I’ve seen the same question being asked over and over again on Twitter and in the comments here, so I figured it’d be a good idea to clarify things up a little bit. Many of you are confused about Verizon getting the iPhone. Does that mean AT&T will lose the iPhone? Absolutely not.

AT&T will not lose the iPhone. Come June, Apple will unveil a new iPhone and this iPhone will be available on both AT&T and Verizon. Up until today, AT&T had the exclusivity of the iPhone, meaning they were the only carrier allowed to sell it in the US. Today, this exclusivity came to an end and Apple decided to add an additional carrier in the US…

AT&T will keep selling iPhones. Verizon will start selling iPhones. Even though both networks are different, it’s always a good thing to have more competition. In the end the consumer always wins. With Verizon now selling the iPhone, consumers will now have more options, and both carriers will probably fight to be more competitive, which means cheaper prices, more features, etc…

In short, Verizon is not stealing the iPhone from AT&T. They will now both sell the device.

  • well the iphone 5 could be an unlock/sim free iPhone
    during Q/A Cook refused to answer the question about the 1 year update cycle for iPhones
    and he also made clear that Apple and Verizon have signed a multiyear NON-exclusive contract

    iphone 5 will be for all carriers

  • Yea.. But now ATT will have to get its game on, if they want to really keep their customers!!! About time iPhone was distribute by another carrier. And like you say, in this battle the winner is the consumer since this means ” who gives more for cheapest price “. Down in PR, att is not that bad, but it would really help if they decide to eliminate the data browsing restrictions. Thanks for the update MR. Page… 😛

  • SpeeBee

    Am I missing something here? Living in Europe, we can walk into the Apple Store and buy an iPhone 4 without any contract and then install any SIM card. Yes you can get the phone heavily subsidised if you sign a contract with a carrier but then when you add up your monthly spend, very often you pay more in the long run. Is the iPhone not available SIM free in the US?

    • goofygreek

      no your not missing anything. your are right. you cannot get the iphone here in america unlocked and available for any network. thats why unlocking has become such a big deal here. europe has always had a better policy when it comes to having unlocked cell phones.

    • iPhoNerd

      Only two major GSM operators are in US. T Mobile and AT&T. Both using different waves for data. Therefore, even an unlocked iPhone here in US will not result the full potential of it. Unlocked iPhones on TMobile network is only good for voice and Edge data browsing.

  • Jason masters

    What restrictions are those? I’ve been there and never noticed that?

  • Christopher Williams

    I’m sticking with At&t. Their Data Plans are Almost the same with the exception of unlimited which I already have with At&t as well as Unlimited Text on a Family Plan all for under $200.

    • Chill843

      Exactly, I’m just waiting for all these peons to jump ship and make things easier for existing customers. My service with AT&T has been great once we got 3G in the hood. I have 2 iphone 4’s with unlimited data, text, and voice calls. And i pay under $200 a month. Both jailbroken. It would be a huge step backwards for me to move to big red. Besides, when I did have a Verison phone years ago, my bills always fluctuated every month getting higher and higher. If I wanted things to get that high I would have started smoking crack!!! Lol

  • Jason masters

    Lmao !!

  • Carl

    This might be a blessing in disguise. AT&T and the popularity of iPhone has been having issues with network which is why Verizon looks great. AT&T has had some serious issues playing with the network upgrade… and they seriously need a chance to go 4G too. This is going to be seriously awkward though… but great for the consumer.

  • Thor

    Is an iPhone 5 release confirmed for 2011? Please provide the source. (other than past history). The indications are that Apple is not ready to release 4G variants this June. I think after today the constant rumor mill will be “when” the i5 will be released. Is there really a compelling reason for one this year without faster data speeds?

  • Lazy Kid

    It could be possible that AT&T would not see a brand new iPhone5 in June/July. A possible refresh with subtle changes (ala 3Gs) and more memory onboard could happen. In 2012 we could see one model to cover the LTE networks of both networks. While that would be ideal, the problem would be Verizon will still depend on CDMA for voice and LTE for data. A CDMA+LTE device would work, but the question is how backwards compatible the hardware of the LTE antennae is for GSM. Besides carrier reliance and control, CDMA has always been the main thing holding back American mobile advancement.