Well, that didn’t take long. Business Insider is reporting that Larry Solomon — AT&T’s PR Head Honcho, and Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications — has called out Verizon’s network for its lack of speed.

Per Solomon: “The iPhone is built for speed, but that’s not what you get with a CDMA phone. I’m not sure iPhone users are ready for life in the slow lane.”

Ouch! Well, that pretty much confirms what we’ve known for some time now. AT&T is crying, and Verizon is dying… with laughter…

Biting words coming from a guy whose company has been blasted in the media countless times for the poor performance of their network. Seems like Apple’s cozying up to Verizon is quite the bitter pill to swallow.

Honestly, the best thing for AT&T to do right now is to be competitive with their prices, and continue to work on improving their network. I’d say it’s best to avoid silly verbal skirmishes like this in the media, especially when your company has a known history of network issues.

Speaking from personal experiences, Verizon’s network is much more reliable than AT&T in the majority of places I’ve traveled in the US.

Pot, meet kettle.

[Business Insider]

  • Pete

    He has a point. AT&T has always had the fastest speeds when tested independently.

    I’m also wondering how people will be mad when they can’t talk and use the web simultaneously on the Verizon network.

    I’ll be staying with AT&T. Let people flock to Verizon, it will only improve my speed on AT&T.

    • I don’t talk much anymore…and unlimited data is a beautiful thing

    • I don’t talk much anymore…and unlimited data is a beautiful thing not to waste

      • Thomas

        I have unlimited data.


    • soccerkrzy

      My guess is there are two CDMA chips in there, one for data and one for voice, since it’s not confirmed yet we don’t know. The two chips would enable simultaneous data and voice. Hell, maybe Verizon will use the GSM chip to piggy back AT&T’s network so there will be simultaneous…

    • AJ

      Sounds like a Verizon fan boy wrote this.  CDMA is slow, and no data and voice at the same time is a fail. The AT&T tower by my house pushes 6mbps. I am sticking with AT&T. 

    • AJ

      Sounds like a Verizon fan boy wrote this.  CDMA is slow, and no data and voice at the same time is a faiI. I am sticking with AT&T. 

      • AJ,

        I’m not a VZW fanboy by any means. I’m just thoroughly excited that the AT&T monopoly is coming to an end. Competition is good for prices, and better service in the long run. I have used both services side by side for years now, and if I had a quarter for every time my Verizon phone had service when my AT&T phone had zero bars, I’d probably be able to buy an iPhone 4 out of contract, and bypass both carriers altogether.

    • Agreed! Spread the word of how great the Vreizon iPhone performance is and all of us on AT&T will benefit.

  • James

    AT&T is hardly crying. They knew what was happening and that’s why they allowed anyone whose contract was expiring at anytime in 2010 upgrade to the iPhone 4 at the upgrade price. Now even if these people want to switch they are locked to that now higher early term contract.

    No matter how many they lose, they gained a hell of a lot more. And in the end hopefully the phone on various carriers is better for the end users!

  • Takean

    Lol. iPhone users not ready for slow speeds. Hell. That’s all I get with AT&T and my area. Lmao. I have no 3G, but use to have edge. Lol. I don’t have edge anymore but still live in the same area. Lmao. So I think most iPhone users like me wish for higher speeds and around here, Verizon does so.

  • soccerkrzy

    I get twice the speed any Verizon phone does in Raleigh, NC so I’m not complaining.

  • AT&T works fine in some areas, but those areas tend to be only major cities that don’t have data congestion. Everywhere else, AT&T sucks rocks.

  • Joker8808

    I’m all for a verizon iPhone if it helps me get better Internet speed.

  • This statement by an AT&T senior executive neatly sums up their internal delusion about their network and helps explain why they have the worst in America today. If I AT&T I would stop trying to convince the world that their network performs by simply trying to shout loudest and actually spend some money upgrading it. But what do I know, I am just a 10 year AT&T wireless customer about to move over to Verizon…http://bit.ly/crJMcH

  • VZW upgrade there network while At&t did just enough to get the iPhone contract…hoping it would pay off in the long run…now VZW is set up and ready to take advantage…thus the reason why VZW is able to introduce LTE first (NOT Sprints WiMax 4G)…I’m happy with download speeds in my area and again I don’t talk much on my phone anymore so simultaneous V&D isn’t a big deal…after working for At&t for 2 years and listening to countless people complain about spotty coverage…I gotta say HAHAHA enjoy your tiered data plans…

    • soccerkrzy

      Lol, you really don’t know what you’re talking about do you?

      • Please inform me..

      • crapple

        vzw has put in over 60 million in upgrades to their network..

        I don’t even care about the iphone tbh, I enjoy my android 2.2

        oh and who really needs to talk and use data at the same time? how often does that really come into play in our daily life?

  • Sounds like Larry is Scared of Big Red…..

  • AppleBits

    Will a Verizon iPhone be able to be jailbroken? That’s all I care about. lol

  • David Hayward

    This is a poorly informed story. The issue is with the way that Verizon and AT&T’s networks work. AT&T has a much “beefier” data pipeline because on GSM data and voice are all combined. Verizon’s network instead works using CDMA which separates data and voice into two separate pipelines. What this means is that when AT&T’s network is slammed with data requests you sometimes get more dropped calls, but what it also means is that AT&T’s network is capable of handling much higher quantities of data, and data speeds when using comparable technologies to Verizon’s CDMA. While you might get a couple more dropped calls on AT&T because of this, when Verizon get’s slammed with all of it’s new iPhone users you’re probably going to get greatly decreased data speeds or maybe even dropouts.

    • David,

      We will have to wait and see, but for now, the bottom line is that if you poll the majority of mobile users, most of them will take Verizon over AT&T. Wouldn’t you agree?

      I’ve seen it first hand. I’ve gone hours at a time without being able to use my iPhone while on AT&T, while my Verizon phone worked perfectly fine.

      I understand about the supposed limitations that CDMA brings, but we still have yet to hear the announcement yet. So, right now, all of this is pure speculation from AT&T’s side.

  • Really, when you think of it, AT&T is receiving a lot of ill-will due to their performance, and prices over the past few years. It’s finally catching up with them.

    Honestly, I couldn’t care less about either, they’re both overpriced in my opinion, and I don’t agree with the tactics of either. But there’s no denying who’s coverage is more reliable over the majority of areas where there coverage overlaps.

    • David Hayward

      I agree that they’re both overpriced and could care less for either of them. I’m just trying to paint a balanced picture. CDMA has it’s advantages, one of the biggest being less dropped calls. You do need to hand it to AT&T though when it comes to data speed. This is not from a lack of effort on Verizon’s part, but rather a disadvantage of CDMA technology.

      You seem to be putting a lot of emphasis on the advantage of Verizon’s technology, while not giving any credence to the advantage AT&T does have. If you look at pretty much any independent testing of network speed AT&T wins. Now that’s not going to be the case in every place you visit, but when you test the network as a whole, AT&T has the fastest data speeds around.

      • David,

        Okay, I see your point. Perhaps it did paint that picture, although it wasn’t my intention. My reasons for calling AT&T out stem from the fact that he doesn’t know all of the details of Verizon’s announcement.

        I’m sure VZW is well aware of the speed issues, and have possibly come up with a solution. Unlikely, but possible nonetheless. We don’t know until real world testing comes out.

        Guess we’ll have to wait any see what Verizon and Apple have come up with tomorrow.

        Edit: I suppose I’m a bit bitter myself over AT&T’s ineptness dealing with me personally. I know all customer experience doesn’t reflect mind, but it’s hard to stay 100% objective when I’ve dealt with their nonsense for so long.

      • Well, David, I can admit when I’m wrong. I thought for sure Verizon would have a plan for dual data/voice, but they’re really trying to gloss over the fact that it’s standard CDMA. It’s quite humorous to see Verizon tip-toeing around that question in the QA session.

        Not that it’s a huge deal breaker, but I can see where it could be annoying. Because of this, the iPhone 4 on AT&T remains the superior version in my opinion. I’m still interested to see whether or not the Verizon iPhone will retain its SIM slot of not.

        More details sure to come…

  • James

    Be interesting to see if verizons network gets a hit because of this. I will find it really funny if verizon starts dropping calls in busy areas due to a few million iPhones being sold. Apple will be the destroyer of networks 🙂

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Sticking with AT&T. Service is nice here in my local city where ive spent most of my life.

    By the way for all the people that ask “how often do you use data and voice at the same time in you daily life?”…i do very frequently. Especially if im on break or just chillin surfing the web listening to pandora and get a call from someone. I can talk to them via headset or speakerphone and continue reading articles or blogs just as this one…

    Point made, as im typing this comment my girlfriend called. If this was verizon network i wouldnt be able to respond til i finished my call. I also have facebook chat running in background. Anyways…

    Ive stated in many blog posts that many of us have had different experiences with both providers and beyond. They each have their own pros and cons but at the end of the day we are the consumer. Which ever provider you benefit most suits you. AT&T may have best service but if coverage is poor in you area to benefit from it then it only makes sense to switch to a more reliable provider in your area. Same goes for verizon.

    If all the companies offered same service, same options, same coverage, same everything then they would cannabelize themselves cause they have no competition. So each has its own perks. Roll with suites you best. Its that easy.

    As an AT&T customer ive had a pleasant experience with them. To be honest ive had hurdles with them (no network is perfect) but each has been ironed out in a timely manner and have had great customer service.

    Now im sure not everyone here can say that and i totally understand. Not everyones experience is the same. No network is perfect. I could careless what AT&T says nor Verizon in their PR talk…thats just to stir things up abit and get people talking but all and all doesnt reflect my experience one bit. AT&T doesnt reflex me nor does their PR talk.

    So people of this blog…dont take it so personal lol.

    • SoCoMagNuM:

      Nice breakdown on your reasoning, thanks for sharing!

      • SoCoMagNuM

        no problem. people dont realize that just someones experience is different from yours, they are lying or some sort of asshole. i mean honestly we all can be right. Ive had great service from AT&T and ive been with them since 2005. why switch? like old saying goes why fix something that isnt broken? not saying that in regards to the network cause technology constantly changes and upgrading in most cases is essential but as far as my choice in provider is im comfortable where im at, theres no need to jump the gun.

        now on other hand someone could have crappy service from AT&T, many dropped calls, poor customer service (they do have bad reps out there…trust me ive ran into many). grass could be greener for them on the other side. if so then shoot for it. your the consumer. you get what you pay for. so if you pay for crappy service then seek better service else where…its that simple. same rules apply for verizon cause ive heard many stories about their network similar to AT&T customers.

        its not brand name in any way for me. i dont care if AT&T changed their company name to SASQUASH PINEAPPLE NETWORK (sounds redundant) but if it works as it does now…i have no complains though that title is very unattractive lol.

        Is there a possibility that one day i part ways with AT&T? of course. networks change for the best and even for the worst. next generation is the LTE network and coverage will be different. the companies will be competing and as the consumer we will have to choose whats best for us. also i could move to another location and doing so can effect my experience. i amy move to an area with spotty service, no 3G, etc thus forcing me to switch to a more suitable provider.

        theres amny variables here but as of now..AT&T all the way.

  • AT&Ts higher data speeds that are talked about are not as widespread…most areas you will get close speeds…where AT&T has HSDPA is where your getting the higher speed…mostly bigger cities..

    Networks work better for different people…don’t bash companies because you are on the other….

    • David

      Umm actually I you et your facts straight a large amount of verizons “3G” network is barely faster that AT&T’s 2.5G Edge network. They just chose to label it 3G to make their network look better. The fact is that in independent testing AT&T is faster across the country. I don’t know why anyone with half a brain would try to still argue that, especially when I’ve already concede network reliability. Yes there are going to be a few places where Verizon might be faster, but most of the time it is just not the case. And the stats back up that statement, not just my opinion.

  • RLowe

    As many as four dropped calls within a few minutes back and forth between one party and myself with the combination of iPhone and AT&T – that raises a question of how bad AT&T service will be as it unquestionably gets worse and worse.. Who cares about data speed, if one uses (or tries to use) his iPhone as a cell telephone when every call results in being suddenly cut off – then having either waiting for the other party to call back or calling back oneself. That’s within the urban core of Honolulu. On the outer islands it is often that the phone (network actually) doesn’t work at all. I had been a customer of T-Mobile and there were no or rare dropped calls. I inherited an iPhone so switched from T-Mobile to AT&T in order to take advantage of getting an iPhone as a gift and the ability to switch to a family plan at AT&T.