Infamous jailbreak application Installous just had a major update and now looks better than it ever did. For those of you who don’t know, Installous is an application that lets you download cracked apps on your iPhone. In short, it’s like the App Store for cracked apps.

I have to admit that the app has been beautifully designed. It looks great and seems to work as advertised. This being said, we at iDB strongly disapprove of anything related to pirating apps…

I’m not into downloading cracked applications. I can afford to spend $.99 on Angry Birds or any other app, so that’s not really an issue. I have to admit though that I’ve used Installous before while traveling internationally. That’s something that is often disregarded, but depending on where you are in the world, you might not be able to download certain applications from the App Store.

When we were in Thailand last year for example, my lovely fiancee’s iPod Touch would not connect to the US iTunes Store, no matter what. The only way for her to download applications was to get them via Installous. Back in the US, I got her the new iPhone 4 and she legally downloaded copies of the apps she wasn’t able to get installed during our trip.

Something tells me there are a lot of you out there who use Installous. If so, would you leave a comment and explain why you use it?

  • Francesco Suarez

    I had an iPod touch for like 2 years and I bought my iPod touch 4G cuz of the camera hahaha,, and the big reason I tell ppl to jailbreak their iPod,iPad, and iPhone is the FREE APPS.. And then I come the theme your iPod Nd the other stuff… So I DO USE install0us to get apps and i dnot care I will still use it no matter what jajaja

  • Smoke

    I agree son

  • Jason masters

    First of all you need to show Sebastian respect he’s always shown us respect and given us top notch news when it comes to iPhones and apple stuff! Secondly it’s not that big of a deal it was a question he posed you would have thought this was a political rally in here you all need to calm down take a Xanax and have a Lil netiquette.

  • Manotai

    For the simple reason that i could try the app first BEFORE i spent monies on it.

  • Oswaldo

    I do use it all the time for test the app before I buy it.

  • Dyablo

    How do you install this? I have tried searching for it on cydia and nothing.

    • Daniel

      You have to add a repo to cydia. Go to on your computer and there’s instructions there. Be very careful about the spelling because if you spell it wrong there will be an error popup every time you open cydia and the only way to get rid of it is a restore, or very cumbersom plist editing.

  • skeet001

    I actually live in Thailand. It’s true, a lot of apps are blocked here, even music. I’ve used installous from time to time, I find that for reliability issues it’s better just to buy the app. I’ve lost my phone a few times or have run into a few problems with jailbroken phones that it’s just more convenient running a standard unjailbroken phone for the plain ability to restore all my apps and data. For people who aren’t as dependent on reliability or dependability, installous is just a great program. I believe that a major portion of the jailbreakers out there jailbreak for the use of installous. I have yet to try the new updated version but the previous version always ran without a hitch for me. In the end, it’s not always a matter of choice, legal software is not always convenient, especially in third world countries where the use of a credit card over the internet is still considered unsafe, where the majority of cellular phone services have become prepaid.

  • Olufunmi Sobodu

    I use its almost as a preview to the App, some of these apps are expensive for instance Infinity Blade, I did not know if it was my cup of tea, £6.99 is a lot to waste. I downloaded, enjoyed it then bought it. I use it solely as a preview of the app.

  • Burk

    I use it to try out apps before actually buying, and it’s helped me save a nice chunk of change from buying apps that weren’t what I was hoping they’d be.

  • Kat

    I use it too bc of the country I live in. Besides, I love downloading apps like expensive dictionaries. I have like 20 and they are 26 dollars each. I have to be honest. I wouldnt spend 26 dollars in an app, there are lots of .99 apps but also a lot of 10, 20 or 30 dlls ones.

  • Jared

    What’s the repo for installous?

  • I work in Khartoum, Sudan and not able to access AppStore due to sanction. So, Installous is my savior.

    • Jason masters

      I thought Jesus was your saviour lol just kidding I know how sanctions are I lived in the middle east I did two tours there

  • @Jared,

    Add the following repo:

  • Khoa

    Multi tasking was implemented by the way. More than just a visual makeover. There’s a home page + app stops crashing now.

  • ryan

    it seems that the repo is unreachable for me. and all the websites that I go through chrome appear to be broken. any news on that?

  • GorgonPhone

    yup and it does not

  • Anthony

    If developers started allowing trial periods for their apps i and many others would stop using installous. Some applications on the App Store are upwards of 5 dollars and blatantly lie about what they do, or they just aren’t worth the money at all. The ability to try the application out, even if just for a day, would help the decision to buy the app or not.

  • Matt

    People who rationalize not paying for apps dont get that it takes a lot of work to make an app. It is stealing. Stop trying to rationalize it. It does cause harm. If you think it doesn’t you are deluding yourself. I’m sure there are one or two people who are being honest, and they do purchase what they try out, but only if they like it. But I bet many people dont. Somehow people have a feeling of entitlement that they deserve to reap the rewards of other peoples hard work.

  • Dillon

    @matt don’t sit there and bitch out the users it’s the ones who crack it you should complain about I use installous daily as a college student you can’t control the usage unless you stop the source idiot