I mean, really? Did Samsung just blatantly copy the iPhone 4 like that? Okay, to be fair the camera angle of this shot doesn’t tell the whole picture, but still, that’s some sincere flattery that Samsung’s dishing out right there.

Say hello to the Samsung TV Control Remote. Yes, that’s a remote control… for your television. I know, it looks almost exactly like a phone, but Samsung swears that the only thing this puppy will be talking to is your TV…

I have to admit, I was taken aback when I first spied a pic of this pho…err, remote, but seeing additional shots on Samsung’s official CES website helped sort my confusion.

You see, upon seeing further press images, it’s obvious that it’s not a total rip-off of the iPhone; it actually looks as if an iPod Touch 4G and a Samsung Galaxy S had… kids? Mommy, I’m confused.

And if its looks weren’t enough, the TV Control Remote can do quite a few things that smart phones can do, such as YouTube, Skype, Music, etc.

What do you think? Blatant rip off, or the absolute sincerest form of flattery?


  • Mripod64

    Wow…why not just make it an mp3 player with all those flashy features, cause it seams more like what they were shooting for..or is that just me?

    • Hahahaha yups you are absolutely right, and dont forget to add 5mp camera LOL

      • mripod64

        lol would be the remote of the century if it did ;P

  • Bill

    Can I make Skype calls on it??? LOL

    • Mripod64

      Lol well there is the icon 😀

  • Johnnaayy

    My brother’s motorola backflip has the exact same screen as the iPhone but smaller.

  • Z

    Remote that does skype and YouTube?! Come on! They couldn’t come up with a better name?

  • Iphone copy

    I remember a quote on apple’s website about the iphone. It was something like “with the iphone, it’s no wonder why were years in front of everyone” I always thought that was apple acting cocky, but I can’t believe such a thing is true. Look at those Samsung Galaxy S phones. They look all like iPhones from UI to how the apps are put in.

  • if this is true, I take it as an insult to all of us who own this beautifully designed and excellently crafted iPhone 4. To those who are always against iPhone can simply say, your smartphone is just like my remote.

    Stupid Samsung. They are playing dirty game.

  • Kingz

    Guys u can do skype, make calls, etc. All u gota do is jailbreak and put cydia on it

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    Well, I’m going to buy this remote to check its functions.

  • Farrukh

    How can I jailbreak my iPhone 4 on 4.2 version. What steps I need to take and softwares to install?

  • Farrukh

    How can I jailbreak my iPhone 4 on 4.2 version.What steps I need to take and softwares to install?

  • Andrew

    This looks kinda cool, sort of the next generation of those huge Sony remotes with the digital clock type screens in them, like I use. May be picking up one of these.

  • gtfxxx

    I am pretty sure its a remote for your Smart TV, not any regular TV, hence all the icons. BUT DEAR GOD! it looks exactly like an iPod/iPhone