Are these the latest photos of the Verizon iPhone? Quite possibly. The fact that these skeletal snapshots are devoid of any drastic changes just may be indicative that we’re looking at the real deal here.

Inside, we examine three additional photos that highlight the subtle changes between the current iPhone 4, and what may possibly be Apple’s first foray into Verizon land…

All in all, the differences between the current iPhone 4 and this new iPhone may be hard to spot, but they are there. The good folks over at SmartPhone Medic have highlighted the changes with red circles.

The Top

The first noted changes resides on the top of the iPhone (pictured above). Here, you’ll see the current generation iPhone on the right sporting a black, antenna separating band, while what is suspected to be the Verizon iPhone is devoid of said feature.

SIM Side

This is the side that features the SIM card slot. Interestingly enough, if this indeed is the Verizon iPhone, it further concretes the notion that it will be a so-called ‘World Phone’, sporting both GSM and CDMA cellular standards.

Volume Side

The side opposite the SIM card slot sports the same volume and mute switch buttons. Notice the buttons on the reported Verizon iPhone are positioned slightly lower than on the iPhone 4.

Also, you’ll notice a fourth black band resting below the corner edge of the iPhone. Hopefully, this is Apple’s answer to the iPhone 4’s infamous antenna issues.

The Bottom

Last but not least, we have the bottom, which looks virtually identical to the current iPhone 4.

I’m more apt to believe photos like these because the changes aren’t too drastic, and I think Apple is quite satisfied with the iPhone 4’s design besides the obvious antenna problems.

What do you think about these latest photos? Do they look like the real deal to you?

[SmartPhone Medic]

  • Zabuza

    First! I don’t know…this seems easily photoshopped.

    • rizo g

      O M G , u first ……….. wow …………..hahahaha idiot!

  • rizo g

    seems reasonable, but seems like something that could have been done by photoshop , hard to say

  • Burge

    Is just going to be a reworked iPhone 4 to get rid on the antenna problem that’s all .. I just can not see verizon getting this phone..not yet anyway on the grounds of there is not enough LTE networks world wide yet , give up it ain’t happening yet …

    • soccerkrzy

      Uh, the Verizon iPhone would switch to CDMA with dual CDMA chips so it could have voice and data. It has nothing to do with LTE.

      That said, I’m still not sure this rumor is true yet…

      • Hades

        That’s why it’s called a rumor.

  • sara

    If it does go on verizon then there will be enough LTE coverage because they would announce it and then 6-8 months later it would come out on the market for consumers. Which by then there would be more coverage. but its probably not going to because apple is dumb and should have gone with a CDMA iphone in the first place and put it on verizon and not at&t

    • soccerkrzy

      Do you know what you’re talking about? It was Verizon who was dumb and rejected Apple’s control freak. Apple went to Verizon first and Verizon wanted more control (such as putting VCast and their typical random crap on it)

      • Tom

        The whole cell phone crap in the U.S. is control, control, and more control with lousy service added to it. Doesnt matter which carrier u have. The only solution is jailbreak/unlock and its legal so all the control freaks k off.

  • SpideyRules

    Also, these could easily be minor design changes for iPhone 5 (if not photoshopped, of course)

  • Z


  • Thor

    Another blog has a video comparison. So I doubt this is a Photoshop job. No opinion on what this is.

  • GT

    You can watch a specs comparison video here:

  • Manuel

    It’s clearly not photo shopped. I can tell, and trust me, photo shop is hard as hell to use, so I don’t someone would waste time just to get a few chuckles in. Personally, it’s already known that the iPhone is hitting Verizon. The way AT&T is off talking about Android phones and Windows phones, and trying SO HARD to sell them, it’s clear that Verizon and Apple have finally done a good thing. Look at the money they will make. Apple and Verizon working on a Sim based phone, would be just everything for every one. Who would choose AT&T over Verizon if you have voice and data, and better service.

    AT&T has not talked about the iPhone in god knows how long already, since Sep or so. I got a pretty good feeling we will see a great thing come within the next few months.

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    So, if it does come out for Verizon, does it mean it can be unlocked and used with Sprint? Or does it even need to be unlocked?

    • lele

      No, sprint doesn’t allows phone that are not officially in their network to be used in their network, same for verizon.

  • lele

    This is not phoshoped, this pictures are real. But What is unknown if it this is a iphone 4 prototype, iphone CDMA evdo prototype the iphone 5 prototype.

    The pictures are real because Apple just claim youtube to remove the video where this prototype was been shown; Apple wouldn’t have no reason to remove the video from youtube if this wasn’t a real prototype for them.

  • It is real because Apple Inc. pulled the video from the web using their copyright license.

    • Yeah, that certainly lends some legitimacy to the claim. It’s getting exciting folks.

  • Manuel

    From the comments above, this sounds like waiting for a jailbreak and an unlock to come out or something. I just got Verizon 3 days ago. I’m coming from an iPhone to a Droid 2 Global, and this phone is by far the most over hyped piece of crap in the god greens earth. Apps suck, the battery is shit and Google and their phones are crap either way you slice it. 40 dollars for an extend battery because it wouldn’t come stock. I need an iPhone again, and this is giving me hope. I pray I picked the good time to hope on Verizon’s bandwagon, because I’m going into iPhone withdrawal symptoms right now. I need my SB Settings and Installous man ;(

  • Manuel

    @ lele.

    I doubt that a lot. They run on the same CDMA service MHZ wise, and if Verizon gets the iPhone, I’m doubting any simple person who wants to give Sprint money for their service and to use their phone would be turned away. T-Mobile doesn’t turn them away, and Verizon actually has their own phone line where you can Unlock a phone and use on their service lol. It’s a money game brother, and I know they won’t turn any one away if they are going to lock you down for two years and make some off you.

    • lele

      You’re wrong. Sprint and verizon will EVER activate a phone is not branded to them, there’s no way of doing it. They only activate esn registered in their database.

      unlocking is legal and neither T-mobile or AT&T will reject you when activating an unlocked phone with them. Unlocking GSM phones is easier because it phones can be remotely unlocked or with a modified firmware.

      CDMA phones have to be unlock remotely with a code provided by your carrier.

  • John

    Can confirm Apple has pulled this. Either this is what many have been waiting for, or this was a new phone that is going to be put on AT&T and they shitty 4G network. Sad to say how late they are. I was in the mall today and saw a metro PCS retail and they already have 4G network in NYC. How slow AT&T has falling behind. :/

  • Old Tom

    while its pretty certain these images and so forth are legit(i didnt see the video), its just the outer case. Could most likely be a reworking of the seams for the antennas for revamped iphone4. While its certainly possible to be a reworked case for most any variety of any potential iphone variation, its still just that . .. . .a case. So until there is some verifiable internals shown that somebody with far more knowledge of what cdma circuitry would look like, Im not getting “too excited” over this.
    Ive said it before, Id like nothing more than for the iphone to show up on verizon, but not for the same reasons that the masses want. Im looking forward to it so that all the haters can go to verizon and ease up on the bandwidth for those of us that actually have good AT&T service here. The mass exodus of current iphone users on AT&T that are waiting to jump ship to big red is what im looking forward to.

  • real pics, here is the video

  • we all love iphone4