to be more dark (due to the shadows).

    Can you simply post here the text for restoring back to normal (simple white icon label) from Winterboard because I didn;t copy it somewhere to restore it?

    Thanks in advance!

    • The easiest way is just to uninstall and reinstall WinterBoard. Is that an option for you?

  • Mickey

    Noooo wayyyyy Jeff!!!!! Unistalling Winterboard is not an option for me right now…

    I just wanted from somewhere in the internet to copy/paste the original White Icon Labels code and put it again back to the file described in order to make the names again white beceause now they seems to me a little dull and dark.

    My opinion of course….

    Can someone help??? 🙁

  • Faisal

    Thank you so much , it worked like a charm

  • Henrique


  • Skrew Oph

    How about updating Winterboard already?
    He made it to work for iOS4, but just decided to ignore this. We are at iOS 4.3.2 now, and still no update to Winterboard. What a snailspeed dude!

  • Gil

    Thanks man! I had mt gestures activated and the no-shadows bothered me so much that I was thinking of deactivating it, but this was so simple I had to try!

  • Shachar

    Thank you very much

  • Anonymous

    hi, before this is working, but now I’m trying it it’s no longer working, could you help me on this? 🙁 pj_mr_5@yahoo.com

  • Pilot Kith

    great work! thanks! 😀