A new year is always the right time to make resolutions. I personally stopped making resolutions years ago because I wouldn’t stick to them. Instead I now make predictions, but that’s a different story. It seems that Steve Jobs does however make resolutions, and plenty of them.

Scribbled on a Starbucks napkin, Steve’s resolutions for 2011 were acquired by the Scoopertino’s Team, after a rough battle with Gizmodo, which of course laid down the money to get it first.

At the top of the list is the resolution to keep the Verizon iPhone myth going…

This is obviously fake, but I had a good laugh from it so I wanted to share that with you.


  • SillyBear


    because it always matters!

  • Hilarious!

  • Chazz

    damn shame you feel compelled to note that it’s a fake, probably because you know some idiot will attack you otherwise. what a world…

    • soccerkrzy

      It’s not fake you moron!!


  • jonny be good

    I hope the verizon myth isn’t just that. I just got with Verizon and I hate not having an iPhone now. Stuck with a shitty driod and god it sucks. APPLE GO TO VERIZON

  • Z

    I doubt Jobs knows how to use a pan but to sign hos signature. iPhone and Dragon Dictation does it all for him =)

  • Chad Hill

    Droid kicks iphone’s ass PERIOD. Everyone knows it. But all you non believers keep on thinking that your shitty at&t service and your Steve Jobs controlled ipone is better.

    • Bullet

      hahaha if i hated lexus so bad and i thought they were overpriced and everyone that drives one it’s an idiot, i would not go to the lexus forums to insult people.

      Unless! of course deep inside I truly wanted a lexus but can’t afford one.

      98% of apple haters have never owned an apple product and they just hate that they can’t afford one.

      You keep trolling apple news bud and i’ll keep enjoying my smooth as butter apple products, oh and did you know they look sexy as hell as well.. i’m sure you’ve noticed 😉

  • Tom

    Yeah at&t sucks and so does Jobs control of the iphone. Only solution – jailbrake and unlock then go to carrier of choice and not verizon.

  • manuel

    Sorry but idk where is good choices when sim carrier service providers suck. Driod sucks. That OS battery hog is getting to me. 20 mins of stand by mode with every thing off and task killer on and my phone dropped to 80. Driod is gay, iphone jail broke better