One of the biggest cons of jailbreaking has always been how difficult it is to restore a jailbroken iPhone’s settings and configuration. If you ever need to restore iOS or upgrade/downgrade to a different iOS version, there is no clear way to easily restore your iPhone’s (both jailbreak and general) configuration.

BackBoard is a new jailbreak app that aims to help you save your iPhone’s springboard/home screen configuration. There are other apps, like PkgBackup, that help you back up your jailbreak apps and settings; but BackBoard has some different features that make it appealing…

When you jailbreak an iPhone, iTunes stops backing up your iOS configuration. That means that you don’t have the easy, one-click restore you can use on a non-jailbroken iPhone. If your jailbroken iPhone needs to be restored for whatever reason, and you haven’t taken the proper precautions, you will lose all of your jailbreak apps/mods/tweaks and settings (along with your iPhone’s general configuration, such as, system settings, wallpaper, folders, etc.).

To be clear, BackBoard does not serve as an all-purpose backup utility for your jailbroken iPhone. PkgBackup is still the king of that. BackBoard allows you to easily backup and switch between multiple themes you configure on your iPhone.

BackBoard isn’t for someone who never changes the layout of their iPhone. But, if you’re like me and you are always changing things around (folders, apps, wallpapers, etc.) and adding new mods and interface tweaks, then BackBoard is for you.

The official description of BackBoard says,

“Easily backup your home screen. Ever wished you could set a theme and never have to do it again? Well now you can! With BackBoard, you can easily switch between multiple springboard backups with a tap of your fingertips. Never bother with taking hours to set up the most complex themes.”

BackBoard saves your:

  • User settings
  • Home screen/springboard layout
  • Mobilesubstrate configuration
  • Hidden apps
  • Wallpapers
  • Webclips
  • Folders and app layout

When you launch BackBoard, your list of themes to choose from is empty. BackBoard doesn’t come with any default themes; you make themes based on your own iPhone configuration.

BackBoard has five functions: create, install, update and delete. You can create a new theme from your current layout, and install it with one tap. Saved themes can also be updated with your current layout, and you can of course delete saved BackBoard themes.

For example, you could disable your jailbreak mods and tweaks, like SBSettings and WinterBoard, and create a theme called “Default iOS,” or something like that. Now you have a clean, default theme without jailbroken elements you can always easily switch to (That would be a good idea if you ever need to go into an Apple Store to ask something about your iPhone. They don’t like jailbreaking very much.)

Now, you could reenable all of your jailbreak elements just the way you like them. Once all of your folders, app layout, wallpapers, etc. are set the way you like them, add another theme to BackBoard with all of your jailbreak stuff turned back on. You could name it something like “Jailbreak.”

You now have two drastically different springboard configurations to easily switch between, if you ever feel like it.

There are so many possibilities for using BackBoard. You could have your “work” layout for during the day, and your “party” layout for the night life. We do not condone this by any means (don’t want to get on their bad side), but you could have a girlfriend and/or mom-safe configuration and a regular configuration. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to all that.

When you create a new theme in BackBoard, you are taking your iPhone’s configuration and making a complete copy of it (copies are not made of apps, just the configuration and layout). When you install a BackBoard theme, you are swapping the saved copy of your iPhone setup with the current one. Through BackBoard, you have multiple springboards to switch between at will.

Best of all, BackBoard is totally free in the Cydia Store. Download the app and give it a try if you’re interested.

What do you think of BackBoard? Sound useful?

  • A.J.

    wow.. this seems like an amazing app! I’ve been reluctant to change my theme setup just because I don’t want to go through the hassle of setting it up again. Looks like I’ll be trying this out today! Thanks!

  • Tom

    works great!!! OMG THANK YOU! I also have pkgbackup but it never restores my springboard correctly, this app is amazing, I hate installing iconoclasm and then it throws everything on my homescreen and I have to reorganize all over again, this fixed that problem!

  • pandas

    I have the beta version of this, it still worked great even though it didn’t have the same UI!

  • pandas

    Oh and I made a small article in xsellize.
    I used your pictures and had a link to our website so that’s alright?

  • Irha

    Seems like an extremely useful app, thanks for sharing.

  • Irha

    Forgot to ask, do these backed up themes get synced to your computer through iTunes? If not, how do we restore the backups after a iphone restore, so that one of them can be easily restored via BackBoard?

  • Excellent post! Hey, thanks for sharing. This post is very useful for me.

  • binky73

    I couldn’ t get BackBoard to work. It never would create backup, it went through the steps and I even got to the point where it asked me to name the theme, but never saved it, bummer.

  • rikardo

    where is the rute of backboard themess? in ipod touch

  • Jack

    I installed this to install OS7Beta, a nifty hack, but missed the step saying to backup my current “default” theme. Any idea how I can fix this?

    • Edgar

      lol im stuck on the same step. no original o nothing to go back to. i think im going to do a full restore on my phone.

      • Malott21

        Same here.. Missed backup step

      • Malott21

        Ok nvm!! For those that forgot to backup the original springboard. Here’s how to fix it.

        Go in the applications, launch Cydia and search for “sbsettings” ( if you don’t already have it. install it

        Now that you got sbsettings installed, swipe your finger across status bar at top of phone. Go to “More”. Then “mobile substrate add ons”. Scroll down till you see “OS7”. Turn this to off and respring your phone.

        This will fix it.

      • James

        After you do fix go back into backboard
        press the plus sign at the bottom left
        type “default”
        then you will always have a default theme to spring back to

  • Irha

    Some very nice tips in the comments, but still no answer to my question on how to manage the backups (e.g., how to sync the backups and transfer them back to iphone after an upgrade). One big use case for this app is to restore folders etc. after a clean restore of iphone, but you would need to somehow backup these backups (no pun intended) and reintroduce them after a restore.

  • Jeff

    i have installed mine but it is stuck on the main page for a long time. the internet is running well on other apps. not sure what seems to be the problem.

  • Alex

    yea me 2 i have the same problem as Jeff i can only use backboard when im in airplane mode any help? email me :

  • rick

    i also have the problem that stuck at the select theme… and wont process

  • Grympha

    same to me lol.. what should i do..??? pls Help..

  • Edgar

    reallly simple install sbsettings from cydia and then open it and you’ll see the os7 theme just turn it off and done! that’s it! hope that helps

  • jamie

    no one has mentioned this yet but for moving themes to a new phone. First, install Backboard, then copy the directory var/mobile/library/wynd/isetup and the file applications/ to the new phone.

    • Irha

      I asked a couple of times for this crucial information, thanks for contributing it.

  • credodenny

    How do i get the Endroid theme on BackBoard?

  • kerol

    how to restore back to iOS theme after install OS7? if we accidentally delete backboard from cydia before back to iOS?

  • Lechetah

    Is this compatible with iOS 6.1.2 if so were in Cydia
    can I download it 🙂

  • Lechetah