We recently reported on RedSn0w’s new ‘one click’ support which makes tethered boots even easier, and now the Dev Team has released yet another update to RedSn0w.

This latest updated, dubbed 0.9.6rc8 adds some additional reporting to the custom boot logo command line options featured in rc7.

Now when you select an invalid PNG, you should get a pretty error message describing why your image was invalid…

Just another reason to appreciate the hard work of the Dev Team, as they are very thorough and timely with their releases, even when it comes to small things like this.

You can download the latest version of RedSn0w from our downloads section.

What do you think about the command line options in RedSn0w? Are you a proponent of the ‘one click’ tethered boot, or do you still go about your tethered boots the ‘hard way’?

  • MALdito

    Will there be a PC version coming out?

  • Takean

    No kidding. I know they work hard but at this rate 4.3 will be out and us PC owners will still be out of luck 🙁
    I shouldn’t complain though…they do great work and not half assed like some others.

  • Kingz

    Is there a untethered jailbreak for 4.2.1 iphone 4/ ipad.?

  • NewYorker

    So, with this release, there is still nothing for iPhone 4, iOS 4.2.1? Still waiting, and will keep waiting..

  • DomPerignon

    Of course I prefer a ‘one click’ tethered boot but I still prefer a bugs free untethered boot. It seems that with every new firmware is getting more and more difficult to jailbreak the iPhone. Will this cat and mouse race end someday? Some people say it is impossible to end but I am not sure.

  • Art

    wait I don’t get it, so with this new version of redsnow we can change our boot logo?

    • Fman52

      From the beginning u could always change te boot logo for older models. There was a bug in this version that did not display and error if the image was too small or big, so this just simply fixed that.

  • dave

    i wish the would work on the untethered version instead of this.

  • Karam

    I have iphone 3gs 4.2.1 is there is a way to make it untether cuz if i turned off and on agin its stuck on apple logo???

    • Ray

      Remove AppSync or anything that modify the SpringBoard will let you boot your phone x] …

  • Mripod64

    Sigh…still wishing/waiting for the “PC version download link” 😛

  • Ricardodelsidney

    Dear Dev Team,

    Please hold off working on everything until the unteathered JB for 4.2.1 is finished!



  • Vik071

    No, we will not.

    • Ricardodelsidney

      I don’t know why? I am new to jailbreaking, and I guess there are a lot of housekeeping chores that need to be taken care of first? Where is Jeff? He knows all about JB! Maybe he can explain why?

      OK, Vik071. I will sit back and watch the NFL playoffs, and hope it gets done before March Madness. 🙁

  • eclipce051

    Hello guys,

    I just bought a use phone 3gs it was jailbreak and unlock (baseband 6.15 and firmware 4.2.1), I hock it up to my pc and the iTunes send me a restore warning (I had a 2g 3.1.3 sync in that pc) I thought it was just to re-sync my contacts (since it is the only stuff I let iTunes to sync), so after it finish it restarted the phone and now it only shows the apple logo, I download the firmware(4.2.1) and the redsn0w 0.9.6 and started the process with the skn0w:

    1. Load the firmware to be custom.
    2. Next for warnings
    3. Selected the just boot tethered now.

    it when on set the limera1n; but the phone at this point is reset and then send back to the apple logo screen, from this point the computer dose not recognize the phone so redsn0w can’t finish; what I do is:

    1. Set the phone to DFU manually and wait
    2. Reset the phone when LIMERA1N is done installing (manually)

    Then redsn0w does not recognize the phone and keeps waiting for it to reset so I proceed to:

    1. Reset (manually)
    2. Enter DFU

    But redsnk0w will not see it reset and keep the label waiting for reset.

    So the problem is that I can log to the phone, I can’t (or don’t know) how to make redsn0w to keep the flow on the phone re-installation and can’t come out of the apple screen logo.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    • eclipce051

      the problem here was that the firmware was a IPOD version i was loading it by mistake, as soon as i use the real IPHONE 3GS it was fix

  • Nicholas

    what up with a untethered jailbreak for 3gs 4.2 new bootrom for win

  • Darkknight

    Does the jailbreak work with windows7 64 bit?
    Which version of linux?

    • eclipce051

      It dose work with Windows 7 Now