Yesterday we told you about Geohot being sued by Sony for jailbreaking the PlayStation 3. Yes, even though jailbreaking your iPhone is legal, it still isn’t to jailbreak a PlayStation.

Geohot was a guest on Attack of the Attack of the Show today. For a few minutes, you can see Geohot candidly talking about hacking, jailbreaking and more. This is not completely related to the iPhone but when someone like Geohot gets on camera, well, you just watch and listen…

What do you think?

[Thanks everyone who sent this in]

  • B0bbyBl@ck

    No video link???

    • You might have to be on a computer to view this video (it’s not a youtube vid, sorry)

      • Trav

        Isn’t this an iPhone blog site convert the video to HTML WP has plugins for this

      • 2meu

        You can use skyfire. I used it just now. Nice video

  • TheAngryPenguin

    “…it still isn’t to jailbreak a PlayStation.”

    It still isn’t /what/ to jailbreak a PlayStation?

    “Geohot was a guest on Attack of the Attack of the Show today.”

    He was a guest on what?!?

    • Yo


  • Elderwin
  • Polemicist

    Try this from iH8sn0w
    6 min – 6 hours ago – Uploaded by iH8sn0w
    Attack of the Show — January 13, 2011

  • Yasser

    lol this guy has issues, his facial expressions are weird. He is a genius though…

  • iUrAs

    all “closed systems” should be faIr game (pun intended). consumers have paid hard earned money for the products and software. DMCA should be updated to include all products and software so corporations don’t earned billions of dollars “milking” consumers.

  • Zigge

    Haha he’s awesome!

  • DomPerignon

    When I buy something, I buy everything on it and I do with it whatever I want. If a manufacturer wants something to be kept as a secret don’t give it to me or make it very difficult to me to find it out.

  • Smoke

    Damn i aint knw dis nigga was only like 14-17 when he started doin dis shit. i got sperm older den dis du.

    • monkers

      Hmm, try typing in English young man, save your wannabe street text talk for the playground.

  • StanTheMan


  • six4seven

    That is one ugly muther fu*ker!!

  • iZomBie3D

    Hes sniffing Oxys you could so tell.

    • six4seven

      He’s sniffing Oxys!! LOL!!!! nice

      • Wtf

        Takes one to know one?

  • krissy

    This video stops playing in the same spot, right after he gives his website.

  • Thanks for utube link

  • bonneville1992

    This guy is just amazing, i hope everything goes well for him with this court stuff. i fully support what he does and what he is doing, good luck Geohot and wish you success against sony!! keep your chin up bud, you have lots of support!!

  • iKing

    Ok everyone be nice. No one can be a great hacker and a stud at the same time. This man is trying to perfect his art of jailbreaking not take ur girlfriend.

  • Lisa

    I actually find him quite attractive and brilliant at the same time.