I fired up Cydia early this morning, and I was greeted with a bright yellow box that contained this message: “Cydia is temporarily offline while I do some kind of really important update.”

According to the message, the update will be completed in a few hours, bringing about some “really awesome changes later/soon.”

So, basically, we probably won’t be noticing any changes at this time, but these updates are laying the groundwork for what will be some significant changes in the near future…

Oddly enough, I was able to use Cydia as normal, and download a few new jailbreak tweaks for my iPhone with no problems. Whether or not the download service will be available throughout the entire update is still questionable at the moment.

Hopefully updated badge detection, a faster UI, and better backup options will be included with the new changes, but at this point it’s still anyone’s guess; no word from @Saurik’s Twitter account at the moment, either.

While we sit and speculate, why not tell us what you’d like to see from an updated Cydia?

  • Kingz

    Works fine for me.

  • AmpliHelix

    … and where in that message does it say it promises anything? -_-

    • Thomas

      Did you even read it? Don’t make stupid comments without reading.

      • AmpliHelix

        I’ve read it you idiot and nowhere does it say that Saurik is promising anything.

    • SillyBear

      “really awesome changes later/soon.”
      Last line…


  • Kingz

    Cant wait for the new ipad to come out.

  • Cydia is back online.

  • Flo

    BACKUP!!!!! I really miss Rock only for that… It was so easy to reinstall all the tweaks and sources, why damn can’t Saurik do the same??? :-/

  • HasanM

    I agree , it’s really annoying when you reinstall everything from cydia
    and a little more speed would be nice too .

  • StanTheMan

    It’s just part of the greater scheme to take over the world. HAHAHHHHHHHAAAAAAA

  • Chris

    Is it me or is Cydia’s homepage quiet a mess at the moment?

  • Danny Marks

    A faster UI is top of my priority list

  • Ricardodelsidney

    I hope it looks a little more professional, too.

  • Geoff

    Well been a database migration it will most likely be upgraded at the same time to allow extra info in the database like backup info ?

  • Nate

    A couple things they need to get rid of in cydia…. 1) Ringtones… I don’t need a jailbroken phone for free custom ringtones. And i hate that 15 new ones pop up everytime it refreshes. 2)picture themes… Now that iOS 4.x is out anyone can put background on homescreen. If ur only changing the background don’t waste the space on cydia. 3) list what iOS everything works for…. It says works for iOS 4…. Yea iOS 4.0 and 4.0.1 but not 4.1. So no it doesn’t work for 4…. Just 4.0

  • Selcuk

    Yeah a backup option like rock will be great.. Doors will soon be opening for cydia hopefully though, looking forward to it 🙂

  • Rocky

    Is it still offline….no connection as of this morning