Back in November, we brought you this article highlighting the differences between a tethered jailbreak versus an untethered jailbreak. That article satisfied a lot of unanswered questions, but we understand that there still remains quite a bit of confusion between the two types of jailbreaks.

Does having a tethered jailbreak really mean that you cannot reboot your iPhone without a computer? We answer this, and additional questions in this video tutorial…

In a nutshell, yes, a tethered jailbreak is still undesirable because you will not be able to use your iPhone if it powers down for any reason. In order to use it again, you will need to use a computer to perform a tethered boot with your jailbreak tool.

In my current circumstances, normally that’s fine, even with my daily driver. That’s because I’m usually very cautious about watching my iPhone’s battery life, and not doing anything that will cause it to reboot while I’m away from the office.

What do you currently use? Tethered or untethered? If untethered, do you find it to be a big hassle, or is it hardly noticeable? Let us know.

  • Bo s.

    I am Still running on 4.01 unteathered…. Lol

    • Bdubs

      Same haha

      • Im running 4.2.1 on iPod 3 lol

      • jOsh

        im running on ipod 4g 4.2.1 unteathered

  • I have just switched to tethered on my iPad to get the better features og iOS 4.2.1 however I have to ensure that I don’t power off whilst away from pc or laptop,this also means having Redsn0w and restore file on all my pc’s so that I can robot if ever I need to.
    Fact is if untethered was available then no one would have a tethered jailbreak.

  • Ricardodelsidney


  • TotallyBrit

    I read a lot of posts highlighting the differences between the two types of jailbreaks. But very rarely anybody explains why or what determines the type of jailbreak?

  • Alvin

    Last time i jailbroken my new 3gs model with the untethered one eventually after i install installous restart and is stuck in apple logo :S >.< was manage to kick out of dfu mode Thank god -1 for untethered

  • DefJamz

    greetings from singapore.

    bought an i4 for my younger sister a couple of days ago. she wants it jailbroken as my 3GS. i told her yes i can do it for her. however, after i warned her of it being tethered since its on 4.2.1, she was hesitant. so i told her to hang on till the untethered is released. but today, she decided to go ahead. and after jailbreaking it, she keeps on questioning me about the likelihood of her i4 powering down while she’s out of home. how much i wished for her sake that the jailbreak is untethered. after the last tethered jailbreak came from geohot, i told myself; never again b/c it simply is too troublesome. and the current redsn0w jailbreak isnt a one click jb. which only adds to more hassle than it should hv been.

    so untethered please all the way. save us from being tied to our desktop/laptop when it comes to tweaking our idevices,

  • loop_exec

    iPod Touch 4G 32GB 4.2.1 Tethered

    i cant install cyídia pacjages on the go, thats all

    otherwise im fine with it. dsnt realy matter if you restart your device onec a week

  • Longkeg

    I had been tethered on 4.2.1 but just untethered this morning with the release of Rdesn0w 9.7b5. So far, so good. Everything works.

  • clg

    i Have a 3gs 4.1 untethered… everything fine!! but the battery issue is very bad..just 4 hours of battery heeelp!!!!

  • i’m running tethered 4.2.1 simply because i’m too anxious to wait to update my iPhone and iPad and want jailbreak… but i dont find it much of a hassle. you just need to be cautious with battery and i try to reboot once every two days at home just in case… of course, if u travel a lot you’ll have troubles probably…

  • justdave

    tethered, but ok. Only hassles was having to power down my device on the flight to Dublin, but then my laptop is always in my bag so what the hell. Got a quite corner and in less than two minutes it was go again.

    • Bluegrape21

      Just put it on flight mode next time 😉

  • danny

    Although the thought of a tethered jailbreak really disturhed me, my hand was forced whrn I git an Apple TV, the only time i have haf to re tether though is because i stupidly forgot to plug my phobe on charge other than that plain sailing!!!

  • Michael

    Tethered and it’s working so well that I may not even switch to untethered until the next iOS version.

  • james016

    I’m on 4.1 untethered. I won’t upgrade the OS until there is an untethered jailbreak for it.

  • Jake

    I bought my iphone 4 about a month and a half ago and it came on 4.2.1 so tethered unfortunately 🙁

  • GorgonPhone

    bout iphone 4 3 days agoe but got it on 4.1 so in am jailbroken untethered.. my ipad is on 4.2.1 using the redsnow untether all thats missing is blue tooth

  • MALdito

    Hey! I noticed that on the screen of the iPhone in the video, there is an icon called “iDB”. Do you guys have an app? if so, where can i get it?

  • Nick

    I imagine it’s a safari desktop shortcut
    Add one through manage bookmarks in safari

    • Bingo. Open Safari, navigate to iDB, Create a Bookmark, and Add To Home screen

      • MALdito

        Cool, thanks!

  • Nick

    I imagine it’s a safari desktop shortcut
    Add one through manage bookmarks in safari.

  • Nick

    I imagine it’s a safari desktop shortcut
    Add one through manage bookmarks

  • Reece

    Back in the day when i had an ipod touch 3rd gen, i used the old tool Blackra1n which was tethered and tbh i didnt have any problem with constantly needing a computer, the battery was good aslong as you didnt use it constantly. But now i have an Iphone 4 and would prefer an untethered, just in case it ever does die

  • Paul

    😀 i am now on 4.2.1, cause i failed to save my SHSH blobs -__-

    *sittin’ here at my grandma’s house, forgot my connector & stuck @ apple logo


  • Eduardo Gonzalez

    If it’s tethered, once you reboot, all jailbreak data is gone…for good

  • rippingviper

    I dont seem to have a problem with my jailbreak being tethered. Even If i need to reboot it still boots up I just can’t use any jailbroken apps on my screen. People are saying they’re iphones are hanging at the apple logo but mine keeps chuggin along right to the lock screen and works as if it werent jailbroken when i dont have my cord near me. I have a 3gs and its newer. I’d prefer untethered so i can still use my jailbroken apps but otherwise i’ve not had any issues.

    • Shrike1978

      You can do that if you don’t have any tweaks installed that hook the Springboard. You are in the minority if you don’t. The vast majority of people do, and if you do, the Springboard will not load at all.

  • DomPerignon

    I was very reluctant to go tethered, but three weeks ago I upgraded to 4.2.1 and decided to give tethered a try. So far, I haven’t had any problem at all. I you are cautious and watch your battery life you shouldn’t have any problem.

  • M

  • VinnyVegas

    Can you go tethered and in near future go untethered when that becomes available for 4.3?? TIA

  • More

    my wife pressed the button:erase all content and settings: and now i can not run iphone4,he was stuck on the apple,who knows what to do? HELP!!!!!!

  • Currently running a 4th Gen iPod Touch (4.3.1). Untethered all the way. It’s alot more better simply because if you wish to reserve some battery for a run, you don’t ever have to stay at home and boot it on your Laptop/Desktop which is just amazingly better compaired to teathered. Well, that’s my opinion.

  • good