This has to be one of the coolest jailbreak tweaks I’ve seen, from a purely eye-pleasing perspective: it puts your iPhone to sleep in the style of an old TV tube.

I’ve always thought that the iPhone’s sleep animation (can I even call it that?) was pretty boring, so any tweak that adds some spice in this area is a welcome addition if you ask me…

TV Tube Sleep features no app icon, or setting option; it starts working as soon as it’s installed. A press of the sleep button will invoke the TV tube animation from anywhere except the lock screen.

I’m usually not really into tweaks that make visual changes to your iPhone, especially if they cost money, but TV Tube Sleep is a definite exception.

For $0.99 cents on Cydia, I think it’s well worth the money for such a cool looking effect; a true throwback to yesteryear.

What do you think?

  • Just a note, TV Tube Sleep has been updated since this First Look was completed. The developer sent us a note pinpointing some of the updates:

    – now works on lock screen.
    – fixed double tap crash.
    – fixed screen shot combo conflict.
    – fixed power off conflict.

    The update fixed my main complaint with the tweak, the ability to use it at the lockscreen. Now I have to say that I recommend it even more, if these types of tweaks are your forte’.

  • Chris

    Very nice tweak, video was enough to convince me to purcashe!

  • Tom

    Thanks, that’s really cool!

  • Lucas K.

    That’s a pretty cool effect. Adds a nice touch. I think an Android phone that just came out does something similar as well (maybe where they idea came from?).

  • Rick

    It seems rather good. Waiting for a cracked version.

    • appletiser

      ‘try before you buy’ via the insanelyi.repo 🙂

  • six4seven

    What??? This is a ridiculous tweak. Can’t believe it’s a dollar.

    • appletiser

      agreed, its so-so cool, not $1 cool.. still nice to show off to friends though 🙂

  • Sascha

    Nice but I’d rather spend that dollar on a twinkie :-/

    • Z

      Twinkiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeees!!!!! lol I love me some fresh twinkies!

  • DontDownload Orbit

    Just downloaded a cracked version of this which works perfectly! its from the repository!

  • Z

    In lock screen when you don’t slide to unlock, when the screen dims and turns off, the tweak doesn’t work. It only works IF you press the sleep button. It should also be included in automated locking.

    • Have you tried the latest version? Automated lock seems to work now….

  • Brian

    OMG! Love this tweak!!!!

  • Unique 🙂

  • Interesting. Would like to try it out! @DontDownload Orbit: I have that repo and I didnt see the app 🙁

  • greytone

    Wish it didn’t look like crap when used with QuickLock. I’m all but certain that has to do more with the way QuickLock works (at least since ios4) than with TV Tube Sleep. Still, it’s a pity because that’s generally the only way my phone goes to sleep.

  • koool

  • Marty

    I got a new version today but it doesn’t work anymore :(:(

  • johnbaby

    i installed this, but only worked for 4-5 times. After that it goes back normal( no more tv tube effect).

    i respring my phone, it work again, and same thing happened. It only work for 4-5 times…

    Sad about this tweak…

    • Jeremy

      This happens to me as well. I don’t know why, I can’t seem to trouble shoot the problem.. Disappointing because I love it when it works.

      • mover

        anyone figure out why this happens? it’s random for me to

  • Found this to drain battery quite badly.
    Decided to uninstall last night to check. Battery dropped from 100% to 82% in 35 minutes, I then uninstalled this, and 20 hours later the battery is sitting at 50% with no charging since.
    Was a nice little visual tweak but is worth neither the money or the battery power.

  • Doesn’t work for me too, same problem here, working 4-5 times, then goes back to normal lock animation (which is no animation of course)
    Why is this so???

    • Tgold

      Same thing happened to me!

  • YoungChrisG

    I’m pretty sure it’s just something that will have to be addressed in an update because I think the general consensus is that it’s not working for anyone. Which sucks because I really like this tweek.

  • khaled reeshi

    icant start my ipod touch 4 after i installed it the only thing that i see in the screen is just the effect

    guys help me plz