Now this is just getting down right embarrassing. CBS Sports is reporting that several members of the Los Angeles Lakers — including star center Pau Gasol — woke up late as a result of the iPhone’s infamous alarm clock bug.

Perhaps lack of sleep is a good excuse for the lack of effort we’ve seen from the Lake Show as of late. Needless to say, Steve Jobs can’t be happy about this.

Sure, it’s okay for normal people to oversleep, but when your state’s flagship basketball team begins to feel the impact, you’ve got some real issues….

The other identified over-sleeper was reportedly Luke Walton, but Gasol — an integral part of the starting five — was by far the highest profile player seen yawning on the hardwood.

As a result Los Angeles lost to the Memphis Grizzlies by a score of 104-89. When asked how he planned to get the Lakers out of their recent funk, Lakers coach Phil Jackson replied, “I’ll sleep on it.”

Okay, so he didn’t really say that, but watching his team lethargically jog up and down the floor probably put him to sleep.

Hmm, maybe the Lakers should start reading iDB? Just saying…

[CBS Sports]

  • Chris

    This is funny. But I think it will take a even more important person to sleep in before Apple figures this one out. Antenna issues, alarm issues, I am super excited to see how great the 5 works.

  • Rasta

    Hahaha they prob didn’t even notice Walton was gone. Hopefully the suns smoke em tonight.

  • msxy

    hi how all of u are waking late ?
    my iphone 3g is on ios 4.0 and no problem .
    i add them manually and when i want to use it i put (on) on every hour that i choosed.
    but before the new year my alarm sometimes bug until i press ok and it will ring !! . any idea?

  • Dgxgx

    Oh man you ARE funny Jeff

  • J Rawlings

    Laker games start at 7PM……geez overslept?

    It’s not like Pau is Charles Ingals and has to wake up at dawn to bring half pint to Walnut Grove.