Ninja Bounce [iTunes link] created by JellyOasis is a survival game and continues my trend of reviewing awesome Ninja-related iPhone games (e.g. Ninjump and Veggie Samurai). This is really a fun game that adds a couple new dimensions to the survival genre. Instead of slicing and dicing like most Ninja games, this game takes a different approach to the Ninja’s skills, the jump (or as Indiana Jones would call it, The Leap of Faith!)

The concept is simple: you must correctly tap on either the two points on the screen that correlates to the specific point of the game. Your Ninja will be constantly moving, however; the length between jumps is directly related to correctly tapping on the right button… 

To make things more urgent, a quickly approaching fire from the left of the screen will be biting at your heels, so make sure you jump like it’s your last or risk becoming Kentucky Fried Sushi!

Ninjas were known to be deadly thieves, only receiving money as payment. Ninja Bounce continues with this tradition by providing players with a slew of gold coins for every correctly timed jump. Mistiming or pressing the incorrect button will give you only one or two coins and will ultimately bring you to a jump closer to death. Timing is easier said than done and it takes a little practice before you get it right.

Ninja Bounce starts out slowly as you get used to the timing and concept of the game. But as you get further along, the game will throw you different combinations, making timing and correct jumps more difficult.

Ninja Bounce offers two different modes of game play: Challenge and Time Attack. Challenge mode will continue until you die, whereas Time Attack mode will time your progress in the game. Correctly timed jumps will allow you to finish the level faster and beat your own score.

The graphics of this game are really well designed and the animation of the Ninja is really spot on. As you move forward, you will be treated with a really nice 3D moving background, currently one of the best I have seen for these types of games. Correct jumps will make your Ninja jump for joy with spins and cute animation.

Good Points:

  1. Excellent Design & Great animation
  2. Challenging as you have to concentrate on timing, surviving and points
  3. Great for casual pickup games

Bad Points:

  1. Hard to get the timing right for jumps
  2. Pace of the game and distances between jumps are hard to determine

Ninja Bounce is a well-designed game perfect for Casual gamers and I highly recommend it. Currently the developers are having a contest and the top scores posted on their fan page will receive a $100, $50 or $10  iTunes Gift Card. I will be posting mine shortly because I want that $100 gift card! Get it while it’s hot!

  • BigJon

    Thanks, looks like I’ll give it a try

  • abanibi

    leaderboard scores don’t even come close to the fb scores…?
    best on leaderboards is around 21k and fb scores have 40k and 60k

  • DCake

    the webpage says highest scores on their fanpage so I guess its going by that..anyways .I think I’ll try it out and see how many points I can get, maybe I can win a card lol

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