There are some many wonderful jailbreak apps and tweaks that I use on a daily basis, that I truly feel lost when I’m stuck with a stock iPhone.

Being without apps like SBSettings, BiteSMS, and ActionMenu truly makes using the iPhone less of an experience. In fact, I’d much rather be stuck with less Apple features if that means I can stay jailbroken, hence I always wait until there’s a jailbreak solution prior to upgrading my firmware.

Oddly enough though, there is one significant jailbreak app that hasn’t truly been attempted, and if it has, I surely haven’t been aware of it. Why we don’t have an app like this, is still anyone’s guess, but it’s safe to say that it would change the way we communicate via our iPhones…

The app that I’m looking for isn’t anything fancy, and it isn’t anything we’ve yet to see in the world of computers. In fact, every desktop and laptop computer that we use today, has this simple, yet necessary feature.

The app I’m referring to is this:

The Startup App

Yes, The Startup App. Surprised? Confused? Disappointed? Let me explain.

What I have in mind is something like this; an app with a layout similar to 3G Unrestrictor or Backgrounder, where you can select from your entire list of installed apps. The apps you select would thus be started automatically anytime your reboot or respring your iPhone.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? As I stated, the same thing happens today when you reboot your laptop or desktop pc, so why not the iPhone?

Why We Need It

Well, we’ve gone this long without a startup app, so I guess we don’t need it, but it would make our lives a whole lot easier. In fact, I think that it could change the way we communicate forever, because it would ensure that we’re always available over an unlimited range of social apps.

For instance, take Skype for example. Skype just recently updated their iPhone app to support video chat over 3G and Wifi, and it works great. The only problem with Skype is that if you reboot or respring, and you forget to launch the app again, guess what? You’re offline, and no one can contact you.

This doesn’t bode well for totally changing the way we communicate. There should be an option to auto start Skype, and other social apps that keep us connected to our friends and family.

Why A Jailbreak App is the Solution

It’s obvious that the jailbreak community is likely our only hope for bringing on this needed change, because I just don’t see Apple budging on this subject, and I doubt they ever will.

The talking heads at Cupertino would reactively bring up the subject of battery life, but that’s not the issue here; the issue is using our iPhones in the way that we want to use them.

For that reason, the jailbreak community’s wonderful development circle is what’s needed in order to bring forth such an awesome app. I’d happily pay $10 for such an app, and I’m sure countless others would be enthused to pony up the same.

What You Can Do

If you feel as strongly as I do about this subject, then keep talking, don’t let it die. Let’s make it apparent that this is something we need. You can do that by commenting below, tweeting it, posting in forums, etc.

Would you like to see The Startup App make it to the iPhone? Let us know!

  • I agree with the startup app, I’ve always hoped for something with similar functionality to release in Cydia.. That would be perfect for auto-starting apps like Skype whenever I respring, as I respring a lot to clear my RAM usage state. Great idea!

    • Whammy!

      Me too. I wish I had the time to develop this. I always wanted it for things like Google Voice, LocationMinder, and non-native Alarm apps that only work when running.

  • AppleBits

    Jeff, you’re posts are really good. I like your way of thinking. Not to say others’ are less interesting, not at all. I just find your grab my attention more. Anyway, thanks for the post, and yes, this would be a nice one.
    But considering some apps that start up are (guessing here) system based or needed, how would one know which to make start up? Or are you simply referring to apps, and not system default settings of any sort?

    • AppleBits,

      Appreciate the feedback. Honestly, I find that I feel the same about the Seb, Alex, and everyone else. I enjoy reading their stuff much more than I do conjuring up and re-reading my own articles.

      I like seeing the different points of view and styles. That’s why I like this blog, and why I was initially a reader for quite some time, because the content is diverse, interesting, funny, and extremely beneficial to those with iPhones.

      I was mainly referring to normal apps, not system apps, but I’m for making it available to both.

  • I agree with your need for such an app. I’ve been using Talkatone to make and receive calls via my Google Voice account and like your example of Skype, I need it in the background all the time.

    I recently installed an app called MultiCleaner that appears to fill this void. It’s intended to prevent apps from running in the background when closed, but you can also set an app(s) to always run in the background. After respringing and rebooting, my Talktatone app appears to be loaded automatically in the background. Check it out and let me know if you have the same result.

    • Interesting, haven’t used that before.. will most definitely check it out…

      • Just tried it, and while the is in the task switcher upon boot-up, it doesn’t actually run until you open it initially… I tested it and I’m still showing offline until I actually launch the app.

    • Thor

      I use Talkatone and can confirm it autostarts on reboot. I will check on respiring. So I see no reason why the suggested app could not be developed or Skype made to do the same.

  • Burge

    I’ve just tried remove BG to keep a app running after reboot and skype was working after bootup ..looks like this app you are looking for could already be here…

    • JS

      I can confirm that using the Remove Background app (available in Cydia) does keep apps running, if added to the white list. I tested using GoogleVoice and i2i Chat (what my Son uses to text from his iPad) and both were still running after a respring and then a reboot. I had never tried this before…Thanks Burge!

  • MALdito

    Its sounds like a great idea!!

  • Erik

    I’ve been hoping to find something like this for a while now. It would be so nice to have certain apps start up after rebooting.

  • six4seven

    I like it!!! I hate when you reboot your device and the mail app isn’t open, the you miss important work email until you open the damn app itself.


  • SpideyRules

    Great idea!

    Not only this, but could we also maybe make sure an app automatically restarts after crashing?

  • Victor

    Great idea, we could definitively use an app like that.

    However, besides battery, RAM is also an issue. I know Apple says that the apps that are “backgrounded” consume minimum RAM, but it’s also true that our device’s RAM significantly diminishes when we have several apps on the multitasking bar (counting only those that actually keep running).

    I know most of you would say ” The iPhone 4 has plenty of it”, but some of us are really maniac about conserving as much of it available as possible.

    Nevertheless, someone from the jailbreak community could easily find a way of dealing with these details and release a worthy app.

    As Jeff said, keep the topic going, and we will probably see a tweak like this in the future.

  • Rizo g

    Excellent article

  • Zeb Sogo

    Jeff… Strangely enough only yesterday i thought to myself, ” if only there were a startup app so my VOIP apps would always launch on reboot. great minds hey 🙂

  • Gorgonphone


  • Daniel

    My brother recently got an android phone and one feature he showed off was the text feature with voice recognition and I was pretty impressed. Could my iPhone do this when I plan to write a text? I know I can use dragon and then paste into text message ….

  • Josh

    That sounds perfect for my skype app! I have always wanted an app that would allow you to sync or unsync all the media on your iPhone directly on the phone. I would pay big money for both!!!

  • for me, i prefer ibluenova
    the bluetooth file transfer to another phone
    without it my iphone is useless
    if my friend want something from my iphone
    i can’t just give it to them
    i must using email or another trick

  • Well, I do not think it will “change the way we communicate”, but nevertheless its an nice tweak!

  • Germanium

    I hAve made a buggy app like this. Only problem is it freezes if i auto start cydia. Other then that it was just a simple copy paste code. Anyone interested leave a comment below

    • RSA

      I’m interested in your solution. Please elaborate! Thanks.

  • Punjabi_Eyes

    And what about an iPhone call recorder app, I’m awaiting for such a long time like many others. I’m just wondering why iPhone don’t have this app?

  • Lilbitbrit

    Get the dev of activator to make a new activation method. Right you can set it to launch an app just by plugging your iPhone into power. What about an activation method triggered by reboot?

    • Lilbitbrit, that’s a good idea; perhaps I’ll do some investigating.

  • Daniel

    A good app along the lines of this would also update things. For example I open Alot of apps when I find WiFi on my iPod touch, and tap the refresh update or whatever button to update stuff, Facebook, Twitter, NewsRack, AppStore, TextFree, just to name a few.

  • Me and my Dev team (phi development) will take a look into this, this is definitely something we ALL could use… maybe Apple will except it.. But i have you guys for it, and IT WOULD BE FREE.

  • Eugene

    This would be awesome. I agree an activator method will probably be the bests everything is there and tested etc. They just need to handle a new event

  • RSA

    Has anyone made any progress on this? I too would absolutely love something like this being made available on Cydia for all jailbroken iPhones. I’m sure people would not mind paying a couple of bucks for something like this. Could any devs please look into this? Thank you!

  • Jeff

    I’m game for pitching some development money as well,
    I’d love to be able to start my Slingbox App at certain times of the day among other apps as well.
    Keep us up to date if anyone finds anything!

  • Bruce

    If you want to start an app at a particular time of the day, use iScheduler. Works great. It is available on Cydia.

  • I will definitely love some like that. Like someone said before, the non-native alarms (radio) clock don’t work if app is closed, there is already a tweak to skechule an SMS ahead on time. I would like a tweak to triggers an app at a determined time ( example: tuneIn radio)

  • any news on this? this is a given for any OS