Spotlight is a search technology that you’ve no doubt become intimately acquainted with if you’re a Mac OS X user. For those of you new to the world of Apple, it would be a good idea to become familiar with this extremely handy search tool.

Not only can you search Wikipedia and the rest of the web natively from your iPhone’s Home screen, you can also search all of your mail, music, apps, SMS messages, and more.

Take a look inside as we go over the basics of Spotlight search in this latest iPhone Basics tutorial…

Are you a big proponent of Spotlight search, or can you live without it?

Do you have any Spotlight tips to share with the rest of the iPhone community? Let us know in the comments below.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Ive tried it a couple times but one thing i wish it did was index all of your text messages and find certain word phrases so can locate a particular text message instead of having to load previous messages a million times and having to skim through all of them just to find the text…only if ur lucky and didnt skim past it if you dont kno exact date or time. Other than that its pretty kool

  • Lazy Kid

    Best tip I have for spotlight is to download NoSpot from Cydia.

    • abanibi


    • ytgh

      Only reason I dont have that is because if I hide an icon, i cant get to it easily

  • Alastion

    For me I don’t like it, I use my iPhone so much that I can remember where everything is, so I wouldn’t waste a few seconds to type what I’m looking for

  • I can live without that.
    Turn it off and your battery duration will increase 😉

    • Eric

      It does NOT affect battery life at all. WTF!! It will however speed up your processing a little (ESPECIALLY iPhone 3G) as it’s not photo cacheing all those pages and apps.

    • Eric

      It does NOT affect battery life at all. It will however speed up your processing a little (ESPECIALLY iPhone 3G) as it’s not photo cacheing all those pages and apps.

  • Francisco

    I find it annoying on the phon, so I use the “No Spot” tweek in cydia to take it off.

  • msxy

    what i don’t understand is why the hell are the dev team trying to fix skype instead of fixing safari and cydia??????

  • Dracossaint

    Webleaps makes it more useful (works on all ios4 + up to 4.2.1) as well as universal search (if they’ll ever port it to ios4 -_- )

  • Andrew

    Spotlight is awesome for finding email on gmail. It can find emails even from years ago in just a few seconds based on a single word that is contained anywhere within the subject, body, recipient, etc. It’s way more effective and faster than the email search from the mail app, which is worthless.

    I also use it regularly for finding apps. I have tons of apps installed, mostly stuffed into folders, and I don’t want to search through them or remember the organization of 100+ apps I don’t use frequently when I can just type two letters and boom it’s launched. It’s as fast or faster than swiping to the screen with the folder, opening the folder, and hitting the icon.

    The one thing I wish it had, or that there was a cydia app for, is to, by default, list my most used apps, in order of how often I use them. It should list them just below the search window so I can quickly launch apps this way instead of typing at all (unless I hardly use the app). I would like the feature to select certain apps not to show, that I would rather use the icon for (ie phone, mail, safari, messages, etc). I remember when quickgold came out before apple put spotlight in, it was by far my favorite app with categories to clean up my springboard. Apple’s is better in some ways and worse in others.

  • andy grope

    Very useful. I actually bought iSmart Dialer app because it was a feature I was used tio with other phones. Didn’t realise that it was actually really there.
    Would be good if the normal Iphone dial pad did the same sort of thing as you type in a number or name – giving you the option on the dial pad itself to email sms or call that contact..

  • BigSher

    I understand the purpose of spotlight search but want deleted text messages to remain deleted. The other problem is it only saves random texts and I do not appreciate that even if hidden, they still remain and can be easily misinterpreted. Any ideas other than jailbreaking????