As if something so mundane actually needed to be easier, but yes, strangely enough, Move LockScreen to Unlock does indeed make unlocking your iPhone easier.

It’s actually a pretty cool jailbreak tweak, because it makes unlocking your iPhone possible without even looking at the screen; though most of you can likely pull this off anyway.

This can be pretty useful if you’re half asleep, and you need to quickly unlock your iPhone for whatever reason. I know, it sounds lazy, but hear me out here…

The tweak features a setting to disable the lockscreen slider altogether, but I prefer to just keep it there for the sake of looks.

I tested this tweak out in my pocket, and it didn’t result in any unwanted unlocks, but I could see that possibly happening with some users.

Move LockScreen to Unlock is available for jailbroken iPhones for free on the Cydia store.

Does this sound like something you’d want on your iPhone?

  • Brian


  • Adrian

    It’s not free in Cydia. i checked it and it was $0.99.

  • Juan

    free or not, seems like a waste of space. doesn’t seem useful at all.

  • Tobias

    Waste of space? It takes up 15kb and probably like no RAM at all. I really like it, makes unlocking even easier.

  • Henry

    It’s right, the app don’t is free but whatever really is awesome… LOL…

  • Burge

    Y O Y do these pointless tweaks come out if there not free …

  • i checked it and it is $0.99, and yeah its pretty useful in the morning just like what Jeff said

  • Just an FYI, it was free when I downloaded it last night. I guess they changed their minds.

  • Does not work with Smartscrren..does it work with Lockinfo?

  • CrimsoN

    Does it play nice with lockscreen widgets?

  • Rainrose

    This is not working for me! 🙁 My homescreen keeps crashing!

  • MikeLo

    Is unlocking your phone that hard that you need this?

  • six4seven

    I like how it kinda unlocks like Win Phone 7, but instead unlocks in all directions! Does anyone know if it works with lockscreen??

  • Marcoarrossi

    i cant find it on cydia
    any ideas?

  • Marcoarrossing

    i downloaded it and it was spinning where it said purchase and it it worked.

  • six4seven

    Does it work with LockInfo or any themed lockscreens??? Come on people who got it for FREE.

  • Z

    Didn’t get it because it was new, buggy and not ironed out.

  • DomPerignon

    I think it is very useless. I have LockInfo which is cool looking and very, very useful!

  • Beti

    Would love if there was a feature where i could toggle what way i should move lock screen
    Would be nice

    • six4seven

      That would be a very cool feature!

      Have you tried using this with a theme?

  • bossladie

    i have lockinfor and it does not work with it and yes it was free last nite when i downloaded it but now its .99.

    • six4seven

      Thanks @bossladle

      I appreciate your answer. I really like this feature, but too bad it doesn’t work with my beloved LockInfo.

      This tweak is now classified as useless for me.

  • bossladie

    no problem. im upset also because it really is cool but if its not going to work i need my .99 back so that i can put it toward something else. i cant live without my lockinfo.

  • Dirk

    There are better tweaks for the same thing. I had one that allowed me to just slide anywhere to unlock… And it didn’t look like crappy bad animation. Don’t remember exactly what it was called

  • illfingas

    i cant find it anywhere i dont know why

  • jkfdb

    I saw this on Cydia the day before this was posted, but I ignored it. Later I read this and decided to get it. However, it has disapeared from Cydia and I had to get it from SiNFuliPhone. I tried that, but everytime I unlocked without the slider, nothing worked and it would automatically lock again, and the lockscreen didn’t work until I rebooted. Also, when I unlock it, everything just freezes and acts like I am still on the lockscreen. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dirk

      Try and boot into safe mode (sbsettings>power>safemode) and then uninstall thru cydia. If that doesn’t work then SSH in and remove he .deb file manually. This tweak looked sucky anyway lol

  • Unfold to unlock is better