One of the first questions that might have come to your mind after the announcement of the Verizon iPhone this morning probably was: can you jailbreak the Verizon iPhone? Can you unlock it? That’s something we obviously can’t know for sure until our favorite Team of iPhone hackers get their hands on one of those babies.

However, I would assume that the jailbreaking process for the Verizon iPhone might not be different from AT&T’s. I assume the iOS loaded will have the very same backbones, even though iOS for Verizon will include extra features such as the ability to use your iPhone as a hotspot…

Something tells me if there is an exploit to be found, the exploit will be present in both versions of iOS.

Now regarding the Verizon iPhone unlock, I think it’s a completely different story. The basebands will be completely different and seeing how CDMA is not nearly as popular as GSM, I think the Dev Team will focus on the latter.

But again, we won’t know for sure until the Verizon iPhone comes out.

  • josh

    *of iphone hackers

    • Gijoe

      Can the Verizon Iphone launch mean that Iphone Dev won’t focus on unlocks at all?

    • Gijoe

      Can the Verizon Iphone launch mean that Iphone Dev will not focus on unlocks at all?

  • Lol, now the dev team has it hands full , I say we are doomed to many devices fir the dev team to keep in top off, not mentioning the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 around the corner…. The cat might win the fight !

    • tim

      nice tits

      • David


      • Fluffybunny

        I have to concur

      • maximoso

        Please can you untether them.

  • Shrike1978

    I’m predicting that Limera1n will be closed. It’s already been closed in the software iBoot (thus the reason we need a separate untether). It’s simple enough for them to implement that fix in the firmware iBoot. At this point, it’ll be SHAtter or userland, and I’ll wager that if SHAtter is still open, they’ll save it for iPhone 5.

  • Mandeep

    My opinion is that unlock on Verizon phone isn’t important. With a GSM phone it made sense since it’s pervasive world-wide, don’t believe that is the case with CDMA. I don’t see Dev team spending any resources on this.

  • Jason masters

    The Verizon iPhone is both CDMA and gsm so the unlock is the same process because the aim card slot is still there Verizon has a bunch of phones with both capacity they all can be unlocked if you travel you can simply ask Verizon to unlock it and they will but I’ll bet it will come unlocked

  • blah

    Annnd, you didn’t read any of the releases. The photos shown here were fake, The Verizon model has no SIMslot and no mention of GSM compatibility

  • Jason masters

    It does have dual capacity CDMA and gsm you can verify through gizmodo apple and various other sources even the leaked designs show the sim slot it’s just common sense even blackberrys have sim slots on Verizon

    • Pirates Suck

      Just checked Gizmodo. Verified you are WRONG. It is CDMA only.

      • Jason masters

        Lol good now check under the bed

    • Human Being

      lmao the press release was already out straight from verizon months before you made this comment… the iJUNK are all CDMA ONLY!

  • Samanchal

    I phone4 sales came down…
    Useless … With out unlock or jailbroken..!

  • Pirates Suck

    Under the bed all clear!

    • Jason masters

      Lol I found it on this Finnish website called ifun very informative!

  • Leo

    If verizon iPhone doesn’t have a sim slot then you don’t need unlock…. You can’t use other carrier than verizon anyway

    • Bullet

      That’s not necessarily true. Remember, Sprint uses CDMA also.

  • Jason masters

    I wonder if you’ll be able to flash it to like virgin mobile that would be awesome cuz they have real cheap plans Ohh the scene has changed it sure has

  • misubi

    I’ve been using my locked Iphone 4 overseas as an IPod for 3 months. I’m patient, but Dev team, let’s go I expected a *little* faster unlock in the pipeline. Please!

  • Alex

    If you can unlock a Verizon iPhone. You can put it on cricket. $55 unlimited everything. In CDMA, it’s called flashing. Everybody in my school flashes their CDMA phones to Cricket because it’s cheap. Also, Cricket activates any phone, regardless of ESN or carrier.

    • Human Being

      Good point and agree with some others too that an unlock might not be that high on the priority list but early jailbreak would be nice to be up on that “to do” list for many reasons 😉

  • AlienEye

    once someone flashes/unlocks the verizon iphone4, the sales are gonna go up again on black market because you’ll be able to use it on all cdma networks including boostmobile. verizon is going to loose alot of money if this happens. all phones are unlockable, its just a matter of how long it will take someone to crack it. i give it about 1 week.