It’s been less than 24 hours since Apple started seeding iOS 4.3 Beta to developers and we’ve already found out many new features the new OS brings, but news doesn’t stop there.

The eagle-eyed folks over at Engadget have made another interesting discovery. Within the iOS 4.3 Beta code there are references to two new iPhone models and three new iPad models. The model names that appear include iPhone (4,1 and 4,2) and iPad (2,1, 2,2, and 2,3)…

The iPad models listed in the code are most likely the upcoming iPad 2 WiFi only, iPad 2 with AT&T 3G, and iPad 2 CDMA variant. Things get a little trickier with the iPhone models. The new models referenced, iPhone 4,1 and iPhone 4,2 are probably the GSM iPhone 5 and the CDMA iPhone 5.

That still leaves the iPhone 3,3. Could this be the rumored Sprint/T-Mobile iPhone 4?

Let the rumors begin!

  • Conor

    Why would the iPhone 6 have an internal version number of 3,3? That doesn’t make sense. Each major upgrade increases the major version number and each minor difference, like CDMA or GSM. 3,3 doesn’t follow those rules. It’ll be a variant of the current iPhone 4.

    • You’re right. We edited the post

  • Burge

    iPhone 4Gs

  • Kingz

    I was told 3.3 is current model or the 3gs

    • Shrike1978

      Original was 1,1 (first CPU platform, first radio platform on the CPU). 3G was 1,2 (first CPU platform, second radio platform on that CPU), the 3GS is 2,1, and iPhone 4 is 3,1. So, it makes perfect sense that the Verizon iPhone 4 is 3,2 (third CPU, second platform on the CPU). 3,3 is totally new.

      • Waseem

        probably its a new iPhone 4 that runs 4G network.

  • sylvan

    @SEBASTIEN : this is the first time I get a message from At&t , I thought It was weird and I wanted to share with u ,what is that about :

    AT&T Free Msg: An important software update is available for your iPhone. To update to iOS 4.2, connect to iTunes and follow the instructions.

    • AppleBits

      Weird! You got a personal invite to ruin your jailbreak. 😉

    • Haha, just like AppleBits said, it looks like AT&T wants you to lose your jailbreak. Oh well, I’m sure it was full of good intentions.

    • nicmonson

      Yeppers, I just got a friendly email to ruin my Jailbreak as well. How kind of apple to invite me ruin my MyWi app.

      • nicmonson

        err… “friendly text message”

      • Paul Zammit

        Heh, I’m hoping that my UK Factory Unlocked iPhone will get it sooner before later!

  • sylvan

    @SEBASTIEN : this is the first time I get a message from At&t , I thought It was weird and I wanted to share with u ,what is that about :
    AT&T Free Msg: An important software update is available for your iPhone. To update to iOS 4.2, connect to iTunes and follow the instructions.

  • sylvan

    Sorry for the double post !

  • sylvan

    Oh I know better , as much as am eagerly waiting to update to IOS 4.2 to get AIRPLAY,
    , I have an iPhone 4 unlocked on 5.19 and 4.1 jailbroke and it is just fine !

  • Zombi

    maybe iPhone3,3 is iPhone 4 GSM with new attenna, or new bootroom to patch limera1n.

    • Shrike1978

      All it would take is a new bootrom to patch Limera1n and they don’t issue new version numbers for that. The 3GS has two bootroms in the wild and they’re both called iPhone 2,1. Updated antenna…possibly, but I don’t see a reason for any software or platform changes related to an antenna change.

  • Michael

    I don’t think its a new iPhone, it’s probably the verizon.

    • Kickstar13

      The Verizon iPhone is model iPhone 3,2

  • Sunny

    Hi, I’m tring to read the txt in the image above on the iPhone but I can’t zoom in to read it. Try to view this page on an iPhone and you’ve see what I mean.

    • Klaus

      Open your eyes 🙂 i Can see it on my iPhone 4 😉

    • hey
      just enable zooming function in general accessebility….
      3 fingers double tap…works great for me on 3gs

  • Hi there i love this post

  • Lerimer Santana

    Does anyone know if with this release of iOS we will get FaceTime over 3G. I remember when Steve announced the iPhone 4 and it’s FaceTime feature that it would be over 3G in early 2011.

  • zerotee

    I already get FaceTime over 3G using the 3G unrestrictor app.

  • Mark

    I have no idea if CDMA use by Sprint is different then CDMA used by Verizon or If the CDMA used in Asian & China’s largest carrier is different then the US.. So it could be 1 of the following 3..

    1. 3,3 Is a CDMA iPhone that has different radio for use on CDMA networks in China, India & other Asian Countries

    2. Sprint CDMA is in Fact Different then Verizon therefore 3,3 is a 2nd variation of a CDMA iPhone

    3. Rumor has it that Canada AWS carriers (Same as Tmo USA) will be getting the iPhone therefore it could be a Tmobile version but I doubt it..However it is possible since the C.E.O of Tmobile has a relationship with Apple already it could happen.. He introduced the iPhone to Germany in 2007 has C.E.O of Tmo Germany.

  • Some Body

    the picture/thumbnail looks pretty cool

  • I thought this was a useful post, and I for the most part agree with what you wrote. Although I actually do have a very short inquiry… I’ve owned an iPhone more than four years at the moment. And so I’ve a short time ago upgraded to a iPhone 4. And even while I like the iPhone ( generally), I utterly can’t stand AT&T. I’d rather not have to jailbreak the iPhone to choose a different service provider, nevertheless , if Apple continues to be in partnership with AT&T for a longer time I’m going to need to change to purchasing the Android phone. My question is, do you really believe Apple may have any sort of plans to free the iPhone up to additional service providers in the near future? Above all I’d personally want to go to one who has legitimate 4G coverage! Thanks a bunch!

  • Jk

    Wot date is this update cum’n!???????
    Please let me know!!
    There hasn’t been 1 n ages!!