Wondering what the differences between the Verizon iPhone 4 and the AT&T version are? Well maybe we can clarify a few things for you. For starters, let’s talk appearance. The volume and ringer mute buttons have been moved, to accommodate the new antenna design (see extra notch above mute button). Current bumpers and cases with just a hole for the side controls will not fit the Verizon iPhone 4 model.

Now as far as the internals go, the 2 models are almost identical, save for the obvious fact that the new Verizon model will have CDMA chipsets and AT&T models use GSM technology. For those not so tech savvy that means that you will be unable to use an AT&T version of the iPhone on the Verizon network.  And in case you haven’t heard the bad news, CDMA also means that you are unable to be on the phone and use data at the same time…

And finally the software. The Verizon iPhone 4 will launch with iOS version 4.2.5 and of course the popular mobile hotspot feature. AT&T model phones are expected to receive the update to incorporate that feature but a release date is not known yet.

It’ll be interesting to see what these differences will mean to AT&T customers interested in rolling over to the Big Red network. Will the cost of new phones and accessories or the loss of the ability to talk and browse the web at the same time keep many AT&T users who were sick of the network issues from switching? Will it keep you guys from switching?

  • Arma

    The suppose network issues is yellow press , press creating rumors , att has no network issues .

    • AT&T has many network issues.

  • Tony

    The early contract termination fee is my reason for not switching. I also wonder how many ppl use data while on the phone?

    • soccerkrzy

      Uhm, if you use the mobile hotspot feature, that’s a big time problem. Reminds me of back in modem time. “Hey [sister’s name], get off the phone, I need to get on AOL!!”

      Also, if you’re navigating using your phone and get a phone call you can no longer navigate.

      Or if a friend calls you asking for directions, you cannot say sure and pull of the directions while on the phone, you have to disconnect the call to get the directions then call them back.

      There are several other scenarios.


    “And in case you haven’t heard the bad news, CDMA also means that you are unable to be on the phone and use data at the same time…”


  • Smoke

    Dat CDMA bs fkd it up fo Verizon. Also not being able to have the 4gLTE service for the iphone also fkd it up for dem. Slackin ass Verizon, I would of switchd if it wasnt for dat.

  • Smoke

    Dat CDMA bs messed it up fo Verizon. Also not being able to have the 4gLTE service for the iphone also messed it up for dem. Slackin ass Verizon, I would of switchd if it wasnt for dat.

  • Smoke

    An epic fail for Verizon, almost had me 2

  • I agree, the CDMA situation is a big let down for Verizon. But, I am more intrested on what would be the next step for ATT to keep their customer from swithcing. I know Verizon will have nice offers, plus it is being rumored that data plans have no restriction of use. Thats a big for VERIZON!!!

  • manuel

    I don’t know what is the big fuss about no data while on the phone. It rapes the battery on the 3G while on the phone and T-Mobile unlockers are forced to have no data while on the phone, and I don’t see them complain. I hate AT&T a lot but it’s true, if you find ONE problem with something, people will complain. They did it to AT&T and now with Verizon. It’s not a deal breaker because every one has different carriers.

    • Rhoadrunner

      Well, I complained (T-mobile user). I ended up shelving my iPhone and got a Windows Phone 7. Problem solved.

    • Shrike1978

      No simultanious data and voice is a dealbreaker for me. I’ve never had any problems whatsoever with AT&T (been with them for 10 years through two mergers/name changes), and based on using my iPhone vs. friends Androids, I haven’t seen anything better in my area. You’re right, people will complain about anything and the grass is always greener. AT&T may have had problems when the iPhone was released, but Verizon would have had the same issues if they’d gotten it first.

      The way I look at the data/voice issue is that since I’ve had it this way for two and a half years, I’m used to it. If I’d never had it, I wouldn’t know what I’m missing, but since I have, there is no way I’ll ever give it up.

  • manuel

    By the way, this phone is going to suck for the next month, because 4.2.5 means NO JAIL BREAK. Depression is coming my way in Feb

  • Sab803

    So how will FaceTime work. Doesn’t it uses voice + data at the same time?

    • Shrike1978

      I think it uses data only, but even if it doesn’t, it is WiFi only (unless you’ve jailbroken).

  • Sab803

    Does FaceTime uses voice + data at the same time? How will this work on verizon?

  • manuel

    @ Sab803

    Face time is Wi-Fi only. If your jail broken and use facebreak or some other app, using 3G to make Face time calls can be possible. Users on the T-Mobile side use Face Time with Edge, and fake out the iPhone to think it’s on Wifi, so it looks clear, and it works, while not using Data as well.

  • This will be good for Verizon customers

  • Lucky for me, I live near a metroplex, where AT&T likes to keep data streams constant and (fairly) quick. I haven’t been phased by the rest of the country’s complaints about them, but the fast that CDMA can’t do data and voice simultaneously is a huge turn off.

    However, I wonder if I can use the Verizon iPhone with AT&T?
    I haven’t heard anyone say it can’t work. Can it?

  • Niazi

    I live in Pakistan , so i haven’t use AT&T neither Verizon , but being Apple fan i was following Verizon discussion for 1-2 month . I read 90 % comments about complaining AT&T and wanted to switch to Verizon but now when IP4 Verizon about to launch 90% comments are about staying with AT&T . Cant understand U peeps . LOL

    • Shrike1978

      People like to complain and will always find something to complain about. If Verizon had gotten the iPhone first, its network would have gotten hit just as hard as AT&T’s and people would have spent the next 4 years complaining about how bad Verizon sucks and how much they with AT&T would get the iPhone. Now that it’s coming to Verizon, people are finally starting to realize the limitations in Verizon’s CDMA and realizing that the grass might not actually be greener on the other side.

  • Matty

    Basically us Brits got it right, none of our data networks had any issues when the iPhone was originally launched (On O2 or Telefonica if your continental). O2 just works, all the time; they offer superb customer service, and I get all you can eat data for £15/month with 100 minutes and unlimited texts.

    You Americans (for once), get completely ripped off by your mobile networks!

  • anil

    Hi I actually want to know does VZW iPhone 4 works out side USA.if I buy here and send it to India.