So far, RedSn0w has been the only publicly released tool that can jailbreak iOS 4.2.1. The Dev Team warned users about the dangers of updating their iOS firmware to 4.2.1 before the RedSn0w beta was released. Around that time, the iPhone hacker, P0sixNinja, said that the GreenPois0n jailbreak would be ready for 4.2.1 around the same time as RedSn0w.

The GreenPois0n jailbreak has still not come out for 4.2.1, a LimeRa1n update is nowhere to be found, and all we have had is a somewhat unstable RedSn0w beta. Luckily, PosixNinja has recently said that the GreenPois0n (most likely tethered) jailbreak will actually be ready very soon. And Geohot could always come out of the woodwork and surprise us like he did with LimeRa1n.

After some drama about a leaked SHAtter exploit in mid-December, the jailbreak developer community has seemed to be a little more divided. Comex, a prominent personality in the jailbreak community, was supposed to be working on an untethered jailbreak tool for 4.2.1. However, it seems he might be saving his hack for iOS 4.3…

Andrea Cervone of iPhoneItalia reached out to Comex by using the email address he showed publicly on Twitter. He asked him if his next jailbreak tool would be ready for iOS 4.2.1 or 4.3. Comex gave a short, Steve Jobs-like reply, “Depends when 4.3 is out.”

While this doesn’t state anything definitive about his plans, it certainly hints that Comex may just wait for the next major release of iOS before he reveals his next jailbreak tool to the world. Who knows, it may be something as cool as JailbreakMe was.

However, you could also imply that this response only means that if 4.3 is released soon, Comex plans for his tool to support it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he is skipping iOS 4.2.

What do you think? The Dev Team has been updating RedSn0w to try and make it more stable, but it would be nice to have a rock-solid and easily recommendable jailbreak available for the current version of iOS.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can check out our tutorials on how to jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 with the RedSn0w beta.

[via Tech Unwrapped]

  • Firas

    can i upgrade my iphone 4 on firmware 4.02 to 4.1 while 4.2 is out?
    i tried doing it by pressing the option key on my mac and clicking restore and choosing the 4.1 firmware but it gives me an error saying ” the iphone cannot be restored at this time because the iphone software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable”

    • EgoHot


      Only if you have SHSH for 4.1 saved and you have to use TinyUmbrella to start a TSS Server before doing the Restore to 4.1

    • @Firas Apple is not officially supporting 4.1 firmware now so you have to use Tinyumbrella and have saved your SHSH blobs with Cydia or Tinyumbrella. Tinyumbrella essentially tricks iTunes into thinking that it is contacting Apple servers to verify the firmware when it is actually contacting Cydia ones. There are tutorials on their site for how to do this at:

      The Firmware Umbrella guy is actually working to make it so you do not have to use iTunes for restore or up/downgrade at all. It may be out by now, I am not sure.

      If you are not sure what SHSH blobs are then search around and get educated about it. There is lots of info to help.

      Good luck.

  • Firas

    im kinda a noob so if you dont mind can u pls explain in detail, thanks

    • Francesco Suarez

      Well u also can make tiny umbrella save the 4.1 shsh even if ur not on iOS 4.1 🙂 I have done it even when I wasn’t on the required firmware Kk al ight brohh

      • c0ca1n3

        They only reason your SHSH have come up for other firmwares that you have not been on is because someone else has saved them and Cydia has noted that you and someone else are the same and gave you the SHSH blobs as well. I don’t know about everyone, but I’m not part of the developer program and I don’t fuck with beta’s for obvious reasons, but I have my SHSH saved for 4.2 beta 3. This is for the Redsn0w 0.9.7 Jailbreak of course… but back on topic, no YOU yourself have not saved those specific SHSH’s that you say you have. Someone else has and Cydia has given them to you! A little lesson in Jailbreaking, but google it next time and stop being a noob.

  • eddy

    @Firas download tinyumbrella (google it) it should then show what SHSH it has stored for your device. If there is no 4.1 then you won’t be able to upgrade to that. If it does click start server, put phone in DFU. Start itunes. on the side pannel select your phone, there should be a restore button click this while holding down option on your keyboard – search for 4.1 .ipsw and hit restore.

  • Firas

    ok so i downloaded tinyumbrella and i dont have the 4.1 shsh, i only have the 4.2.1 shsh.
    but i was reading somewhere and it said that cydia stores your shsh, is there some way of retrieving the 4.1 shsh?

    • Jj

      No. If you did not save it via cydia or umbrella then no. They were never saved.

  • amir

    Hey Alex, i was wondering i have the ipad baseband on my ipne 3gs and im wondering how am i going to update to 4.3 when it comes out, please i really need help

    • Burge

      The baseband will not get updated until apple bring out a baseband higher then the one you’ve got now..the other thing is not all updates get a new baseband. Don’t worry about it yet ! wait for the dev team to tell you what you can do and when you can do it

  • Francesco

    Just to let you know, Andrea in italy is masculine, not feminine…

    • kmp3190

      Thank you for your I do have my Shsh save..but it’s my understanding that Bb 2.10.04 can not be unlock…i have an Iphone 4 4.1 2.10.04 …

  • Twited21

    I hope he is going to wait for 4.3
    4.2.1 has taken far to long to release
    Save what they got and wait
    4.3 is probably around the corner

  • Bdubs

    I thought the limerain/greenpoison was supposed to not be patcheable. Why do we have to wait for a new jailbreak each time?

    • GadgetHacker

      Every jailbreak needs a userland jailbreak and a bootrom jailbreak, this forms limera1n and greenp0ison, 4.2.1 breaks the userland part, meaning it’s not untethered jailbreak

    • Richard

      The limera1n exploit itself is a low level bootrom exploit and is unpatchable but it is tethered. It was paired with a userland exploit to make it untethered. Wit firmware 4.2.1 apple patched the userland untether! You can use redsn0w 0.9.6b4 and get a tethered jailbreak using the limera1n exploit.

      • GadgetHacker

        Yes, exactly. So if one part breaks, you cannot enjoy what you can right now on 4.1 untethered jailbreak.

  • DomPerignon

    I wonder why the Dev Team is so secretive. Why is it so hard to get information from them?

  • kmp3190

    I’ve been waiting for the Iphone 4 baseband 2.10.04 unlock for the longest…Dev Team keep updating and updating RedSnow and nothing….Now other hackers are mentioning that they will wait until the firmware update…What’s going to hapend is Apple will add some other stuff into the new one and than what??? same shit, wait and wait…

  • charzelo


    I recently sold my iphone 2g & bought an iphone 4 which already had FW 4.2.1 installed. is it possible to still downgrade? to 4.1?

    • Klaus

      Simply… No. You do not have yout shsh blobs.

    • MosMos

      i have Iphone 4 4.2.1 with 3.10.01 and and there is now way to downgrade or unlock till now

      • Katharine

        I’m the same- iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2.1 and bb 3.1.10- what did you use to jailbreak and unlock?? Thank you!!

  • SpideyRules

    Talk about thread hijax!!!

    With absolutely ALL DUE RESPECT to the Dev team , I hate when they hold their JBs to the next iOS release. While I understand the thought process, essentially you’re just making the community wait and wait, then when the new iOS comes out we have to wait and wait some more. It’s like an endless loop. We hear “going to hold out till the next iOS release,” yet I have yet to see a JB come out a day or two after that release…

  • @Francesco – Oops. Guess I need to brush up on my Italian. Thanks for the tip!

  • Jj

    Dev team has no obligations to anyone. They get tired of hearing the same thing over and over from everyone. They don’t have time to answer everyone. When there done there done. No sooner. If ur in such a hurry for a jailbreak. Design ur own. Quit complaing.

  • kmp3190

    Listen Jj….easy to say, but when you donate $$$ to this people, and they keep promising it will come and all we get at the end is SOON…and yes I woulded come up with a solution or my own jailbreak but I don’t have the time to do it….that is why people like me send donations to this “team” to help them out….And yes I’m in a hurry already because it’s been almost 2 months that I bought my Iphone 4 and still nothing……

    • Burge

      Don’t have the time ? If you could do it you would …never mind the time it takes

  • ram

    i hav upgraded my iphone4 to ios 4.2.1. right now i am thinking of it to downgrade to 4.1 r least…is there any safest possible way for it so that i can jailbreak,unlock and baseband version is 03.10.01

  • Safa

    Have you saved your blobs for 4.1. If not, then you have to wait like the rest of us 🙂

  • Jj

    Exactly. Donations. You know what that means right. U donated. Get over it.

    • kmp3190

      Listen little kid….Hell no I would not get over it….And I do know what donate means….I would not go technical on you boy….You wouldn’t understand it…but like your comments, no Motherboard on your CPU….

  • PSU1226
    • Jj

      Lmao!!!!! Ah haaa! Gotcha!

    • SpideyRules

      Wow kmp3190…you just got MAJORLY PWNED!!! You need to box up your computer and send it back right now because you just lost at the Interwebz…

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