It appears that Verizon’s upcoming version of the iPhone 4 won’t have that many distinguishing factors between AT&T’s version from a hardware perspective. Spy shots revealed last week show an almost identical iPhone 4, with only subtle hints at changes with the antenna among other things.

So, how can Verizon make an even bigger splash when it unveils a phone that has been available for over half a year? According to the WSJ: offer $30 unlimited data to spite AT&T’s recent restructuring to its data plans.

If you can remember, AT&T was met with its fair share of criticism when it unveiled new tiered data pricing on the eve of the iPhone 4’s launch. AT&T no longer offers unlimited data to new subscribers; the most you can score is a $25 2 GB plan.

Now, Verizon is gearing up for what will undoubtedly be a hilarious PR campaign against its arch-rival….

Although Verizon itself has hinted at the industry’s need to shift to tiered data plans in the past, it appears that it’s prepared to eat those words, at least for a while. That way, there can be that true distinguishing factor between AT&T’s iPhone, and Verizon’s.

It’s actually an interesting predicament for all three parties, Apple included. Apple can’t really appear to be on Verizon’s side, because it still has a large partnership with AT&T. Verizon can’t call AT&T’s version of the iPhone out for its antenna deficiencies because that would make Apple look bad.

Because of these factors, it’s evident that Verizon will be willing to eat the cost of $30 unlimited data in the meantime, in an effort to mount a good PR campaign. Perhaps in the process they can lure ones away from AT&T, or at the very least, make up the minds of quite a few fence sitters.

Verizon has scheduled an event this Tuesday, which is all but confirmed to be for the announcement that customers in the US will now have another carrier option when it comes to the iPhone.

Hopefully this increased competition will mean lower prices for all involved. Does this news change your thoughts about switching?


  • jcprosser

    What App is that?

    • Jlowry

      Att wireless

  • That’s AT&T’s myWireless app.

  • Lerimer Santana

    Maybe they’ll also provide FaceTime over their 3G network. Even so, I won’t leave AT&T.

  • Lerimer Santana

    Maybe they’ll also provide FaceTime over their 3G network. Even so, I won’t leave Att.

  • Lerimer Santana

    Maybe they’ll also provide FaceTime over their 3G network.

  • Lerimer Santana

    FaceTime over 3G as well.

  • Txladi29

    I’d consider leaving for Verizon. AT&T is good, but Verizon is better in my area.
    I suppose the real closer is the fine print and what the bottom line is at the end of the deal and day.
    This is business. AT&T is not my friend. Verizon is not my friend. I pay money for a service, that at the time, is not the best, as it is provided from AT&T. If Verizon can do better, why should anyone NOT consider changing?

    • The ETF is the main way that mobile companies “coerce” you into staying…

      • AppleBits

        ETF’s should just be illegal. Shouldn’t even BE an option on ANY network. Yea yea….we all think we are getting some sweet deal on a new shiny phone cuz we signed a 2 year contract. The reality is that you’ll still be paying the full ticket price…just over 24 months. Or even up to $350 more if you ditch early. People shouldn’t be roped into such dirty deals. But what choices do we really have? You want a new iPhone or Droid or whatever….and the “sweet” minutes/data plan all for a nice loooowwww price TODAY….sign here or get out and don’t let the door hit ya in the butt on the way out.
        That’s ONE good thing (among others) I liked about being on V. Their EFT would whittle down to a smaller amount the longer you stayed on your contract. But in the end, EFT are b.s.

  • Lerimer Santana

    My bad for all the comments previously left. It kept saying that my comment didn’t go thru.

  • pn2bade

    My AT&T contract ends in a year and a half so I really hope that the unlimited plan is still offered. Damn early adoption.

  • Jason masters

    Screw both AT&T and Verizon long live Tmobile unlocked iPhones go there for the best rate plan ever cheaper than both companies

    • Lerimer Santana

      And Don’t forget to mention tmobile’s amazingly fast 3G speeds on the iPhone as well!!!! The Hell with tmobile……

      • Jason masters

        So what about 3G I save money that’s better than shitty 3G any day so you’d rather spend 40-50$ more a month just to have 3G that’s truly idiotic edge isn’t that bad and there’s wifi nearly everywhere these days anyhow so you go to Verizon or AT&T and spend all your money on there high priced plans I’ll stick with Tmobile save money and still have all the same features you have except you’ll pay more because you wanted your precious 3G gee whose got the better deal

    • Lerimer Santana

      Really I don’t care much for tmoble the same way you don’t care about verizon or Att. That’s why we have choices. And really since I have the change to spare I’m sticking with Att. I personally haven’t had trouble with reception or dropped calls so…. Why take the risk with another carrier…

  • Kingz

    Guys! T mobiles 4g network puts my att iphones 4s 3g to shame! Im in nyc and the 4g here is amazingly fast.

    • Maneul

      Care to tell me why T-Mobile made a 4G network when their 3G is crap? How stupid T-Mobile was and how bitter it became when it didn’t get the iPhone, thus pushing 4G networks in places where their 3G is even twice as spotty as AT&T’s network. They 3G network drops when I’m on a bus, and I’ve never ever had that happen to me but once on AT&T. Verizon, not once at all. I even get service in the train station a lot of the time because of Verizon and sometimes AT&T, but not so much.

      Their 3G is super fast, and don’t get me wrong, I’ve had them before. My only complain is, I can’t use it like a normal 3G service. Even in places where it’s completely 3G, it would drop out and force me onto the EDGE network. That’s something you should work on, because I’m standing in one spot, not moving at all, completely in front of a 3G area and across the street is T-Mobile as well, and my Vibrant and G1 is dropping out? That’s not good bro.

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    I might switch to Verizon for a couple years to try the iPhone features.